Customized Tea Boxes With Free Shipping Helps Your Business

Customized tea Boxes are a popular packaging service that allows companies to order custom containers for all product packaging, distribution, storage, or final retail packaging. In our opinion, custom tea bags are essential for companies whether small or large, since it not just helps maintain products safe from harm, but is also able to maximize the marketing potential of the company. When used as a marketing tool, custom printed tea packets can help you in many ways. First, it allows you to reach out to your target market in a highly convenient manner. Second, through the use of unique and eye-catching packaging design, the packaging draws the consumer’s attention to the contents of your products thus increasing your likelihood of making a sale. As we think about the impact of packaging on the success of a business, we realize that customers are constantly looking for quality and convenience. They look for packages that will provide them with the convenience of having their purchases delivered directly to their homes. They want to be able to trust the brand they’re using to deliver their goods. And they also want to know that the packaging the company uses is not just stylish but also convenient for them to use and to look at.


Free Shipping Services Provided by Some Online Distributors

Using free shipping services provided by some online distributors, it has become easy for people to purchase customized tea boxes. A simple Internet search with the appropriate keywords can yield millions of results, which will help you compare prices and types of boxes available. Moreover, online distributors offer free shipping services which may be of substantial value to small businesses. Finally, when purchasing online, you can get considerable discounts by shopping in bulk and some even offer free shipping. You’ll also notice that it’s expensive to ship your products to your customers. You pay more for your packaging materials and you incur other expenses when you have to pay extra charges for insurance. With customized packaging, you can cut down the cost of shipping your items by getting your supplies printed on eco-friendly Kraft boxes that are manufactured locally. You’ll save money in the long run because it’s cheaper to print on eco-friendly materials than on more expensive materials. After all, the environment is a precious resource.


Different Types of Tea Bags

There are different types of tea bags available in the market today. Among them, thermal paper packs, printed paper packs, cardboard boxes, and Customized Tea Boxes are the most common. Thermal paper packs are the least preferred since they can easily crumple. On the other hand, thermal papers have good thermal quality and are long-lasting. Printing on customized tea boxes is also a more flexible option. You can request the designs that will suit your brand and preferences. It’s possible to change your logo or to add or subtract some images on the box as long as the design is on the box. You can use a highlighter pen for writing or highlight special areas like the logo or the address. You can even have other elements added like business logos on the box or images of your favorite beverage.


Customized Tea Boxes


Flavors of Tea to Add to the Variety 

With increased demands, manufacturers have introduced different flavors of tea to add to the variety available in the market. Hence, tea lovers have several options to choose from. The packaging must reflect the flavor of the tea. Hence, one can go for matching colors of packaging or use a customized tag to print the customized message. For example, some popular Customized Tea Boxes include funny quotes, cute designs, floral printing, heart themes, and many others. The printing itself is not all that hard. First, you have to choose the paper which will be used for your Customized Tea Boxes. Next, you’ll have to choose the color of the material used for your box. You can make your box appear like glossy paper or like an old book cover. The thickness of the material used will also help in turning around the cost of your box. Boxes with thinner material will need less ink to cover so it will take less time for the packaging to dry up.


Use of Raised ink Packaging

Another option for Customized Tea Boxes is the use of raised ink packaging. Rounded edges and spot UV coating make it ideal for free movement. The surface also reflects heat away from the inside, which preserves the flavor of the tea for a long. Spot UV surface is an inexpensive method of producing custom boxes. Apart from the cost factor, raised ink packaging is good for hygiene since the boxes do not retain bacteria. There are two ways on how to create embossing on custom tea boxes. These are embossing the outline of your logo or design using the inkjet printer or a stencil which is created using a felt tip pen. Both these embossing methods will produce raised ink marks on the box. The problem with these types of embossing is that they are difficult to remove once the box has been opened and they are prone to smudging. If your design or logo is colorful, then using a stencil may be a better choice especially if you don’t want the raised ink marks to be smudged.

Customized Tea Boxes


Patching Color Palette and other Accessories

Some companies also provide matching color palettes and other accessories with their Customized Tea Boxes. These accessories can range from wooden carvings to beautiful mats. Such customized accessories make the boxes more attractive since they add an extra touch of class to your packets. In addition to the aesthetics, such accessories also facilitate proper packing and dispensation of hot drinks. Aside from using either embossing or a stencil, you can also use a mat board in creating custom tea boxes. This is one of the cheapest methods but you cannot be sure of its quality. The printed image or designs will be fused using high-quality foils but you cannot easily remove the printed images if they will be glued to another material. In using mat board, the best approach is to purchase thick paper with a matte finish and use it to place the images and designs.


Different Shapes and Sizes

Customized tea boxes in different shapes and sizes are manufactured by various companies. Customized tea bags come in standard, slim, tall, and oversized shapes. All these shapes have their advantages and utility. Shapes of tea boxes facilitate the convenience of dispensing, easy handling, and safe packaging. For customized teabags, various shapes of boxes are available which include round, square, rectangular, triangle, cylindrical, and some unique shapes like a heart-shaped, flower, etc. Some companies also manufacture custom-shaped boxes that have transparent windows. These boxes are ideal for green and eco-friendly packing. Novelty boxes and novelty tins are some other novelty packaging options for teabags.


Customized Tea Boxes


Clear Idea about your Product or Brand

With the help of customized tea boxes, your customers and business associates will be able to get a clear idea about your product or brand. They will be able to easily identify your products from others, especially if your packaging material is eye-catching. This can help you to increase your sales and generate goodwill among your customers. It is also a good marketing strategy to make your branding more distinct from other brands or companies. We feel that companies whether small or large, must take proper care of their packaging and that includes using eco-friendly Kraft boxes that are customized. There are lots of great advantages of using custom tea boxes over the normal boxes that you find in supermarkets. This includes the fact that it’s more convenient for the consumers to get their tea right at their doors. You’ll see that with standard packaging, one has to go through so many boxes just to get what one wants.


Very Durable and Light in Weight

Another advantage of tea boxes is that they are very durable and light in weight. You can carry them around the market easily. They are not too big, unlike other promotional materials. This makes them ideal to be given away as gifts during festive seasons like Christmas, Easter, and Thanksgiving. On the other hand, you can even use them as containers of gifts and small parcels during your corporate social parties and galas. To make your packaging more appealing to the buyers, you can also try free shipping services for your custom sizes. Most companies offer free shipping when the products are purchased in bulk amounts. This means that you can save more money from buying in large quantities as well as have your products well within your delivery area. So by ordering your tea sets in bulk sizes, you will surely find great discounts on the materials and the printing costs.

Customized Tea Boxes


more expensive materials

You can browse different websites offering Customized Tea Boxes made from different shapes and materials. These boxes can have different shapes, sizes, and colors according to your preferences. You can also request different varieties of patterns, logos, and graphics on the box so that it looks attractive and appealing to your customers. Depending upon your requirements and budget, you can choose the best quality tea boxes with free shipping from various online suppliers.


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