Cracked Screen vs Cracked Screen Protector

A cracked screen and a cracked screen protector may seem like similar issues on the surface. However, there are several important distinctions between these two damage scenarios that all smartphone owners should understand.

While frustrating in both cases, the ramifications of a cracked screen are much more severe compared to a cracked screen protector. In this blog we will explain the difference between the two and what you need to know. In addition we offer suggestions on how to find a phone repair shop near you that can help you get your phone fixed.

Difference Between A Cracked Screen & Cracked Screen Protector

A cracked screen refers to visible cracks or breaks in the glass display panel of your smartphone. A cracked screen protector refers to cracks in the optional plastic film applied on top of a phone screen for an added layer of protection.

When evaluating the differences between these two possibilities after seeing damage on your phone, it becomes clear the situation is dramatically worse if the underlying screen itself is cracked rather than just the protective film covering it.

I. Differences in Damage Severity

The most obvious difference between a cracked screen and a cracked protector is the extent of damage to your phone and its functionality. A cracked screen will likely impair both the visibility of the display as well as the touchscreen responsiveness, depending on the location and severity of the cracks.

Extensive cracking can make it extremely difficult to effectively use your phone. On the other hand, small cracks in your screen protector will have minimal impact on actual use.

The protective film takes the damage instead of the screen below it.

In addition, a cracked screen puts all the fragile internal components of your smartphone at risk. With direct cracks in the display glass, debris, moisture, and other contaminants have a pathway to enter the inner workings of your phone and potentially cause further issues.

The sensitive electronics are much more exposed. Though not ideal, a cracked screen protector still provides a layer of defense against infiltration.

Finally, the costs and complexity associated with repairing a cracked screen are exponentially higher than a cracked protector scenario. Professional screen repairs typically cost over $100, with prices varying based on the phone model and extent of the damage.

Getting a new screen protector to replace a cracked one can be done for under $10 in the majority of cases.

II. Differences in Repairability

The repairability difference between these two issues is stark. A cracked screen will often require a complete replacement of the entire display assembly. This is a complicated endeavor given the small components involved in smartphone construction. Only professionals should attempt screen glass repairs, as improper disassembly can ruin a phone entirely.

For a cracked screen protector, you simply need to remove the old film and apply a new one. The existing screen remains intact and fully functional. No professional help or technical skill is required.

Additionally, very small cracks or chips in a protector can sometimes be filled and smoothed using an affordable screen repair kit, extending its useful life. This is not an option with a cracked screen itself.

III. Impact on Phone Use

With a cracked screen, both visibility and usability are impaired depending on where the damage occurs. Extensive cracking can make it impossible to clearly see content on the display or utilize touch input accurately. Phone use is directly affected.

A cracked screen protector typically has minimal impact on actual use.

You’ll still see cracks or lines on the surface, but can largely ignore them and use your phone normally. The protector takes the hit instead of the more fragile screen underneath. Remember, the protector is designed to crack and scar before the screen does, better absorbing impact forces.

IV. Cost Comparison

As mentioned already, the monetary costs of these two damage scenarios are quite different. Professional screen replacement will cost at least $100-200 for most modern smartphone models, sometimes more if other components are also damaged. Specific prices depend on the phone and provider.

Replacing a cracked screen protector is very inexpensive by comparison. You can purchase high-quality protectors for under $10 in most cases. Better protectors with features like tempered glass might cost up to $20-30.

Either way, you’re getting off easy compared to a screen repair bill. This really highlights the value of the protector sacrificing itself to save the far more expensive screen underneath.

V. Permanence of Damage

Cracked screens represent permanent damage. The glass display panel itself is broken. This cannot be reversed or fixed simply. A professional repair is the only option, and even then functionality is not always fully restored.

A cracked screen protector is far less permanent. Since it is an applied plastic film, you can simply remove and replace it. The screen below remains untouched, so you have not lost any functionality or damaged the phone itself.

Peel off the old cracked protector and apply a new one to get your phone looking brand new. With proper application, you may even forget the old protector was ever cracked in the first place.

Phone Shop Repair Near Me

In summary, it should be abundantly clear there are substantial differences between a cracked screen and a cracked screen protector. The extent of damage, repairability, phone usability, costs, and permanence are all vastly better in the case of a cracked protector.

While never ideal, it exemplifies the protector doing its job by taking the hit and sacrificing itself to preserve the phone screen underneath. So be sure to keep your screen protected, and don’t despair too much if you ever see cracks develop in the protector. The phone screen itself likely remains unharmed. And if you have a broken screen that needs to get fixed, visit the Wesley Chapel Phone Repair & More location today. They offer free estimates on all their services.


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