Common Reasons for CDR Rejection by Engineers Australia

Common Reasons for CDR Rejection by Engineers Australia

If you are seeking to apply for cdr report engineers Australia, you might have heard that a lot of CDR reports of qualified engineers end up getting rejected. And it is true, that around 30% of the applicants get rejected on the first attempt. So, you might wonder what exactly is the cause of their report rejection and how you can overcome it? There could be various reasons for that, and to help you with this we have mentioned the most common reasons for CDR Rejection in this guide below:

  1. Plagiarism

Plagiarism is the prior cause of a CDR Rejection. A lot of CDR writing sites like offers CDR samples that are for reference purposes only. When applicants copy the same project report from the CDR sample templates, whether intentionally or unintentionally this can lead to plagiarism and cause your visa rejection. The CDR reports view are by Engineers Australia which can catch your plagiarize content and rejects your report. A CDR is meant to be original, based on your educational and work profile. And hence to avoid any plagiarism try to take the reference from the available samples and similarly create one of your own.

  1. Career Episode too Technical

While it’s okay to showcase the technical detail information on your career episodes, excessive use of it and overwhelming the report with too many technical calculations, charts and photos, etc. can degrade your CDR report. A CDR report always is professional with modest use of technical details. This is why each component of the CDR report including the career episode be in detail points demonstrating the application of engineering knowledge and skills rather than explaining in long and elaborating paragraphs.

  1. Improper Organizational Structure & Word count

As per the guidelines of EA, there is a specific rule for structure and the words count in each section of cdr report sample. Your performance and your position in the project is to be in the most appropriate manner within the capacity of each component of the CDR report. The word count on the other hand for each Career episode should not exceed more than 1000-2500 words. All of your important work and qualification details should fit in limited words avoiding any extra details and too long structure which can cause your CDR Rejection.

  1. Inappropriate CPD (Continuing Professional Development)

As there are three main components to the CDR report: Summary Statement, three Career Episodes, and Continuous Professional Development (CPD), each of them plays an important role in evaluating your CDR. The CPD should include all the details of formal qualification, short courses, conferences, and workshops attended, and involvement in any internships and volunteer works. It should be in a list format and cover all the other essential information about the title, date, venue, and the duration of the training.

  1. Too Vague Summary Statement

The summary statement being the cross-references for all career episodes, it is the first page that most evaluators read. The section is clear and distinct showing your accessors how well you analyze information. A too vague summary statement can provide a negative first impression of the author. Make sure your summary statement is based upon your three career episodes specifying your competency elements. It must compile all the necessary details about your engineering capabilities and technical skills gained through the three career episodes in a precise and clear language. The length of the summary statement can be around 2700 words.

  1. CDR in a different language

The English language is mandatory while presenting your CDR report to EA. It is even preferable if you could use the correct Australian English. Writing CDR samples in any language other than English could get your report to get reject. Assuming your CDR report is in a different language, you require to translate it into the English language for Engineers Australia to better understand your CDR report.

The few other causes of CDR Rejection are:

  • Missing out on mentioning all your experiences with participation and contribution
  • Inconsequential problem statements and steps to overcome those problems
  • Lack of creative design in the CDR report
  • Not paying enough attention to the correctness of spelling and grammar, formatting, and the flow of sentences in your career episodes.
  • Absurd selection of projects in career education

Is Your CDR Rejection by Engineers Australia?

A lot of CDR report gets reject every year. It is mostly due to incorrect format, presence of plagiarize content and many other reasons that we tell above. Is your CDR too reject by Engineers Australia? No worries! Even if  your CDR rejection by EA, one can get a second chance to resubmit their CDR or else you might get ban for 12 months.

For a skilled engineer to migrate and work to Australia, a CDR report must be submitted to the Engineers Australia organization. Australia has the highest number of immigrants, and many engineers tend to apply for the General Skilled Migration visa every year. However, not every application will get a positive assessment from EA, the reason being a lack of higher points from Australian Immigration. The higher points you earn, the higher your chances will be of getting visa processing done.

There are various factors to acquire higher points from Australian Immigration, and we have discussed a few below. You must apply these points while writing a cdr report for engineers Australia so that your CDR becomes impressive and can fetch maximum points for Australian Immigration!

How to Get Maximum Points for Australian Immigration?

This is how you can make your CDR report impressive and gain higher points from Australian Immigration:

    1. Refer to the MSA booklet

The first essential tip in writing an effective CDR is to understand the purpose of your report. Before starting with the CDR report, you should know that the CDR report comprises four essential components: Curriculum Vitae, Three Career Episodes, Continuing Professional Development, and Summary Statement. Your CDR report should refer to the guidelines and the professional format suggested by the MSA booklet. The finalized CDR should compile all four components, and all the details should be included in the report as directed by the EA.

    2. Start With your CV/Resume

Your personal information consists of your CV/Resume, which should cover the details of your engineering qualification, work experience, and skills. The resume should be the recent one and should always be based on a professional template. It should cover around two pages with a word length of 600-800 words.

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