Creative Gorgeous Ways To Style Your Bedroom With Indoor Plants

indoor plants

Styling spaces with plants is one of the most picked ideas by interior designers. It is easy to play around with plants and plants tend to complement nearly all types of interior settings. So, it’s been the most popular pick amongst designers. If you have redecorated your house lately, you will agree that the wide part of your decor depends on natural elements like plants and flowers. The big reason for their popularity is that plants are an evergreen beauty. They never go out of style nor do you need to change them from time to time, it is here now and it will remain forever. Since the world is moving towards a more sustainable approach, investing in timeless pieces for your space is always a win-win. So, either you are designing a space for a client or you want to give your home a new and fresh look, you should always lookout for opportunities to incorporate plants in your space. 

Plants bring plenty of life to space which makes the feel of a place much happier. Also, they are great for decoration purposes because they bring a lot of color and texture to the place they are added to. So when you are decorating or redecorating your home, especially your bedroom, you should give plants a chance. it is easy to use them as accessories or the main element of a room,  It all depends on your taste. So, get ready to buy plants online as I’m going to list down some creative and completely gorgeous ways to style your bedroom with houseplants. 

Use the corners

The corners of a room are often seen weird as it is difficult to style them. If you don’t put something in these colors, they look like an awkward empty space. Neither can you put showpieces on them nor can you hang paintings. But you know if you look carefully, corners are actually a very pretty space that can make or break the look of your room. So, if you want to carefully put the corner space into use, I suggest you stick to plants. Lately, I have been obsessed with plants and I think I didn’t leave any corner of my house empty. To be honest, plants have been working well for my corners, so you can definitely give them a try. Just an additional tip: use white eclectic pots to bring out an element and make them look more interesting. 

Hanging pots

As I was scrolling pictures some time ago to get inspiration on how to use plants in other ways, I came across a lot of pictures that had hanging pots with plants. This is a very great idea that caught my attention. People have been lately hanging plant pots with a rope and fixing them to the roof. It is a very sturdy idea which will enhance the look of your bedroom. You can hang them over your bedside tables. The best thing about this idea is that it won’t cover any space on your table or other furniture and still look great. If you have filled your bedroom with furniture and painting and still want to add plants for a lively feel, go ahead, order indoor plants online and impound them to the roof. 

Use a cart

Another amazing way to use plants in your bedroom is by using a cart for the same. Yes, plant carts are the latest trend seen in the home decor world. Well, let me tell you why that cart deserves a place in your bedroom. First of all, it is so simple to style a cart with plants. You can put literally any size of pots on this cart and you will be surprised to see how many styles a cart can bring to your bedroom. You may require a little extra space for the same, but it is totally worth it because you can use the cart to keep other things as well. There are so many fancy carts available in the market in different sizes, shapes and colours. If you don’t want to buy a new cart, you can use a table or a bench as a replacement and it will solve the same purpose. 

Cut floras

If nothing works, you can use the same old way and put cut flowers in a vase to keep on your bedside table, cabinets, etc. 

These are the ways how styling with plants can turn the whole feels of your bedroom around. Time to bring those green buddies inside because it’s time to decorate your bedroom with them. Now you know you can make the best use of plants for your bedroom, pick the ideas that go well along with your space and you will see how plants can transform a place.


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