Different Aspects of VSI to Become Best CA Intermediate Institute In India

CHARTERED ACCOUNTANCY (CA) is a dream job for commerce students. To reach the Chartered Accountancy job a CA aspirant has to complete three levels of examinations successfully. This examination is conducted by the ICAI (The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India) a statutory body of India. All the systems and procedures of Chartered Accountancy are regulated by ICAI in India.

ICAI has divided the complete procedure of the Chartered Accountancy course into three steps. All three steps have a set syllabus, time limit to enroll, and time of appearing for the concerned examination. The first step of the Chartered Accountancy journey is CA Foundation Exam, For CA Foundation Examination any 12th class cleared students can enroll and after getting registered in the CA foundation course he or she gets four months period to prepare for the examination. And for the second step CA  Intermediate any graduate and postgraduate can apply via Foundation route entry or Direct entry route.

Likewise, CA foundation phase in CA Intermediate phase students get Eight month study period after getting register for CA Intermediate.

Best CA Intermediate Institute

CA intermediate is considered one of the tough steps of Chartered Accountancy courses.

So many institutions in India offer coaching for CA Intermediate courses. And VSI is one of them but VSI has ranked as The Best CA Intermediate Institute in India.

Now it’s totally up to you how you set criteria to choose the Best CA Intermediate Institute In India.

First, we will discuss the syllabus of the CA Intermediate course then next the reason to pick up the VSI  Best CA Intermediate Institute for your study.

Best CA Intermediate Institute

Revised Syllabus for CA Intermediate 2020

ICAI has revised the entire syllabus for CA intermediate 2020, it has come into action from MAY 2020 Examination and onwards i. E, Nov 2020,May 2021,Nov 2021 and so on.

To know about the revised syllabus of CA Intermediate you can visit the official website of ICAI https://www.icai.org/post/bos-knowledge-portal

 ICAI made some changes in the syllabus, added some new topics, and deducted some old topics from the ICAI syllabus.

CA intermediate consist of eight papers –

  1. Accounting
  2. Corporate Laws & other Laws
  3. Cost Accounting & Financial Management
  4. Taxation
  5. Advanced Accounting
  6. Auditing & Assurance
  7. Informational Technology
  8. Strategic Management

CA Intermediate examination is conducted in two groups. Each group has four papers.

It’s not a very easy task to crack CA intermediate in the first attempts. A CA Intermediate aspirant needs proper and guided planning to crack it. CA coaching institutions play a vital role in guiding and preparing for CA study if you join a coaching institute for CA Intermediate so you indirectly put all the responsibilities on the coaching institute’s shoulder for strategies to clear examinations. Ann in this regard, CA Intermediate study, VSI execute strategies perfectional and its result of CA courses have created a record of Highest Marks in the history of ICAI.

Here is the reason for you to join VSI for CA Intermediate study

Reasons to join VSI for CA Intermediate Study

Although VSI  does not require any preamble to describe its strategies its result is enough to give reason to join it.VSI put all the efforts to help CA aspirants. It uses updated tricks and techs to teach students. So that they can achieve success on the first attempt.

  • VSI Guidance

To understand the syllabus and exam pattern of CA intermediate is a very tricky task because ICAI update and revised the syllabus periodically and also make changes in exam pattern according to industry demand so it creates chaos for students what to do and how to do that’s why VSI keep organizing the guidance session to get rid their students from botherations.

  • VSI online classes

Even Covid -19 couldn’t stop the efforts of VSI for their students. Due to social distancing, it is not possible for students to reach the institute and take classes that’s why VSI has started its online classes pattern to connect with students so that students do not get hussle to interrupt studies. VSi follows a set plan of online class for every subject and pays individual attention to students.

Reasons to join VSI for CA Intermediate Study

  • Updated Study Material

As you all know that ICAI has revised CA Intermediate syllabus so somehow it has become a new syllabus. And even you can not take help from Google to solve your doubts and queries related to the syllabus. Even the study material provided by ICAI is very lengthy and cumbersome. Noone can complete in a limited period of study That’s why VSI provides very updated study material to their students. Because it is designed by the most experienced and top faculties of India covering all the exam-oriented topics. 

  • Mock test papers

Mock test papers are kind of a blessing for CA aspirants. It is very helpful in evaluating the study and comes to know about your strong and weak subjects. So that you can map your study according to strong and weak subjects. Even in the revision point of Mock test papers are very appropriate in the last-minute study.VSI offers Mock test papers to their students in regular intervals. And also offers previous year’s paper and MCQs paper for better understanding the topic and making efforts in accordance with it.

  • VSI Compilers

VSI gives Pendrive classes to their students, which can be used

 as storage and it gives the flexibility to study whenever and wherever students want to see lectures they can easily. And also VSI provides study material to their students in Pdf format that they can access in one click. All these VSI compilers proved helpful in the last moment of examination to revise all the syllabus.

VSI result- An evidence of perfection

Generally, we check the results of the institutes to know about the efforts to prepare students for cracking the concerned course. VSI results of CA courses in itself are evidence of perfection, constantly since 8 years VSI giving a Rank to India by its constant efforts and to nourish caliber of their students by its well-experienced way of teachings and techniques.


All the reasons are fair enough to enroll for CA intermediate in VSI- The Best CA Institute in India.

Do not miss the opportunity to grab your seat for CA Intermediate study in VSI.


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