Common SEO Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Most businesses are turning up online, becoming a part of the digital realm. Any successful business would go where the crowd is. These days most people are present online with so much information moving to the internet and the increasing options of social media platforms. It is beneficial to become a part of this online trend. The Internet has become a hub of opportunities and services.

You need to join and offer your services to be able to access a large number of audience. However, it is not easy to make your place online. You need to improve your ranking to show up top in search results. If you don’t show up in search results it can be particularly hard for people to find and open your website. To improve your ranking the best way is to carry out search engine optimization.

Search engine optimization is a whole process to increase your website ranking and traffic by increasing its visibility. It brings you free and organic traffic for your website, with a higher click-through rate. It can take time to get well versed in SEO optimization and there are some common mistakes people end up making which makes the process lack efficiency. Why are you finding it so hard to improve your ranking on a search engine?

We have made a list of things you can avoid to improve the efficiency of the process of search engine optimization. Being an SEO expert you mustn’t make these mistakes. Be it a real estate SEO expert or any other industry, they need to know how to get their website ranking high. Keep reading to get to know more about these mistakes, so that your journey to a higher ranking doesn’t prove to be useless.

Say Goodbye to these mistakes

Not improving your site speed

Google will prefer your site if it works fast. For this purpose, you can use GooglePage SpeedInsights to help analyze which pages lag in speed and where issues are present so you can fix them. An important factor in this is possibly the resolution of your images which can take too much time to load.

By resizing your images you can speed up the time they take to load. It is very easy to do this on the WordPress site, all you need to do is install a plugin that will do it for you. Another thing you can do is browser caching and compress static files making it easier for them to load onto your browser. Also, remove extra plugins that are not of any use to you.

Not finding the right keywords to rank:

Keywords are very important for improving your ranking on Google and making sure you show up in search engine results. One of the main problems when using keywords is that small businesses opt for very generic words that are not good because many big, more established firms are already competing for that keyword. Go for something less common and more specific as not a lot of companies will be competing with that keyword.

A long and specific keyword is more likely to get you higher up on the scale of ranking. However, using a long keyword does reduce the volume of the keyword. You can cover this loss by optimizing more pages on your website for long-tail keywords. In the end, you will see yourself gaining more traffic for your webpage.

Not making a good first impression:

Your first impression must be a good one because it is like an invitation to the online users. For a webpage what makes up the first impression is the Metadata. It is visible on the search engine result pages and constitutes the heading and the Meta description. If it does not sound interesting why would anyone want to open it and invest their time on it?

You need to convince them that your content is worth going through, urging them to click on the link. By optimizing your Meta description you can optimize your click-through rate. A good Meta description will make the user feel like they will find the information they are looking for on your page.

Substandard content

You need to make sure that the content you write is interesting, relevant and carries quality. Don’t put content just for the sake of filling up your website. Be creative and play around with words and ideas to write something worth remembering and sharing.

Also do not neglect the length of your content. If your website content is too short, Google will likely think that you do not know enough about the topic and in turn, it will make you rank lower. You want Google to think that you have the best answers for your audience so that it makes you show up in search results.


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