Constipation in a newborn baby causes and Herbal Treatment

Constipation in a newborn baby

Constipation in a newborn baby is a common problem, causing concern for parents, when a constipated child has a lower than usual bowel movement or difficult and painful bowel movement, in this article we offer you the treatment of constipation in infants.

Symptoms of constipation in a newborn baby

  1. When a baby feels the need to defecate, he has unusual habits.
  2. During defecation, the infant cries loudly.
  3. Flatulence and frequent gas.
  4. He moves his legs vigorously.
  5. Not wanting to breastfeed or eat.

Causes of constipation in a newborn baby

When stool remains in the colon for a long time, constipation occurs, and a lot of water is absorbed by the colon, leaving dry stools.

some cases of constipation in which behaviors are the cause of the emergence of constipation, including the nursing mother eating some foods that cause constipation in the infant such as koshary and foods that do not have juice or water, because these foods, in turn, are found in Breastfeeding mother’s milk reaches it, causing constipation to newborns.

  1. Lack of adequate fiber intake.
  2. Not drinking the right amount of fluids.
  3. Switching from breast milk to formula
  4. Diseases affecting the intestinal muscles or nerves.
  5. Taking some medications that cause constipation in the infant.
  6. Constipation may be caused by a lack of nerves or structural problems in the large intestine.

Constipation treatment in a newborn baby

Here are some tips and home remedies that help your baby get rid of constipation:

Baby leg movement exercises

Which helps to stimulate bowel movement, move the child’s legs and exercise, which helps relieve constipation, as is the case with adults.

warm baby bath

Giving a baby a warm bath can relax his abdominal muscles and help him release stress. It can also relieve some symptoms of constipation-related anxiety.

high fiber foods

One of the nutrients that the body needs mainly is fiber, as it helps in digesting food and excreting foods to eat when pregnant first trimester.

It requires staying away from unhealthy snacks such as chips and chocolate and replacing them with high-fiber foods such as fruits, vegetables, high-fiber cereals, bread and whole grains.

Give the child fruit juice

To overcome constipation give the child fruit juice, Because fruit juice may have an unhealthy effect on a child’s diet and growth. This is recommended for infants aged four months and over Where the infant can be given peach, apple, or pear juice in varying amounts depending on age;

Infants from 4-8 months can be given a total of 60-120 milliliters of natural fruit juice per day, and from 8-12 months they can give a total of 180 milliliters per day.

In general, the continuation of drinking it on a daily basis should be for a period of time not exceeding one to two weeks.

Measuring the child’s temperature from the anus

Inserting a clean, moistened thermometer with suitable materials and oily into the infant’s anus may help treat constipation in infants in the first month and stimulate defecation in the infant.

And you should be careful not to repeat this process too often, and when you repeat this process a lot, constipation will get worse.

Constipation herbal remedy

You must consult your doctor about the type of herbs, bring a bowl of water and then heat it, so that the water is warm and not boiling, and add the bag of herbs with immersion in the water five times, then offer it to your child with different meals, water is one of the natural elements that help in revitalizing the function of the intestines Make sure not to introduce any herbs to your baby before completing the sixth month.

When should you consult a doctor?

You should consult a doctor urgently if you notice any of the following:

  1. If you do not find any improvement in the condition of the child’s constipation despite trying.
  2. Notice blood in the stool of the child.
  3. If you notice that after 2-3 full days the baby has not passed a solid waste, with vomiting, irritability, and constant crying.

Here, you should consult a doctor. The doctor may prescribe some suitable medications for the child, such as laxatives, knowing that the treatment of constipation in infants in natural cases often begins with home solutions.

Constipation in infants and newborns

To talk about the treatment of constipation in newborns with herbs, we must know the meaning of constipation in infants and newborns, newborn constipation is the exposure of the infant to stop excreting the waste for a large period, and the stool remains inside the child’s abdomen for a longer period than the usual period, which causes pain and fatigue.

Constipation usually appears in newborns who are less than six months old, and the child excretes only once every two days and once every four days, causing pain, suffering, and concern for the mother for her young, especially during the first six months of the child’s life.

What are the causes of constipation?

Always recognizing the causes is the first way to recovery, and in order to explain to you and reach the treatment of constipation in newborns with herbs, we must talk about what are the causes of constipation. There are some Organic Food is Good for Women’s reasons for the emergence of constipation in newborns, which are as follows in points:

  1. One of the organic causes of constipation is inflammation of the colon or inflammation in the intestine, due to the presence of a disorder that causes constipation and stops excreting waste from the body.
  2. Constipation may result from a defect in the performance of the anus, or the emergence of hemorrhoids in infants and newborns, and the defect is accompanied by constipation, pain, and suffering.
  3. A child may have a blockage in the colon, whether this blockage is partial or complete, as this would result in constipation, and the body cannot perform its primary function of excreting.
  4. The doctor may find when doing the x-rays a tumor or a mass may appear in the intestine when doing the ultrasound, especially when examining the large intestine, which prevents the output and impedes the bowel movement, making it slow and heavy work, and the child becomes constipated.
  5. One of the causes of constipation is also that the child has a congenital defect, which is the presence of narrowing in the intestine, which leads to the retention of waste, and the failure to push the stool to the outside, and an obstruction that causes constipation.

Is lack of fluid drinking is one of the causes of constipation

  1. Of course, the lack of fluid drinking is one of the causes of constipation related to daily behavior and nutrition, so we recommend drinking plenty of water and we can give water to the child, whether he is breastfed or bottle-fed.
  2. Because the lack of fluids is closely related to the occurrence of constipation, especially in the summer, and with high temperatures, and the appearance of an increase in sweating, however, it appears that there is a failure to excrete waste, and this also causes constipation of the infant.
  3. In addition, one of the causes of constipation in infants and newborns is that there are some types of formula milk, which cause constipation in children. Because it puts pressure on the stomach, irritates the stomach, and makes it difficult to digest, which results in indigestion.
  4. Therefore, doctor consultants in this case to write a suitable type of formula for the child. One of the reasons for the behaviors that cause constipation in children is that there are some medicines that we give to the child without consulting the doctor, and this is a big mistake that causes constipation and among the medicines that cause constipation to the child.
  5. Moreover, Constipation may affect the child because the mother does not know what is the correct breastfeeding position, so air leaks with the milk, and when air enters the child’s abdomen, the child will swell and compress the intestines and do not do their job, and do not push the stool out and constipation occurs.

Useful herbs for the baby

Through the topic of treating constipation in newborns with herbs, we will also show you use herbs for the infant, as the dill herb reduces the feeling of constipation and expelling gas, and prevents inflammation and irritation in the stomach.

  • The fenugreek herb, which is a strong laxative, expels gases from the body and forces the intestines to move properly and the intestines move in a spiral way that helps to get rid of waste, and anise is a natural plant that has a tremendous ability to push stool out of the body.

How to treat constipation in newborns naturally

When talking about the treatment of Constipation in a newborn baby with herbs we should not overlook the treatment of constipation in newborn childbirth means natural, as there is an effective and proven natural method such as massage natural ways.

The mother must massage her child’s abdomen by moving the fingers of the right hand with a light movement without pressing the child’s abdomen hard and violently, and then the mother makes circular movements around the belly of the child’s navel in a time not exceeding 10 minutes, where the number of laps is within 20 roll every time.

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