Cleaning Your Outdoor Rugs

Outdoor Rugs

Area rugs are an important element in the decoration of both the indoors and outdoors. These rugs bring a unique touch to a variety of settings and can soften any space. Rugs can also help you in defining multiple spaces like entryways, living areas, and other spaces. They also protect your floors from the effect of daily use. Outdoor rugs, especially, bring ambiance to outdoor settings and add a great touch to multiple outdoor settings. However, the problem with area rugs is that they attract too much dust, especially the ones placed outdoors in backyards or patios.  

If we don’t give much attention to cleaning and maintaining outdoor rugs, they will deteriorate easily. No one wants to spend money on replacing their rugs every year. Therefore, it is necessary to keep the outdoor rugs clean to keep them usable for a longer duration. Keeping rugs clean and dust-free would also help you in saving a handful of money. 

Here are some effective ways to clean outdoor rugs and keep them usable for longer periods:

Remove Dust Frequently:

As we already know area rugs attract a lot of dirt. This dirt settles on the surface of the rug and makes it appear dirty and old. Therefore, it is essential to remove dust from the rugs before it settles. One easy way to do this is by shaking out the rug occasionally to remove dirt and dust from its surface. You can also beat out the rug to remove dust particles effectively. Another practical way to get rid of dirt and dust on rugs is by cleaning it using a nylon brush and mixture of dish soap and water. First, you have to scrub the rug surface gently with the help of a nylon brush to get all the dirt particles off. Now, rinse it in the dish soap and water mixture using a hose. If possible, rinse the rug on a sloped surface to drain water easily.

Remove Stains Immediately:

Stains of rug surfaces from drink spills, food drops, and animal wastes will ruin the quality of your rug. These stains would affect the appearance of rugs considerably and if these stains are left for a long time they will make rugs look bad. The best possible way to keep rugs presentable and clean is by removing the stains as promptly as possible. Don’t scrub the rug surface to remove stains, it will only worsen the situation and make stains tougher to remove. The best way to remove the spread of stains is by blotting. You can use salt, dishwashing detergent, and shaving foam cream for help in the removal of stains from the surface of the rug. To remove tough stains with the deep impact you can use bleach and water solution. Use a spray bottle instead of direct exposure to save colors from fading. 

Eco-friendly Rug Cleaners:

The growth of mold and algae is often observed in outdoor rugs. Although outdoor rugs are usually manufactured from synthetic fibers, outdoor rugs can still contain mold if it is used in damper situations. Bleach could be a good solution to limit the growth of mold and remove it but it can also remove colors from rugs. Therefore, it is better to use a solution of diluted vinegar and water for this purpose. You can also use baking soda. The combination of water, vinegar, and baking soda gives amazing results.


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