Career Options After MBA in Energy Management

MBA in energy management

The words’ creativity ‘and’ fresh ‘have become big marketing entities in this unresolved environment to build business opportunities. The same relates to India’s energy sector. The most fundamental need for our life is electricity, without which, well, we will not die (not literally) but feel close to dying (at least I do). Imagine that once the power goes out, the markets will shut down, Bollywood will cease to exist, hospitals will collapse, millions of people will lose their jobs, trains will disappear, and the machine will stop running at the same time. And if that happens in India, you’re likely to die from the sun (turns out I am wrong, you can die).

What we aim for is power. It is the driving force behind our economic prosperity and the lifeline of a stable civil society. India ranks 6th among the world’s biggest energy users. Energy needs are expected to rise to 50 percent over the next 20 years. Around the same time, with massive investments, the energy market is wavering, demanding new theories for energy generation, management, and sustainability.

This paper would give you in-depth information about the possibilities. I bring up-to-date details for you about the different aspects of the Energy Management course MBA. So, read along and make all of your questions about this software plain. The following subjects will be discussed by the article:

  • Introduction to Energy Management
  • Eligibility Criteria required for Energy management Course
  • Why you should choose a career in energy management
  • Career Options after MBA Energy Management 
  • Packages offered to graduates in Energy Management
  • Best MBA Colleges in Energy Management in India
  • Top Recruiters hiring professionals in Energy Management

What is MBA in energy management

The MBA energy program is a two-year programme that improves your abilities to think critically, efficiently and independently in order to lead you to a career path in the energy industry. What you will learn from this course will provide you with an exclusive viewpoint on the future of the energy and power market sector. You would not only be able to improve your abilities, but even bring them into practise.

Why Should You Enroll for an MBA in Energy Management?

India is the 6th largest energy user, as stated before. The most crucial elements for the wellbeing of nations have been entitled to control in the form of coal, natural gas, oil, nuclear and hydro energy. In the coming years, the incessant demand for power is only expected to rise.

India’s leadership is strongly focused on winning ‘money for everyone’. In order to satisfy this need, it is imperative to launch successful electricity production, maintenance and recycling policies and to add more power generation installations. Besides this, the tools of the global energy industry that have lagged well behind are capital, logistics and manpower.

In India, there are approximately 293 foreign and national companies aiming at generating 266 GW of wind, solar and biomass-based electricity, all over a period of 5 to 10 years. From 2000 to 2015, these businesses have risen in size, receiving US$9.97 billion in FDI, as well as (foreign direct investment).

The estimated investment in the Indian power sector in the coming years is US$ 237 billion. This results in an explosion of possibilities in the fields of generation, transmission, maintenance and distribution of electricity.

In 2015, when looking at the output of electricity in India, the generation in FY 15 was boosted by 8.4%. In India, roughly 15 GW of electricity is traded annually. Electricity has produced a rise of 6.3 percent compound annual growth rate from fiscal years 10-15. (CAGR). 

In the economy and in the climate, energy plays a vital role. According to experts , energy demand is tremendous and increasing. Green energy is clean, affordable, and reliable, and has the ability to fight poverty and climate change. Along with the tremendous effect on housing, the energy sector is viewed as extremely capital intensive. More critically, a hundred years from now, carbon fuels might not be left behind. Therefore, in terms of efficiency and livelihood opportunities, the area of green energy promises a lot. For brilliant and creative thinkers, the energy market offers outstanding job opportunities. The sector offers not only science and technical possibilities but also design, innovation, commercialization, and market growth opportunities. There are huge opportunities in the energy sector after MBA in renewable energy in India.

Eligibility Criteria Required for MBA in Energy Management

The MBA in energy management will provide you with subject-specific intelligence and give you insight into the energy market’s struggles. You need to satisfy the following requirements in order to obtain this knowledge:

  • A bachelor’s degree with 50 per cent of composite marks in the related subject
  • Clearance of entry exams that could be unique to the university or  clearing CAT/GMAT/XAT/SNAP/CMAT.
  • In the MBA programme, the final placement of a student depends on the score of the entrance test, personality evaluation, intellect and educational history.

Career Choices after MBA in Energy Management

It will not be just a certification of your expertise to get this degree on your wall; it will be the portal that opens up into the immense job possibilities of the energy industry. You would be able to apply the ideas to the protection of the environment, energy conservation, facilitation of preparation, and constructive negotiation in the region. You will guide your profession on the road of advising, investigating and reviewing, not just that. If you are keen on using your theoretical expertise in the amorphous energy market, this is a programme to be in.

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Packages offered to graduates in Energy Management

The salary packages obtained directly after completing an MBA degree in energy management range from 4 lakhs to 10 lakhs per year (which also depends on your institute and their placement department). You will land a job of 1 lakh per month with skills and experience. 

Best MBA Colleges in Energy Management in India

The largest number of colleges offering this course are:

  • NTPC School of Business, Noida
  • Institute of Energy Management and Research, Gurgaon
  • MDI,  Gurgaon
  • University of Petroleum and Energy Science (UPES), Dehradun
  • Thapar University Patiala
  • University of Petroleum and Energy Studies
  • Indian Center for Management & Human Resource Development (ICMHRD), Pune
  • Amity university, Noida
  • National Power Training Institute, Faridabad
  • Power Management Institute, Noida
  • Great Lakes Institute of Management
  • NICMAR, Pune

Top Recruiters hiring professionals in Energy Management

The following is the list of India’s major power companies hiring energy management MBA graduates:

  • Sun Edison
  • Tata power
  • NTPC
  • Reliance Power
  • Damodar Valley Corporation
  • National Power Corporation of India
  • Lanco Infratech
  • CLP Power
  • Neyveli Lignite Corporation
  • Adani Power
  • NHPC
  • Torrent Power



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