COVID-19 And Africa


The novel coronavirus sets the whole world into panic and fear as the alarming rate with which it kills to set the world on fire.

The virus which originated from Wuhan, in China spread rapidly to different parts of the world starting from neighboring countries to far away continents. Fortunately, Africa as a continent has recorded low death rates and causes of the COVID-19 virus compared to other continents.

For, instance in Nigeria, only recently was the case of a traveler who just came into Nigeria from an outside country reported and tested positive to the virus. The sum total of all the virus cases in Nigeria is still counting in tens.

Countries like Ghana, Zimbabwe, Zambia and the rest have kept their fingers crossed and the pandemonium still lies low within their bothers. However, a wise man said, a stitch in time saves nine. Another also said procrastination is a killer of destiny. In as much as this deadly virus is still rarely seen in Africa, safety measures should be taken to ensure that we are not swept away if this virus finds its way down the equator.

Although, hypothesis and claims have it that the virus does not survive under temperature above 27°c making Africa a harsh and inconvenient abode for this virus, but strict measures must still be taken World leaders and philanthropists have taken it upon themselves to donate relief materials to affected individuals and also to second and third world countries.

A lot of individuals have taken it upon themselves to educate the old men and women, the children in rural areas and the entire masses on what coronavirus is all about and how it can be helped. It is clear that Africa has a lot more illiterate and unexposed people compared to other continents which continents, and this is why fake news, fear and misguided information thrives. However, these individuals have taken a bold step and it’s the support they need.

Social awareness campaign all over social media is also a strong mechanism of spreading verified health information and aids. Since most people get to interact there.

Although, the social distancing which might pose a major problem in Africa is gradually being inculcated. It still stands a major threat to this continent if the virus activities and widespread gains altitude because African culture does not support social distancing at all. Religion in Africa, for example, Is taken very seriously therefore it’s very hard to tell an average African man to stay back and not worship his God. It’s kind of impossible and will pose a major barrier to social distancing.

Still on the African tradition, coming to business, I’ll analyze this in two ways. The average African man will not stay at home and starve because most African countries are yet to give relief aids to the citizens in case of total shutdown. Therefore, people will still move out to earn a living because it would be pennywise pound foolish to die of hunger while staying at home to escape death, ridiculous, isn’t it? On my second analysis, the African market is built in such a way that the stalls are interlocked and congested, therefore increasing the “velocity” of the virus.

More important is the major weapon we should forge which is our healthcare system. Unfortunately, many healthcare institutions in Africa are below standard and dilapidated. Our health technology system is so poor, and all these spell doom regarding the endemic. Our research labs are poorly equipped and in all health, facilities are not well equipped.

Using this opportunity, green life calls on power icons in Africa to come together, blur the borderlines and help combat this killer virus.

Not to forget, relief materials and financial assistance to Africans is a very important topic which we’ll discuss soon enough.

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Please stay safe, don’t forget at least 20 seconds of proper handwashing with soap and running water… Thanks

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