Challenged with Balancing Business Growth & Quality?

Business Growth

Is this a dilemma that you battle within your business?

Any venture to become a thriving full-fledged business needs to grow.

Often as a solopreneur or close-knit core group, scaling up can seem daunting. Akin to letting a child go out to play for the first time, entrepreneurs worry about letting go of operational control – will they know what to do? Will they deliver on quality?

Well, the fact of the matter is to succeed, a business must grow. The bigger the ship more hands needed to row.

So what is the mantra for the right balance?

Define Quality

In the initial stages, the quality that finds expression is in the minds of the entrepreneurs, as does the method to achieve it. The first step thus is defining quality. What does quality mean, and what are the checks and balances needed to ensure conformity?

Define SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures)

These are steps needed to be followed to deliver a consistent result time and time again. The SOPs define the result that needs to be achieved along with factoring in checks and balances to minimize mistakes and fall through.

Hiring Right.

Hire the right talent for the job. Attempting to fit a square knob on a round hole would be a folly. While skills are essential, hire for attitude than skills as skills can be taught, but attitude can seldom be altered.


Embrace technology. Be nimble. Incorporate technology in line with your systems and processes to improve efficiency, build-in checks, and balances, and minimize flaws, fallthroughs, and mistakes.

Rewards and Recognition

Good behavior needs to be reinforced. Hence recognize employees delivering on quality and reward those helping raise the bar.

Skill and upskill

Never there has been a time when the change was as fast as it is today. Stay updated with industry developments, keep an ear to the ground on competitor moves, and stay updated with technology.

Skill and upskill self and team to stay ahead of the curve and be ready to take challenges head-on.

Customer is the King

Change impacts more than businesses. It impacts customer behavior, alters needs, and creates new requirements. As an entrepreneur, you must stay updated and factor in the ground feedback as you enhance your products and services to remain relevant.

Now that we know that if we play our cards right, we can grow our business without compromising quality. It is easier said than done. When seeking business growth and quality, the bottom line is balance.

As a business leader, you will often find yourself on an unchartered path or wearing one too many hats as you get everything aligned. A helping hand would be a boon – someone who can give an unbiased perspective and make you accountable to keep the ball rolling – a business coach.

Ethique Advisory, the country’s leading business coaching firm, offers tailored programs for entrepreneurs wanting more growth, sales, and profits but with Quality!


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