Custom web design or WordPress, which is better?


All successful brands have a well-made website.

Whether you need one for your company or for your personal brand, it is very important to know what tools you have at your fingertips.

If you have already started to find out about this whole web design thing, the most likely thing is that you have found two main options: custom design vs WordPress . Both with many advantages and special features.

So in this article we will explain everything you need to know about them, so that you can decide which is the one that best suits your needs. And we will add one more that will be interesting to you.

WordPress design

WordPress is a very easy to use CMS, which offers you different tools so that you can have a good website without too many complications.

Do you remember what a CMS is ?

Summing up a bit, we know what Content Management System means or in Spanish, Content Management System ; this is a program that allows you to create and manage web content without the need to have a lot of knowledge about web design.

When it comes to web design you must take into account the needs of your brand to choose the best possible option.

WordPress is the most popular CMS, and its fame is not free , since when you choose WordPress over the rest you know that you will get professional web pages with little effort.

Ultimately it is so intuitive that it is considered one of the fastest ways to create and launch a website .

WordPress has many advantages and features, so below we will mention the main ones so that you can compare it with custom web design and decide which one is best for you.

Using Templates

With WordPress we can customize our website a lot, but if we want a simpler option that takes us less time; the best option is to use professionally created templates.

There are many web designers who are dedicated exclusively to creating these templates , which can be very simple and intuitive, or a little more complex. In fact, it is a very profitable business because the demand for these designs is very high.

Using a template allows you to avoid worrying about a more detailed design, since you only have to “adjust” certain aspects and concentrate only on uploading your content.

A great advantage is that there are templates that are totally free and that look pretty good, so it is not 100% necessary that you invest money from the beginning.

On the other hand, the disadvantage is that your competition could have designs very similar to yours; Because at the end of the day, even if it is a paid template, it is not a design that is exclusive to you.

This is something that you must take into account if what you are looking for is to have a complete differentiation from the rest of the brands.

Plugins for every need

Plugins offer you a wide variety of functions. These are plugins for existing software, such as WordPress.

Through these we can add various functions to the management of our website; from SEO tools, security, analysis, optimizers and others.

For example, there are ad analytics tools that can be installed as plugins, as in the case of Facebook’s Pixel .

Actually the world of plugins is quite varied, and you can always find something that suits what you need.

Something that you should keep in mind is not to abuse plugins because you can boost your website. This means that when loading it will take a little longer, and as we know most internet users prefer immediate things, so a slow load can mean that you lose leads.

One of the most popular plugins is WordPress SEO by Yoast , which helps you position your website in search engines.

As we have already told you several times, SEO optimization is essential in an inbound marketing strategy . Since, not only is it enough to have quality content, but it is necessary to make said content reach your target.

And thanks to the Yoast plugin we can guide ourselves a little more in how we should arrange our texts, so that we obtain the desired result.

If you want to know more about SEO, we recommend that you visit our articles: what is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and why are you doing SEO wrong .

There are many more plugins that are very useful to optimize your website, however, the choice of each of them will depend on your specific needs. plans

When different sites talk about WordPress, most of the time they refer to, which is the open source CMS, while is a specialized hosting service that uses WordPress.

This is an option that takes you a bit more out of hand. It is very good for a first approach to this world, since as you know, the cost of a website can be high, and the free plan gives you enough tools to customize a blog and launch it quickly.

And with the payment options, different SEO tools, exclusive templates, plugins, support, etc. are unlocked.

If using WordPress was already easy, with it becomes as easy as creating an account.

Everything is faster

As we mentioned at the beginning, an indisputable advantage is that with WordPress you will get your website faster.

Templates and plugins save you many hours of designing and programming. That is why we say that WordPress is one of the best options for those who want a good result without so many complications and high costs.

The fact that WordPress is very easy to use has a lot to do with how quickly you can launch a site.
The fact that WordPress is very easy to use has a lot to do with how quickly you can launch a site.

Once you have launched your website, it will only be enough to maintain it from time to time, and the task of uploading content will be as easy as posting on social networks.

Custom design

If you know what web design is , then you know that it is quite a topic.

When we refer to custom design we mean that everything is made from scratch. This of course requires more work, but at the same time it is a more natural process because the result will be completely personalized.

If with WordPress we saw templates that we can customize then; A custom design, as its name or indicates, will allow the design to adapt to your brand and not the other way around.

You just have to take into account that if you decide to have a custom design, the whole process will take a little longer. By having a maximum of customization, you should be very clear about what you want to do with your page, since you will not have any guide other than your own imagination. And it is recommended that you hire professionals who are up to this task.

Custom design has several advantages and disadvantages over CMS. Some of them are the following.

Maximum customization

You just have to imagine the website of your dreams, put all the points on the table and start designing.

The result would have to be as similar as possible to this first concept, because that is what it is about, that personalization is taken to its maximum expression.

Adaptability also goes hand in hand with this, because depending on the needs of your brand is how your design is going to be oriented. Do you need a blog for your travel agency? Do you need a page focused on eCommerce? Or maybe you prefer a digital catalog?

One of the concerns of those who want a custom web design is that it will be a static page to which you will not be able to change anything; but this is far from the truth.

In fact, having a tailor-made website allows you to have total control , since if the development was done well from the beginning, you should be able to modify it at any time.

Technical support

When you have a web design team, you have support for your page at all times.

For example, with WordPress you have the facility that many things are already done , and if something fails it is as easy as looking for a tutorial on the internet or seeking the advice of someone with knowledge of WordPress.

If something fails on your custom page, you have to fix it yourself. If you have a web development team then you should go to them, so they can take the necessary measures.

In the same way, it is very common for specific manuals to be created for your site, so that you know how to manage it and solve all the minor problems and some a little more complicated. Everything will depend on who develops said website.

Although this may seem like a disadvantage compared to WordPress facilities, the truth is that it is not, since technical support is something that you will always have at your disposal.

More security

This is another reason why large companies prefer custom web design, because this option offers them that degree of security they are looking for.

And why are they safer?

Unlike WordPress, which is open source, custom websites are programmed from scratch and have private code, which makes it much more difficult to break their security.

In addition, access to the control panel is unique for each website. Which means that only those who have access to this “entrance” will know where it is.

You shouldn’t take internet security lightly. You wouldn’t want a hacker to be able to access your site, see your information, and do things they shouldn’t do.

Your website grows with you

Many small and medium-sized companies start creating their websites in WordPress, and as they grow they find that they have more customization needs. The problem? It is that they encounter several limitations when designing beyond templates.

Custom web design gives a lot more personality to your website.
Custom web design gives a lot more personality to your website.

When you do your custom web design you do not have this problem, since if you have a medium-sized company you can create a modest site that adapts only to what you need, and when it is time to update, or add new functions, you can do it without further ado inconvenient.

You could say that your web design will go as far as your creativity can go.

Have you seen the sites of many internationally recognized brands? Most of them are unique, and it is because for them to differentiate themselves from the rest is a necessity.

Webflow, the best of two worlds

What if we told you that there is an option that is halfway between custom design vs WordPress?

Webflow is that option, and in fact it is the one we use in Aloha.

Webflow is a tool and a CMS that allows you to create websites in an interactive and visual way. Which means that it resembles in a certain way the editing you can do in WordPress, without having to write the codes directly.

In short, it is a bit more complex than WordPress but at the same time simpler than custom web design.

An addition that will make you familiar is that it has several templates , which you can use and customize depending on what you need, both free and paid.

Another advantage is that you can publish your content as easily as in the options that we have already mentioned.

In short, if the fact of writing codes for your website does not attract you much and if you think that WordPress has many limitations, then Webflow is perfect for you.

What is best for you?

After having seen the features of custom design vs WordPress , and briefly adding to Webflow, you can get an idea of ​​what is best for you.

Do you want a personal blog, or a website for your small business? WordPress may be the simplest solution for you, thanks to the fact that it is a very friendly and professional CMS.

Do you want to customize your website to the maximum, so that it perfectly conveys the personality of your brand? Well then custom web design is what suits you best. And in the same way, if you know that in a few years you will need something more customizable, then you should consider this option from the beginning.

And the CMS with which we work and that we recommend: Webflow. The option that has the advantages of a custom design, that improves positioning and that offers you visual options similar to WordPress.


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