Concept of Method Writing and it’s Application

Many of you must have heard this “Write as you would act!” but nobody knows what it means right? Well, it means to map out a story by dividing it into acts. Each act should have a distinct theme and tone, and they help to not just plan the structure of your story, but also define what each act will focus on. It is a practical approach that is driven by artistic values while also remaining grounded in simplistic methods that are generalized and easily applicable to various situations. Hey? Don’t get confused! To help you out a detailed discussion is discussed below on what method writing is and how it can be beneficial for writers. So, Read On.

What is Method Writing?

The technique of telling a tale through connecting with your thoughts, empathizing with your protagonists, and gaining access to your actual self is referred to as method writings.

It’s a writing technique that is akin to method acting in that you attempt to live the life of your character. Immersing yourself in their stories allows you to conduct in-depth study and write more truthfully as a result. For instance: Learning wrestling to write like a wrestler.

How to Use Method Writing?

  • Picture yourself at a period when you were exposed if you’re writing about a homeless person. Take inspiration from your own mental and physical suffering and sorrow to create a character who is homeless.
  • When writing on sociology essay topics, go back to a time when you were pressured to act immorally. Use those emotions or the absence of them to inform the creation of your character.
  • Write about a time when you thought something was achievable if you’re writings about an idealist. Soak yourself in that memories, reflect on your actions, and begin to believe once more. Then, using your recollections, write about your personality.

Is Method Writing Effective?

You should be honest with the viewers and feel sympathy for the personalities. Interviewing people in situations resembling those of the characters and venturing out into the world to observe how each person would feel things would be the true “method of writing“. Then make an effort to make your story realistic.

Therefore, it is advise that you share a little bit of yourself with the audience. By exposing your thoughts and sentiments to them, you are engaging them in the tale rather than just keeping them entertained with words and images. What personal information do you have to disclose in each section? This is an impression that readers get of you when they read you; it is not an apparent or quantifiable quality.

How Method Writing Can Benefit Students & Teachers

Method writing is a type of writing that is done systematically, following a set of rules. The primary purpose of method writings is to develop the ability to express ideas in a clear, concise, and organized manner.

Method writing can be use by students or teachers for different purposes:

  • To develop their knowledge about grammar rules, sentence structure, and vocabulary.
  • To practice their writing skills by using sentences and paragraphs which are based on topics they have chosen themselves.
  • To improve their creative thinking abilities by using descriptive words and phrases, metaphors and similes, etc.
  • Another benefit for writers using method writing is that it helps them find what works best for them as far as word choice and sentence structure. Writers using this form of writings tend to be more consistent in their work because they know what style works best for them, which makes it easier for them to write without having too many distractions or obstacles in their way while composing their work.

Method Writing Applications

Method writing can be apply in the following areas:

  1. Writing of a thesis or dissertation.
  2. Research paper.
  3. Essay writing.
  4. Report writing and other types of academic papers.

What Method does Writing provide Readers?

A handful of the things that you may anticipate from your readers are as follows:

  • More natural-sounding, improved communication
  • Because they are based on real events, stories may be more easily related to by readers.
  • Persona journeys that develop naturally, especially if you’ve previously put some effort into developing interesting character arcs and want to diversify your toolbox.
  • Unanticipated story twists.
  • Villains with complexity and nuance.
  • Quicker, simpler outlines come more readily to you.

Is Method Writing Same As Other Writing Techniques?

This may probably seem like a pretty convolute way to express “writing” based on how your writing brain is wire. You could believe there is no other option because you wonder how a writer could create any character without having empathy for them.

However, not every writer is the same. Many individuals will be perplex as to how they may feel empathy for a nonexistent person.

This application does not have a switch like other objects, even if you are not one of them. A rainbow exists. You may be a method writer to a certain extent, but there are always additional levels and applications for this talent that may be develop. Connecting with a person who is experiencing heartbreak, for instance, is one thing.

But have you attempted practicing it in front of a camera? How about with someone else? Have you ever tried to listen to a person who just got out of a relationship? Have you ever seen one out in the open? Have these encounters altered the way you see things?

It will be simpler for you to uncover those paths into meaningful, true writing and discover what lies ahead than you have ever gone if you are a natural method writer.


Final Thought

The development of a method of writing and the subsequent application may serve to provide readers with a heightened appreciation of the contribution of writings in the field. As such, it may lead to an increase in writings quality (Gepila Jr, 2018).

However, if you’re still wondering how you can apply method writing in an essay then don’t worry! There are many reputable websites from where you can buy essays, the professionals on such sites use different writing approaches so you can avail your desired one.




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