Different Types of Wood used for Watches

wooden watches

Refined and elegant, wooden watches have in a few years become essential accessories for both stylish women and men. And if you are interested in it too, you should know that apart from the look and the mechanism, the type of wood plays an important role in the choice. In this article, we therefore take you to discover the different types of wood for watches .

Ebony wood
The cork
Maple wood

Ebony wood
Ebony trees are species of trees from the Ebenaceae family of which ebony is the heartwood. Widely used in sculpture, marquetry and the design of wooden instruments such as the recorder, ebony is appreciated above all for its density and color . They are very black in color, sometimes gray and rarely white, but essentially very hard; which facilitates its use.

Its choice for the design of wooden watches is related to its glittering appearance in the light and that smooth feel to the touch when polished. The particularity of its grain makes Ebony a wood of first choice for the design of these watches to the delight of amateurs.

Those who know a little about sandalwood can testify that it is a highly prized material because of its delicate natural scent . It has been used for a very long time for the design of several accessories and fashion items. It is found today on watches in particular for its hypoallergenic and antiseptic side.

Sandalwood grows mainly in the regions of Nepal, India, New Caledonia or Australia and comes in 03 different colors namely:

red brown
cinnamon color.
bamboo making wooden watches
bamboo making wooden watches
In terms of ecology, bamboo is no longer to be presented. This type of wood is used for construction and for the design of ecological objects such as bamboo straw or watches. Soft and refined , bamboo on a watch brings a certain touch of distinction. In addition, it is a non-toxic, light, antiallergic and very strong material. There are a multitude of watch models with this type of wood. Some are designed with just the bamboo dial and some are designed entirely.

Koa is a wood that comes from Hawaii and whose scientific name is Acacia koa. It serves as a resource in the design of surfboards and small boats. This wood with beautiful red reflections is also an excellent material for the design of furniture, veneers and therefore watches. Let us add that it also has the advantage of being quite resistant and allows to have a rather original and chic result.

The cork
The use of this type of wood gives the watch a style that is both elegant and vintage. Whether at the level of the dial or at the level of the bracelet, cork always stands out thanks to its beautiful color . After the craftsmanship, a watch made with cork has character and a unique design. In addition, it is a material which keeps well and plays the role of thermal insulator.

Maple wood
Maple wood is also very famous for its beauty and is the main resource in the design of skateboard decks and guitars. If you’ve ever had a chance to see either, then you’ve got a glimpse of the texture of a maple wood watch . It is a hypoallergenic material and keeps very well too.

Important: Wooden watches are fashion accessories that are modern and ecological. In the market, you will find models that have been built with stainless steel components in specific places or with a leather strap . But it should be emphasized that this in no way alters the ecological side of these watches.

Most of the connected watches on the market have a screen with a touch function.

However, some sports watches (connected watches dedicated to sportsmen) place more emphasis on robustness and resistance (even underwater) by adopting control via buttons (see Garmin models).

Processor, RAM and internal memory
In addition, it is also necessary to assess its hardware compartment. In this case, we are talking about processor (CPU), RAM and internal memory (ROM).

These items affect the overall operation and usability of the device. The processor indicates the capacity and speed of the smart watch to process and process data, while the RAM is the volatile memory which indicates the ability of the watch to operate with multiple applications open.

These factors, combined with internal storage memory, are especially important once you have installed different content and apps in the best smartwatch.

As expected, a better connected watch manages to satisfy a large part of the public, thanks to the different possibilities offered from the point of view of functions.

The best connected watch acts as a real extension of the smartphone, with the convenience of always having it on your wrist. Here are some of the features that the best smartwatches should feature:

– Make / receive calls: To be able to make and receive calls independent of the smartphone, make sure the best smartwatch has a built-in microphone and speaker, as well as a slot for the SIM card. If the latter is not there, you can connect to your smartphone via the Bluetooth connection.
– Notifications: Receive notifications for calls, messages, emails, etc.
– Calendar and diary: you can consult your commitments on the screen of the best connected watch and easily consult the calendar
– Pedometer: you can keep an eye on your level of movement throughout the day
– Heartbeat: this is the tool that “counts” the heartbeats per second. Very useful for sports and fitness enthusiasts.
– Activity tracker: thanks to the pedometer and the heart rate function, it will be possible to use the activity tracker function. In other words, you will be able to check all the activities performed during the day, the movements performed, the calories burned, etc.
– Sleep monitoring: in the premium models it is possible to monitor the quality of your sleep, in addition of course to the counting of the actual hours of rest
– News & Weather: You can receive information and updates on weather conditions and the latest news from newspapers and news agencies.


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