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Ordered promotions, when solely found in papers, are present for the most part on the web. Craigslist is a mainstream classifieds site in the United States. And a great many people would likely think to look there for a trade-in vehicle before checking the pages of their nearby paper. It’s difficult something American, however — individuals would almost certainly glance to in France or in Norway. 

Characterized postings are incredible for different reasons: 

Promotion arrangements are free or essentially less expensive than mass advertising. The destinations are checked and overseen by an outsider, and purchasers are now visiting the locales when they need something. By and large, it’s simple for the dealer, and it’s simple for the purchaser. 

While Craigslist is an enormous scope stage, it’s likewise conceivable to fabricate a grouped advertisements site on WordPress with a good topic. In this post, we’ll suggest different great Classified Ads WordPress Theme you can use to make an interesting, exclusively characterized site. 

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Best Classified Ads WordPress Theme

  • Listify 
  • AdForest
  • Knowhere Pro 
  • Classiera 
  • ClassifiedEngine 
  • ClassyAds 
  • ClassiPress 
  • ServiceFinder 
  • MyCity 
  • Arrange 
  • BizFinder 

1. Listify Classified Ads

Listify is an element-rich WordPress subject you can use to make an area detailed advertisement posting site. The topic flaunts a brief arrangement time with its underlying style packs, and you can base your site on a particular specialty, similar to family furniture, or make an overall grouped stage like Craigslist. With the WooCommerce Payments module mix, you can adapt your site without much stretch and charge clients for included advertisement space. 

ordered advertisement classifications test landing page from listify WordPress subject 

2. AdForest Classified Ads

AdForest’s champion component is the underlying offering apparatus, assisting you with making a particular or multi-type site like eBay. You can oversee postings through the unique administrator board to guarantee that all promotions are authentic and utilize the WizzChat reconciliation to permit purchasers and dealers to convey much greater security. 

The subject additionally accompanies 25+ design layouts, or you can choose to make customizations with WP Bakery and Elementor page manufacturers. 

landing page search module demo on adforest grouped topic 

3. Knowhere Pro Classified Ads

Knowhere Pro’s excellent span channel makes it simple to assemble an area-based classifieds site. As the site administrator, essentially support merchant profiles, and they can transfer and deal with their ads in a top-notch front-end dashboard. 

Purchasers can leave audits and appraisals for buys, going about as inherent spam security and assisting you with building up your site as a definitive source with social confirmation. 

Knowhere Pro has a whole, clean-cut look, permitting site guests to zero in on postings with insignificant interruptions. 

test Knowhere professional landing page showing all arranged postings classifications 

4. ClassiEra Classified Ads

ClassiEra is a fledgling agreeable ordered topic, as the download accompanies 15+ premade formats for a simple webpage plan. It likewise accompanies huge efficient highlights, as a front-end dashboard allows merchants to assume responsibility for their postings and pay for included publicizing space; no administrator input is required. 

The subject additionally incorporates inbox informing for simple discussion among purchaser and merchant, SEO devices, and is portable cordial. 

classiera test landing page search module with footer promotions and classification symbols 

5. ClassifiedEngine Classified Ads

ClassifiedEngine is another topic with an element-rich front-end dashboard, an efficient apparatus for site administrators. Just make installment plans for premium advertisement arrangement, and intrigued merchants can create profiles, transfer their promotions, and set posting periods. 

Likewise, the purchaser dashboard incorporates a promotion administrator that will naturally erase postings when they terminate, guaranteeing that site guests see an essential substance. 

Purchasers can channel for applicable promotions with the underlying quest bar and choose to get notices for new postings in their favored classifications. 

6. ClassiAds Classified Ads

ClassiAds incorporates 20+ classification layouts, making it extraordinary for those wanting to make explicit ordered locales. As an administrator, endorse merchant applications and deal with their advertisements in a front-end board. The default posting type is free, yet you can choose for charge clients to include their promotions in high-traffic site regions for expanded commitment and permeability. 

ClassiAds can likewise coordinate with MailChimp, empowering correspondence among administrators and vendors and purchasers and dealers. You can make extra customizations with WP Bakery and Elementor. 

classiads test landing page with classification posting catches 

7. ClassiPress 

ClassiPress is a clear subject for building an arranged promotions site. It’s not difficult to utilize and vendor cordial, as they gain admittance to a customized dashboard to transfer and alter their advertisements.

They can even associate their profiles with existing online media, which represents a cross-channel commitment. You can transfer your logo and standard for custom marking and pick between eight shading plans and page formats for showing promotions.

ClassiPress additionally gives you a choice to adapt your site and charge clients to include their advertisements in “Most recent Ads” or “Highlighted Listings” classifications for more excellent permeability. 

classipress demo landing page with a search bar and highlighted postings footer module 

8. ServiceFinder 

ServiceFinder is one of the more extraordinary subjects on this rundown, as you can utilize it to assemble ordered locales for particular administrations, similar to carpentry and plumbing. 

Like TaskRabbit, suppliers can make a profile specifying their administrations, and purchasers can filter through suitable choices. 

With the WP Job Manager module combination, dealers can impart reports and certificates to intrigued customers, send cites, and permit clients to book their administrations. 

Moreover, The two players can leave surveys and tributes after positions are done, assisting you with building up trust and authority on your site. 

model assistance locater WordPress topic landing page with classification postings catch and search module 

9. MyCity 

MyCity is incredible for building restricted arranged postings for a Grouponesque site, as the subject accompanies 800+ memorable quest catchphrases and amazing geolocation through Google Maps for nearby SEO. 

You can make your site class explicit or account for multitype postings, from dental workplaces to pet custodians to neighborhood occasions. 

You can charge per advertisement posting or on a membership premise and make visual customizations with WP Bakery. 

10. Group 

Group stands apart from the group with its video promotions highlight. Dealers can make postings and incorporate video demos or confirm value and usefulness for things like utilized gadgets or vehicles. 

The inherent progressed search gadget makes it simple for purchasers to discover what they are searching for rapidly, and they can speak with dealers utilizing email. 

This subject likewise gives you the alternative to adapt your site and charge for highlighted advertisement position with Woo-Commerce and browse unlimited shading plans and 650+ Google Fonts for customizations. 

characterize demo landing page with area search module and premium footer advertisement postings 

Choosing Your Classified Ad Theme 

Maybe then, building your site without any preparation. Basically select one of these top-notch WordPress topics with the highlights you need, similar to front-end dashboards or video capacities, and start making your own unique arranged advertisement WordPress site. 

Moreover, Use HubSpot apparatuses on your WordPress site and interface the two stages without managing code. Snap here to find out additional.


ClassiPress is the first and most mainstream WordPress characterized promotions subject. Our component-rich topic was worked for convenience and tight joining with WordPress. So you’ll be on the web and selling ordered promotions in no time. 

With a huge number of ClassiPress clients, a devoted help group, and a functioning local area, you can believe that ClassiPress is the best answer for your business. To become familiar with our highlights, keep perusing beneath. 

Different Pricing Models 

Look over three changed valuing models – fixed, rate, or classification – or blend and match free and paid promotions. What’s more, you can charge an additional expense to be recorded in the highlighted advertisements segment. ClassiPress additionally incorporates an Ad Package module so you can make your own custom terms. 

Custom Fields and Forms 

Effectively make your own custom fields and structures with our basic developer. Every classification can have its own arrangement of custom fields. Moreover, You choose the request, field type, and if it’s a necessary field. It’s actually that simple. 

Search Classifieds Using Location Data 

You have the alternative to empower “area” include in classifieds search. MoreThis permits guests to look through classifieds and refine results utilizing area information. 

Participation Packs 

Notwithstanding the custom advertisement bundles previously included with ClassiPress, you can get arrangement contingent enrollment packs likewise. For instance, make a 30-day limitless pack where your clients can submit however many promotions as they need inside the given time span. 

Most recent Ad Listings 

The most recent promotion postings segment shows every one of the new advertisements that are coming in on your classifieds site. The most recent advertisements are shown utilizing a network show. You can pick the number you need to show. 

Highlighted Classifieds Listings 

The highlighted classifieds postings segment shows every one of the advertisements that you have included. You can charge extra for a promotion to be included in this part. 

Client Ad Management 

Your clients get their own customized dashboard where they can alter, view, stop, and surprisingly re-list their advertisements. They can even alter their profile and change their secret phrase—totally independent choices.


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