Create A Trustworthy Remote Working Team In This COVID Crisis


In the times of COVID 19, it’s very hard to have a team that the company totally rely on. Because, in these fragile times, who else will help them work together with a stay remote and safe completely other then their own employees but the companies becomes at stake.

Trust is a basic structure hinder for any team. Without the purposeful exertion to support holding and straightforwardness, building individual connections and holding remote employees wouldn’t be conceivable. 

In any case, similar to any ‘long-separation relationship,’ remote connections are inclined to presumptions and misinterpretations that separate the trust. 

What’s more, this breakdown could adversely think about your team! 

As indicated by a Harvard Study, associations with higher trust among colleagues have higher sympathy, cooperation, acknowledgment, helplessness, and self-improvement for everybody. In any case, associations with lower confidence lead to a toxic workplace. 

The investigation further shows that associations with higher trust emphatically sway the workers prompting – 

  • 74% less pressure 
  • 106% more vitality grinding away 
  • half higher efficiency 
  • 13% fewer days off 
  • 76% greater commitment 
  • 29% more fulfillment with their lives 
  • 40% less burnout 

Key Elements that Help us Build trust 

Trust is the very establishment of an extraordinary remote team. Furthermore, it reflects in the manner in which they impart, work together, and, all in all, accomplish objectives. 

Individuals regularly ask me, how would you assemble that individual affinity with somebody who’s never met? 

My team not just incorporates individuals working across various time zones yet, also, individuals from many societies all-inclusive. Furthermore, with a team that way, each colleague should feel included and agreeable to manufacture a positive remote relationship. 

Over a time of three years, I have understood that there are a couple of critical components that represent the deciding moment a remote team’s trust. Keeping up these can assist you with guaranteeing confidence in your team too. 

Reliability – If colleagues are trustworthy, you can envision how they will perform together and how well they will achieve the objective objectives. 

Consistency – A perfect remote team, should be steady and unsurprising. All colleagues ought to follow the work process reliably and ought to know about the conventions that are material to everybody. 

Congruency – Teams should work in concordance. At the point when colleagues state what they mean, and do what they say, it is more straightforward to fabricate trust among them. 

Communication – Everyone realizes that there is no ‘I’ in the team. If a colleague is giving their 100% to the side, the remainder of the colleagues must respond to it. 

Straightforwardness – Sharing data transparently with the whole team is a fundamental advance to fabricate trust. At the point when colleagues are entirely mindful of the on-going ventures and assignments, they will work in the global team up better with one another. 

How we Build Trust in our Remote Team 

The main thing I enlighten individuals when they ask me concerning dealing with a remote team is – Always trust your colleagues. 

Usually, the reaction I get is – how? I comprehend why individuals wouldn’t believe their teams immediately, particularly when they haven’t substantiated themselves as a significant asset for the association. 

But at the same time, it’s significant for you to comprehend that every individual working in the association is talented and should feel esteemed. If you pitch employees against one another for ‘demonstrating their value,’ it will just prompt unfortunate rivalry and absence of coordinated effort among them. 

To spur remote teams the correct way, you have to guarantee them that you trust them and depend on them. Along these lines, you build up a feeling of solidarity among the colleagues, and they can confide in one another. 

Screen, Don’t Micromanage 

We give extraordinary consideration not to micromanage our teams. It is another approach to construct trust among them. Be that as it may, as a chief, you have to monitor how things are going. What’s more, we have been effectively doing that without micromanaging our teams for longer than a year at this point. 

There are numerous instruments accessible to you that can assist you with accomplishing the equivalent. 

In our team, we depend intensely on Prodoscore to figure efficiency. It is cloud-based programming that computes your employee profitability score dependent on evaluating their exhibition and time spent in G Suite applications like email, schedule, docs, and home bases and different tools, for example, your CRM. 

With the assistance of this instrument, we can assess to what extent every employee is working and how beneficial they are during their work hours. 

This empowers us to – 

  • Put numbers on singular profitability. 
  • Consider efficiency while examining examinations or advancements. 
  • Comply with time constraints 
  • Foresee burnouts 
  • Fabricate trust among colleagues 
  • Make Technology your Best Friend 

Think about any test that you face when working remotely, and I can disclose to you an apparatus remote employee productivity monitoring that can assist you with beating it.. The accessibility of tools is boundless for us. Just if we utilize them, working together, and building trust inside teams will be natural. 

Since we’ve begun utilizing instruments like Prodoscore, Miro, Slack, and Trello (four tools we depend on), we can handle pretty much every issue that we used to confront before. 

Our team, as most remote teams, utilizes Trello for venture the executives and Slack for communication. I don’t think I have to persuade you that Trello and Slack are among the best tools out there. Having a different Trello board for each colleague (other than the undertaking sheets) has additionally helped us keep up straightforwardness and consistency among the team. 

Even though we found conceptualizing somewhat troublesome on Trello, so we changed to various tools for that. Our whole team has been utilizing Miro, a coordinated effort stage, to imagine thoughts, methodologies, content, thus considerably more. We lean toward Miro over other cooperation tools as it helps keep each colleague drew in with the idea and remote employee productivity monitoring. 

Over to You – Build Trust in your Team Today 

After running remote for as far back as barely any years, we’ve discovered that building a robust culture significantly affects team connections. Connections that reach out past work fabricate sympathy, and compassion constructs trust and responsibility. On the off chance that you manufacture your organization culture around how your employees collaborate and work with one another, it can altogether assist you with building reliable connections. 

Be that as it may, trust and culture don’t expand all alone. 

Fortunately for you, we can help you in making a robust organizational culture. Find out about the significance and advantages of a healthy lifestyle and how you can fabricate one in your team today!


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