Confluence Software- Learn More About its Pricing Plans

Confluence Software- Learn More About its Pricing Plans

Confluence software is a great platform for companies of any size. But is it really free? Yes, we can confirm that. Right now, Confluence offers five pricing plans that you can select from Standard, Free Server, Premium, Server as well as Data Center. What do you receive from each plan? Let’s get to it!

The main features of Confluence

Before we discuss more about the pricing plans provided by Confluence software. Let’s learn about its key characteristics. What distinguishes the software?

  • Offers an Effective Collaboration Space

Confluence software lets your team make, discuss, plan and oversee all projects. All these processes are performed using a unique integrated platform. The software will provide a reliable collaboration area. Your team members have access to an information source that is centralized. Furthermore, they’ll be able to access files and even share detailed plans.

  • It is a unique workflow

Confluence’s project management software has an innovative workflow tool that integrates documenting, sharing files and project management into one platform. You as well as your team members are able to quickly access blogs, pages and spaces. In this way, you are able to make and manage your content. This feature allows you to arrange your content and projects into more important categories.

  • Customizable Templates

Confluence allows you to incorporate functionality into your content, making it more fluid. It is possible to download templates for calendars, routes as well as activity streams. The great thing is that you can alter the templates to fit the intention of the content you’re creating. If you don’t, you can develop new templates entirely from scratch.

Confluence Pricing Plans

It is the Confluence Pricing Plan model very simple, prepayable, and cost-effective. One of the best things about the Confluence price is that it offers the basics features for free. Yes, the free plan of the software permits as many as 10 concurrent users as well as 2GB of storage for files. However for teams with a large number of users it is a must to upgrade to a Premium or Standard plan. These plans are available at affordable cost. You can purchase it for $5 or $10 for each month of usage.

Furthermore From the Confluence demonstration, we can observe that the software can be used in 2 deployment options , both of which include self-managed cloud hosting and cloud-hosted.

Which one would best suit your needs? Let’s look at them!

The Free Plan

The no-cost plan provided from Confluence is great for small and new teams and startups. This plan is to be used by just 10 people. What are the benefits of the plan?

  • Unlimited Space and Pages

There is an unlimited amount of space as well as pages with the plan. So, every person on the team can build as many workspaces or posts as they require to complete the task.

You also have the ability to create your own private space. Within this space you can save the tasks you have completed and the files that you’re working on in a separate. Additionally, Confluence Free plan also includes macros, page versions as well as a well-structured page tree. One of the best parts is that you’ll also gain access to Confluence’s top practice templates library.

  • Basic Functionality

The free plan offers all the basics. However, you won’t receive some of the more advanced tools, like area and page permissions. Furthermore, under this plan you won’t be capable of archiving and de-archiving pages.

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The Standard Plan

If you’re looking for the lowest Confluence costs for the Standard plan, the Standard plan is your most suitable option. You can purchase it by paying a monthly charge of just 5 dollars per month. It comes with all the features that you can expect with a free plan. Furthermore, you’ll get the capability to approve pages and storage spaces, and archiving tools. Another benefit of this program is that it permits users to access the system anonymously.

As a result, you will be able expose Confluence’s space to anyone outside your company. This feature can be extremely helpful in the creation of documents that focus on customers as well as knowledge databases.

Overall The Standard Plan is quite suitable for teams that are growing as well as mid-sized companies. It has more storage capacity (250 GB) in comparison to the free plan which has only 2GB. The most appealing feature? It allows for up to 55,000 users.

The Premium Plan

The Premium plan for $10 per month for each user. The plan comes with all essential options as well as more advanced ones. The most important thing is that the Premium plans in Confluence’s software for managing projects provides administrators with an extensive toolkit. This allows you to have a clear and transparent way the Confluence websites. As an example, as an administrator of a site you will be able to easily solve problems with authentication in restricted areas. The program will give you a the administrator’s key that is unique.

You’ll be able to utilize this key to check every user’s current authentication control. Additionally, you will be able immediately fix the access problems. The Premium plan unlocks the features that aren’t included in the free or standard plans. For instance, you’ll receive unlimited storage space as well as 24/7 support.

The most valuable thing you will receive from this plan are analysis tools. These tools give you deeper insights into space, team pages and usage of the site. These tools allow you’ll be able to effectively manage all your content and projects. Then, you’ll be able to make better decisions regarding your resources.

Self-Managed Package

In an Confluence critique, Confluence is stated that you can utilize the self-managed service in order to run Confluence on your hardware and server. Two plans are available for this self-managed option. These plans will allow you’ll be able to easily modify your configuration and manage it in the way you want. What do they mean?

Server Plan

The server plan of Confluence software begins with a single payment of $10. The cost of Confluence is for 10 users. It has the feature of deploying a single server. This means that you be in complete control of the hosting environment. The server license includes unlimited usage and one year of maintenance support for free.

If you sign up for the server plan you will receive:

  • Single server deployment
  • Control of the entire surroundings
  • Permanent license
  • Support for maintenance for one year

The Data Center Plan

The data center program offered through Confluence the project management program includes an annual license, which includes renewal. Additionally, you will receive assistance until the expiration date of your license. Contrary with the server plan the licenses for data centers aren’t perpetual. Instead, you’ll have to renew the license every year.

In the plan for data centers You will get:

  • Active-active clustering to ensure high availability
  • Control of the entire surroundings
  • Annual license
  • A recovery that is backed by Atlassian
  • Maintenance

Wrapping Up

Based on the Confluence review we have previously We can say with confidence that Confluence software provides various pricing plans. Be sure to select the best plan that meets your needs as a business. However, regardless of whether you’re one person or a huge enterprise, Confluence has cutting-edge tools and features to assist your team.



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