Hir Extensions Dubai
Hir Extensions Dubai

What do clip-ins, tape-ins, weaving, pre-bonded, fusion, and micro-link mean? If you’re new to the world of hair extensions, there are so many different styles and words that it might be intimidating. Although Luxy Hair Extensions are made entirely of 100% Remy human hair, hair extensions are not confined to this type. To clear up some misunderstandings, we’re going to break down the various types of extensions. And where can you get the best hair extensions in Dubai?

The following article will clarify things for you and assist you in making the best decision for your hair. So settle in, tuck your hair behind your ears, and let’s get started.

Real Human Hair Extensions vs. Synthetic Hair Extensions

Before we get into the many sorts of hair extension application procedures, it’s important to understand that hair extension are available in two categories: real human hair extensions and synthetic hair extensions. So, what’s the distinction between the two?

How Hair Extensions are made?

Extensions made of human hair are precisely what they sound like. From top to bottom, they’re made of real human hair obtained from a donor. At the moment of collection, all of the cuticles (the outer covering of the hair) are intact and running in the same direction. This almost eliminates tangling and ensures that the extensions remain smooth and silky for the duration of their use.

Synthetic hair, on the other hand, is made out of a variety of synthetic fibers that are blended and do not contain any human hair. These are usually very fine plastic fibers that are made to seem like actual human hair. The next big question is how and where to find the best hair extensions in Dubai.

Look & Feel

Real and synthetic extensions are available in a variety of styles, colors, and application methods. Synthetic fibers come in a variety of qualities, but they are often stiff and move differently than human hair, so they don’t blend in as well as natural hair. They can have a wiry or coarse texture to them. Because real hair looks and feels like real hair (because it is! ), it blends in more seamlessly with your own.

Coloring & Styling

Human hair extensions can be treated in the same way as your hair. Straightening, curling, blow-drying, coloring, and applying hair treatments are all options. Synthetic hair cannot be dyed because most dyes contain ammonia or bleach, which would cause the synthetic hair to deteriorate. Furthermore, because heat can harm synthetic hair, you can’t style it the same way you would natural hair, so curling irons, straighteners, and blow dryers are out, as they will melt or severely damage the hair. Other elements that can harm synthetic hair extensions include the sun, friction, and harsh hair products.

Types of Hair Extensions

Clip-in Hair Extensions

Clip-in wefts, also known as clip-in hair extensions, are made up of a strand of shaped pieces that are held together by fabric or silicone at the base. This base has clips attached to it that are ready to use. All you have to do is clip the pieces onto your natural hair! Each clip easily opens and closes.

Clip-in hair extensions are the least permanent type of extensions since they can be taken off and put back on at any time. Clip-ins, unlike some of the other hair extension methods discussed above, take between 5 to 15 minutes to apply at home. Clip-in hair extensions are also the least damaging because they don’t require any of the above-mentioned chemicals, heat, pressure, or other installation methods—they just clip into your hair with ease, causing no damage to your natural hair. It is one of the main reasons it’s one of the most popular hair extension varieties.

How Long Do They Last?

This, too, is dependent on how well you look after them, what products you use, and how frequently you wear them. Clip-ins can last anywhere from 3 to 6 months, up to a year, and occasionally even longer, with good maintenance and consistent wear.

Tape-In Hair Extensions

Tape-In hair extensions are precisely what they sound like. On either side of your hair, the extensions are pre-taped and then taped/glued together. Tape-ins are often administered by a hairdresser since they must be aligned with the roots and are applied using a heated tool that heats the adhesive. You’d also have to get them removed (with a glue remover) and then reinstalled. Naturally, applying heat to your roots, as well as any adhesive agent like tape or glue, can cause harm to your hair. This procedure takes around 40 minutes to an hour to complete, and the extensions can be reused provided they are in excellent condition.

How Long Do They Last?

Tape-ins are a type of semi-permanent hair extension. They usually last 4–8 weeks before needing to be removed and reapplied. However, just like any other hair, it is dependent on how well you care for them and how rapidly they develop.

Sew-In Hair Extensions/Weave

Weave hair is applied by braiding natural hair into cornrows first, then sewing the weave into the braid or cornrow with a needle and thread. Because of the method, weave hair extensions are applied, they are most commonly utilized by those with thicker hair. Generally speaking, weaving is a time-consuming operation (usually several hours.) The tight application method exerts a strain on the scalp and might feel heavy or painful, which is why it’s not recommended for thin or light hair.

Because this is an extremely technical and demanding application that requires a professional to sew in, it is applied by an expert hairdresser. Sew-ins are also available in wig form, which is sewed into cornrows in the same way as sew-ins, but with one piece of hair rather than separate wefts. Because the hair is essentially sewn into your hair and cannot be removed, this type of hair extension is popular because it is the most permanent and flawless.

How Long Do They Last?

The weave should be removed every 6–8 weeks, especially if you’re trying to grow your hair. Because it will impair the growth of your natural hair, you should only wear a full weave in your hair for a maximum of four months.

Fusion & Pre-Bonded Hair Extensions

Fusion hair extensions (also known as bonding or pre-bonded) adhere to natural hair with glue or other adhesives. Pre-bonded hair extensions are done by a hairdresser and take roughly 3-4 hours to apply. Fusion extensions may not be suited for all clients because this form of application is quite destructive to natural hair, thus your hairdresser may advise you against it. The procedure involves using a machine that resembles a hot glue gun to adhere the hair to individual strands of natural hair. A heat clamp is used to melt the glue to the natural hair in another method of applying for pre-bonded hair extensions.

How Long Do They Last?

They’re termed semi-permanent because they can last up to four months in your hair. This, like all other forms of hair extensions, is dependent on the type and growth of your hair.

Microlink Hair Extensions

Microbead hair extensions and micro loop hair extensions are other names for microlink hair extensions. These are applied by using a small silicone-lined bead to affix tiny wefts of hair too small portions of natural hair. The bead is then secured to the hair with a specific tool and tightened to keep it in place. Microlink hair extensions can be detrimental to the hair if not done properly by a professional, even though they do not involve heat or adhesive. The bead may be too tightened, producing pressure and pulling at the roots, and the hair may be ripped out if not removed properly. This process takes about 2–4 hours to complete.

How Long Do They Last?

Microlink hair extensions are considered semi-permanent and they generally last up to 4 months.

Wigs & Hair Pieces

Wigs and hairpieces come in a variety of styles and are placed topically to the hair. Long, full wigs are designed to cover your entire head (interesting fact: wigs were once referred to as “head coverings” because of this). This includes wigs with “lace fronts” or “netting”—these are essentially different ways of making the wigs. Wigs are designed to cover your complete head and act as a replacement for your hair. Wigs can be used for a variety of reasons, including hair loss, balding, or merely to change your appearance.

Hairpieces are a little different in that they are generally in the shape of a bun, ponytail, or hair tie, allowing you to simply place them on top of your hair. Hairpieces can be used to add thickness to a thinning part of your head or to create a distinctive hairstyle, such as a long, full ponytail with only one piece to add thickness.

How Long Do They Last?

It varies on whether they are real or synthetic, and how you care for them has a big impact on how long they last. If you take careful care of your actual human full wig, it can last for up to a year. The smaller bits are usually synthetic and don’t last more than a month in most cases.


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