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Temperament Cross Pearl String NecklaceCoin necklaces have been popular in the past two years and are loved by the public. They are not only beautiful and fashionable but also have a retro style and a sense of story. This Southern European style coin necklace is so special that it makes people unable to look away after a glance. The small coin between the neck is like a lucky charm to convey to the people around “I am a person with a story.” Is there a fashionable coin necklace in your jewelry box? If not, I hope the coin wholesale necklaces recommended to you next will be your favorite.

Here are some coin necklaces styles carefully selected for you!

    1. Classic Coin Necklaces Legend

      Round Coin Portrait Pendant NecklaceUsing coins to make jewelry is great progress in history. The origin of coin necklaces can be traced back to the Middle Ages when Eurasia was heavily influenced by the Byzantine style. Jewelry designers began to like to use precious metals, gems, enamel, and other materials, coupled with hollow carving, embossing, and other techniques to create unique coin necklaces. Soon this style of necklace became popular.

      Coin necklaces were also very popular between the late 19th century and the Second World War. Usually, coins are engraved with floral patterns or the wearer’s initials. Because sailors and soldiers often bring this kind of jewelry back to their wives or girlfriends, coin jewelry is also called “sweetheart jewelry” and is a symbol of luck.

    2. Modern Coin Necklaces Design

      Vintage Cross & Coin Pendant Pearl Necklace SetLater, modern designers began to design fashionable and high-end coin necklaces inspired by the shape of coins. The sense of story conveyed by coin necklaces is fascinating and has become a must-have for many women who pursue beauty. From the appearance of the coin necklace, the pendant part is round like a coin. The coin necklace looks great whether worn alone or stacked with other necklaces. The round metal pendants on this type of necklace are generally engraved with reliefs on the surface, just like a retro gold coin, so it is also called a Coin necklace.

      However, some coin necklaces are just round metal pieces with no patterns on them. The design of these necklaces is suitable for women who prefer simple designs. Or make a hand-made texture on the pendant to add a lot of retro flavor to the coin necklace. No matter what style of coin necklaces can add to your style, you can choose the right necklace according to your preferences.

    3. Stacking Different Coin Necklaces

      Round Alloy Pendant Pearl Decor NecklaceThe coin necklace is simple and elegant when worn alone, and looks more layered when worn together. When two-layer necklaces are stacked, the matching principle is one long and one short, one large and one small. The coin necklace can be placed on the second layer. Choose the delicate and small clavicle chain for the first layer necklace, or choose the Y-shaped chain. After the necklace is stacked, your neck will look beautiful.

      The “V” shape created by the necklace will not only highlight the beautiful clavicle of your collarbone but also make your face look thinner in terms of visual effects. Coin necklaces can also be worn in three layers. You can wear them evenly in the order of small to large, short to long so that it is not easy to be confused. The coin necklace can also be stacked with Choker. The principle of stacking is to make the coin necklace the last layer because the drape of the coin pendant will make the neck more slender.

    4. Coin Necklaces with Clothes of the simple design of coin necklaces, they are suitable no matter what clothes they match, and they can add a sense of refinement to your outfit. You can wear a coin necklace for any occasion. Even in workplaces with strict dressing requirements, it is very fashionable to wear it with a white shirt.

      When you wear a suit, you will look serious if you are not careful. At this time, you can wear a gold coin necklace to make you more temperamental. For daily casual dressing, the coin necklace can be matched with the entire wardrobe. For example, the most everyday T-shirt, coin necklace on the solid color T-shirt, reveals a refined sense of fashion in the pure. Even in the fancy floral skirt, the coin necklace will not be submerged, and it still has a sense of existence. Your skin is often exposed on a large area on holiday look, and wearing a shiny coin necklace can make people notice you no matter how far away.

    5. Choice of Coin Necklaces

      Pearl String Chain OT Buckle Coin Pendant NecklaceIn terms of jewelry design, coin elements can be made into Choker, a pendant necklace, or as a pendant for a Y-shaped necklace. Among these types of comparison, the pendant necklace has the highest practicality and is also the most selected one. In terms of length, coin necklaces ranging from 17 inches to 21 inches are the easiest to match. Whether worn alone or stacked, the utilization rate is the highest!

      If your neck is thick or short, it is recommended to choose a length of 17 inches or more to make your neck thinner and longer. If the size of the coin is too large, it will not be refined enough, and if it is too small, it will not have the finishing touch. Therefore, I recommend that you choose the coin size of just the right size to be exquisite and eye-catching. Finally, the chain of the coin necklace must not be too thick. Only a thin chain can best highlight your sophistication and sexy.

    6. Suitable Coin Necklaces Color choice of the color of the coin necklace is also very particular. Choosing different color coin necklaces can bring you different styles and decorative effects. If you are a woman who likes low-key style, and you may think that the gold necklace is a bit too conspicuous. Then you can choose a simple style silver coin necklace to match your outfit. If you are a fashion-loving woman, you can choose a gold coin necklace with a brighter color.

      Silver coin necklaces are more suitable for fair-skinned women. Wearing silver coin necklaces can well highlight your unique update. And if you don’t know which color necklace is suitable for your skin tone, then I think the light gold coin necklace may be your best choice. They are not only fashionable but also set off the complexion. No matter what kind of skin tones, when matched with them, it can brighten the skin tone. When you choose a coin with a color that suits you, it will definitely bring you unexpected decorative effects.

 Coin & Ball Pendant Necklace SetMany people say that the necklace is the life of a woman. Without a necklace, there is no soul. Obviously, this is the importance of the necklace. It would be a pity if you have many different styles of necklaces but no fashionable coin necklaces. Because when you wear a coin necklace, the charm you exude is something other necklaces can’t have. So what are you waiting for? Come to our OOK JEWELRY online store and choose a cheap wholesale coin necklace for yourself! We will give you the most intimate service throughout the whole process. I believe you will satisfy ours!

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