Car Mechanics Leichhardt

Car Mechanic Leichhardt

CMR Automotive is one of the most trusted names regarding motor works. We are a 100% locally owned and operated mechanical service and repair center. Professionals working for us are considered to be the best car mechanics in Leichhardt. We provide several services. These include air conditioning repairs, clutch, brake diagnostic scanning, etc. We find out the problems with your automobile and give you the options for repair. 

> What Makes Us Better:

We aim to train our apprentices with complete dedication and ensure that they are constantly growing and learning. Right around the 2000s, cars drastically changed. Both external and internal structures and operations took a 180° turn. Suddenly being a car mechanic was no longer sufficient. A better and deep understanding of how car functions and what you can do to keep them in optimal condition was required. Therefore we began to provide training to our mechanics and enhance their skills. Consequently, our technicians, known as car mechanics, are now also responsible for knowing how computer networks work. This includes optic fiber cables. Yes! You heard us! An optic fiber cable is in your car, and you probably don’t even know it.

Main Areas Of Operation

The main aim that we intend to reach is to provide a satisfactory service to our clients. Hence, our service hours start from seven in the morning and run till six in the evening. We offer complete services for your automobiles and ensure their long-term maintenance. A few services that come under our expertise are mentioned below: 

>Navigation System Repair:

You must have a navigation system in your car that you can fully trust. We offer a complete checkup for your navigation system and restore its full functionality.

>Oil Change:

Owning a car is a unique experience. It is a significant investment. So to take care of your dream, we operate a prestige car repair service that looks after your car, including oil changes.

>Light Globes:

If you have faulty light globes, then fear not. We believe in regularly and constantly updating our repair centers. This helps our crew fight any trouble you or your car might face.

Safety First

In an accident, our primary objective is to recover your vehicle thoroughly. It should be safe to be back on the road again. Our area of expertise varies from covering up a small car dent to major repairs required during the event of an accident. We assure you that your car will look as good as a new one.

> Previous service experiences:

For over ten years, the experienced car mechanics in Leichhardt have serviced the most iconic brands, from Mercedes Benz to Audi, in Inner West Sydney. We keep our aims focused on providing timely and affordable service. A car is still considered a luxury item in many households. Therefore it falls under the category of a significant investment. If you face a mechanical problem, it adds to your stress. As a result, we focus on getting you out of this stressful situation by providing a satisfactory service.

Are ‘Technicians’ and ‘Mechanics’ Synonymous?

Often the terms “mechanic” and “technician” are used interchangeably. But there are distinct differences between the two professions as their responsibilities and skillsets can vary greatly. Both mechanics and technicians in the transportation industry perform maintenance on customers’ cars, trucks, and other vehicles. These two professions contain skilled tradespeople who have excellent knowledge of their field.

>> Duties of technician and a mechanic:

Technicians usually work with complex electrical and computer systems, while mechanics often perform hands-on tasks like diagnosing mechanical problems and repairing brakes and steering. However, many mechanics and technicians perform the same duties and responsibilities. Mechanics often have the experience and training needed to diagnose and repair electrical systems, while technicians can be well-equipped to handle repair and maintenance. The technology in today’s vehicles is constantly changing and improving. As vehicles grow more advanced, the roles of technicians and mechanics will continue to evolve.

Your satisfaction drives us.

CMR Automotives intends to look after all your mechanical repair and painting needs. It is believed that when you are passionate about something, you are naturally good at it. Our family is full of people that are passionate about cars.

To keep our clients satisfied is our primary motto. This passion is combined with our motto to bless us with a crew that promises to take care of all your needs. Here at CMR Automotives, you will find the best car mechanics of Leichhardt. Operating our business with a friendly and professional approach has given our clients all the more reason to do business with us.

Our Holistic Approach

The crew at CMR Automotives takes their line of work very seriously. Determination and dedication are the key aspects. We believe in maintaining the quality of our work. In frequent cases, the paintwork on your car comes off after a few years. This may happen due to an accident or previously bad paint services. We try to provide the best match for your car color in both cases.

A computerized technology will present a perfect match for your car with an accuracy rate that tends to be one hundred percent. Besides fantastic paintwork, we offer a holistic approach to looking after your metal and aluminum repairs. The frame of your vehicle is just like the foundation of your home. And naturally, it should be robust. We have the understanding and machinery to do that for you in case of frame repair.

Finishing Is Essential

The services that we provide are highly professional. Every repair and every paintwork is done with excruciating detail. But all of this is in vain if the finishing is not proper. You must have proper skill and art to provide a suitable finishing. A perfectly finished car speaks volumes about your personality.

Heating the paint and artistically applying car wax is not as easy as it sounds. The exotic finishes of your vehicle primarily depend on the application techniques and the quality of the material. And we aim to exceed your expectations and deliver the best of our services. Moreover, our primary attention is concentrated on taking care of corrosion and protecting it. Rust and corrosion are like cancer for your automobiles. You need to protect your vehicle before it eats it up completely.

Why Us?

Technicians and mechanics working with CMR Automotives help maintain trucks that carry vital goods. We play an essential role in keeping cars on the road. The transportation industry is here to stay, and there will always be a need for qualified technicians and mechanics. The knowledge and skill needed to work on advanced vehicles are constantly increasing. We run our primary operations in two convenient spots in Sydney Inner West. One is Leichhardt, where you can get all the repair services for a regular car.

The second is Mackerville, a specially built hub for vintage and people who own unique cars. The technicians working for us have deep knowledge about them. We are proud to say that we haven’t had a car over that our technicians couldn’t figure out the problem with. And we take immense pride that our family works hard to make a difference. For every car that goes on our hoist, our technicians walk underneath it to ensure it’s roadworthy and safe.


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