Creating Fantastic Animated Educational Videos: A Complete Guide

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There seems to be animation everywhere… billboards, YouTube, social media feeds, and television commercials.

Animation is frequently used in Super Bowl commercials for well-known brands, costing $5 million or more for a 30-second spot.

The most crucial advantage of animated videos is their retention value and the fact that they are pretty appealing. Long after being watched, they have a way of lingering in the audience’s thoughts.

This is why cartoons are so great for education!

Many schools and businesses use animation to describe their courses, concepts, and goods. Since the epidemic, the popularity of this attention-grabbing approach has increased even more.

Doing it Right for the Desired Results

A robust tool is an animation. Like any instrument, though, it must be utilized correctly. To attract, engage, and convert your audience effectively, you must be cautious and deliberate.


Let’s begin with the initial action.

In general, educational institutions (colleges, schools, e-learning platforms) and company owners or brands are the two groups that can employ animation for education. Each call for a different strategy for content generation.

Animated Videos for Educational Institutes

Animation is no longer simply for kids. That even needs to be stated in this day and age.

Even a lot of educational YouTube channels draw millions of adult viewers in addition to children.

Animation is now used to teach students in high schools, colleges, and online learning platforms that cater to all age groups (from 15 to 50 years old). As it is based on the curriculum, making animated educational videos is straightforward. These videos don’t need to be amusing, but a little bit of amusement certainly doesn’t hurt since the target audience is already looking at information (i.e., they are “actively learning”).

Whether the course is online or in person, this is true. Animation works remarkably well, particularly with remote learning, which took over during the global pandemic. Interactive animation helps students grasp complex ideas and retain them.

Finding a Good Educational Video Animation Production Company

The video still needs to be excellent even when the curriculum has been established. And for this, the appropriate, highly qualified animated video production firm is required. A creative director, screenplay, concept artists, animators, voice actors, and others must be on the team for the business. The team works together to turn a notion or idea into an engaging and clear animation that provides excellent educational value.

Finding the best team can be difficult and requires some investigation.

Animated Educational Videos Business Owners

Here’s when things become complicated (and interesting). Business owners may employ animated movies for instruction, but sales may still be their ultimate goal. Remember that even brand-building initiatives aim to generate money in the long run.

There are a lot of influences to take into account while employing animation for business.

For starters, people seek enjoyment as well as information. Suppose you sell a SaaS product and have created a tedious animated film describing what your product is all about. In that case, people might abandon your website in favor of one of your rivals, who has done a better job outlining its features.

There isn’t a universal solution in this category. Various consumer groups react differently. For instance, a 45-year-old woman making $140,000 per year may find a whiteboard animation presenting a brand story highly informative. However, a 29-year-old man making $67,000 a year who might genuinely prefer 3D animation movies for teaching may find it ineffective.

Therefore, this area is quite dynamic compared to animation for educational institutions, and you must explore it skillfully to acquire results. Additionally, there are two significant subcategories within this category: instructional animated videos for consumers and animated instructional videos for staff.

Animated Videos for Employee Education

This might be done for training or to inform your staff of the business’s policies.

Many top companies also use animation throughout the onboarding process to help new hires comprehend and learn about the firm, their specific tasks, and numerous other operational and organizational factors.

This is successful for the same reason that consumers and students respond well to animation. Animated educational videos can influence the intended action since they are appealing, fascinating, and engaging. Of course, they are also more successful at teaching.

Utilizing animated movies might be beneficial if you want to improve internal communication in your company. Contact a corporate video production business specializing in animated videos, and together you can develop pertinent material informing your staff about your offerings and marketing objectives.

Educational Animated Videos for Customers

Making instructional videos for clients can be difficult and demands a flexible approach. And this holds for both the B2B and B2C markets.

No matter what kind of business you run or what sector you’re in, you need to check all the right boxes to get the best return on investment.

Thankfully, there are a few pointers that can assist you in producing animated educational movies for more potent clients.

Clearly define objectives

Undoubtedly, this is an animated tutorial. But don’t you want to do something for your company by offering education?

For instance, you want the students to learn more and do better on the test when discussing educational videos for universities.

What motivates you to produce this video? What are you hoping to accomplish by teaching your clients?

It would help if you answered these questions since doing so will enable you to define your KPIs and calculate the ROI of your animated educational movies.

Define your goals clearly as a first step.

Create audience personas

Now that you know your motivation for producing educational films, it is time to identify your target audience.

Developing buyer personas is one of the underappreciated tasks that might make the most effective.

More research should be done on your target audience, including information on their demographics, interests, issues, and more. Collect as many details as you can. Make several buyer personas for your ideal clients. From there, you may produce pertinent animated educational videos that satisfy each persona’s wants and demands and offer them the most significant possible educational benefit.


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