Choosing the Best Motorcycle Shipping Company

best motorcycle shipping company

More than merely getting you from Point A to Point B is possible with a motorcycle. You want to make sure it gets transferred to its new home securely because it represents who you are and is a prized property. With the help of this useful resource, you can learn how to transport your motorcycle, how much it will cost, and how to pick the best motorcycle shipping company. 


You may help ensure that your bike gets to its destination promptly and safely by using an auto carrier to relocate it. Although shipping a motorbike and a car share many similarities, it is advisable to engage with businesses that have specific experience transporting motorcycles.

Best Autoshipers 

  1. Autostar Transport Express
  2. eShip
  3. Ameri Freight

A Motorcycle Shipping Company’s Qualities

To find the best motorcycle shipping company for your needs, make sure to do the following:

  1. Before using a carrier’s services, get prices from a few other companies and check their licensing and insurance. Additionally, read reviews on motorcycle shipping to find out what other customers have to say.
  2. Verify that the business you select has the necessary licensing. Auto carriers (and transport brokers), in accordance with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), are obliged to register with the FMCSA and are given a six-digit MC Docket number. By conducting a search on the FMCSA licensing website, you can determine whether the MC Docket number is genuine.
  3. Check to see if the carrier has a seven-digit USDOT number and is registered with the Department of Transportation. There are additional state-specific licensure requirements as well. To operate legally, carriers must possess the licensing mandated by their state.

What is the Cost of Shipping a Motorcycle?

Costs for shipping motorcycles vary depending on a number of variables, including the distance and mode of transport. A motorcycle may be sent across the United States for, on average, $400–$600. A motorcycle can be shipped overseas for an average price of $650 to $2,000.

Motorcycle Shipping Cost Estimator

To acquire an accurate motorbike shipping quote, it helps to be aware of all the factors that can impact shipping prices. The price of shipping a motorcycle depends on a number of variables, including:

  • Transport Mode
    The carrier and method will decide the precise costs. The price of an enclosed bike shipment, which will shield your motorcycle from the elements, is more expensive than open shipping. Shipping that is enclosed will typically cost about 50% more than shipping that is open.
  • The weight of your motorcycle
    The cost of shipping a bike can vary depending on its weight. On average, it costs more to freight heavier bikes than lighter ones.
  • Timing or Season
    Your shipping season has an impact on costs. Transporting vehicles is more popular in the summer and early fall than in the winter and spring. As a result, rates are lower in the winter and spring.
  • Location of delivery
    It also affects where exactly your bike will be sent. Delivery costs for urban areas are lower than for remote or rural areas. Residential shipping from door to door is more expensive than shipping from terminal to terminal.
  • Transport distances
    The price will vary depending on how far you are shipping your bike. In the US, the average cost of shipping a motorcycle is about $.50 per mile.

Insurance Costs

The price of insurance is already factored into the original quote because motorcycle transporters must carry liability and cargo insurance to protect against theft or damage. The average cost of insurance is $.50 per pound, however bigger or specialist motorcycles may have greater costs. The FMCSA sets minimum insurance requirements; in accordance with federal regulations, carriers are required to maintain coverage of at least $750,000. However, not just your motorcycle is included in this price; the carrier must also pay it for any additional motorcycles or automobiles.

Prior to making arrangements with the business, request proof of insurance and find out what exactly that insurance would cover. This is a particularly crucial step if you own a rare or vintage bicycle. If your personal insurance company offers any additional coverage for when you transport your motorcycle, you might also wish to inquire about it.

Cheapest Motorcycle Shipping

The quotes provided by the majority of motorcycle shipping companies will be comparable. However, by planning ahead, you can reduce your shipping costs for your motorcycle:

  • Try open shipping
    Consider open shipping if you are not very concerned about the possibility of minor bike damage. Compared to enclosed shipping, which guarantees that your bike will arrive in perfect condition, it is far less expensive.
  • Ship in the winter
    Shipping your bike in the winter is an option if the timing is not a major concern for you. Your quotation will be less as this is the off-season for transporting motorcycles and automobiles.
  • Plan ahead
    It will be less expensive to send your bike if you are more flexible with the shipment’s arrival timing. Waiting until the last minute will cost substantially more, especially if you have to choose expedited shipping.

Even while it’s fantastic to save money, you shouldn’t always choose the offer with the lowest price. Be wary of quotes that are much less expensive than others as they frequently conceal additional costs.

How to transport a motorcycle

1. Understand the Different Motorcycle Shipping Services

Two pick-up and delivery options are available for shipping motorcycles:

  • Door-to-door shipping
    This indicates that your motorcycle will be picked up from home and transported immediately to its new place by the motorcycle carrier. Shipping from door to door is often more expensive than shipping from port to terminal.
  • Terminal-to-terminal shipping
    This means that after bringing your motorcycle to a terminal, the carrier will transport it to the terminal that is the closest to its new location. After that, you’ll need to make plans for a different way to get home.

2. Choose a type of Motorcycle Transport

Open or enclosed transport trailers are the most typical vehicles used to move motorcycles throughout the United States. Make sure to take the following factors into account when choosing the best motorbike transport option for your circumstances:

  • Motorcycle travel distance
    To keep your bike protected from the elements over longer distances (such as more than 500 miles), transportation experts advise using enclosed packaging. Shorter distances are best served by open transportation.
  • What the weather conditions are
    Consider enclosed shipping over open shipment if you’re sending a motorcycle at a time of year or through a region that can encounter bad weather.
  • When do you need your bike delivered? 
    Open shipment can be the better choice if you have a tight schedule or need the bike delivered to a specified area by a certain date.
  • Type of Motorcycle you have                                                                                                                                It is preferable to choose enclosed shipping if you have a high-end, antique, or another delicate or extremely valuable bike.

3. Consider Expedited Shipping if Necessary

Expedited shipment for your bike is always a possibility if you need it quickly. As with any other form of expedited shipment, expect to pay more. Your bicycle will probably be picked up within one to three days. However, if at all possible, try to plan ahead so that you may be flexible with the dates of your pickup and delivery. You will pay the least amount as a result of that.

4. Ship Your Motorcycle by Preparing it

The final stage is to get your motorcycle ready before it is transported:

  • Clean your motorcycle
    Before shipping, give your bike a thorough cleaning and check to be that the bike’s tires are free of any dirt or debris.
  • Remove the battery (in some situations)
    You might need to unplug and remove the battery in order to ship something enclosed in a carton.
  • Document any existing damage
    Make a note of and take a picture of any existing bike damage. Although some carriers do the same, it’s best to keep your own record as well. To ensure that the pre-trip inspection report matches your documentation, request to see it.
  • Fold the mirrors
    To avoid breaking or suffering other damage, fold the mirrors up against the motorcycle.
  • Check the tire pressure
    Ensure that the tires are properly inflated. This will serve as even another layer of defense against transit-related harm.
  • Drain fluids
    In most cases, carriers will demand that you drain all fluids to ensure their safety during transport.
  • Remove accessories and alarms
    For the smoothest travel possible, take away all attachments and turn off all alarm systems.


To ensure that your bicycle reaches its destination intact, it is crucial to properly prepare it for transportation. Plan ahead and ship during the off-season to save money. Pick enclosed shipping to shield your bike from harm if you want to ensure that it reaches in perfect shape. Finally, be careful to request evidence of insurance. It will be offered by any reputable motorcycle shipper.


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