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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Definition

Digital Marketing is creating a buzz within all industries and sectors, but what is Digital Marketing? Well, simply put, Digital Marketing is a new-age form of marketing that involves extensive marketing performed over the internet and online mediums. Today, every individual has access to the internet and connects to people across the globe with social media.

Digital marketing involves marketing designed for Mobiles, tablets, and computers instead of door-to-door promotions. It is a highly effective form of marketing and communication and can help extend the reach of a company’s message tenfold!

With new internet applications and tools like Google advertising, Facebook Advertising, Instagram Marketing, Email, SMS, or any form of digital in-app advertising, the days of traditional marketing are rendered nearly useless.

According to Statista, In 2021, the count of active internet users is expected to be 4.66 billion worldwide, contributing to 59.5 percent of the global population. A significant chunk of these internet users, i.e., 92.6 percent (4.32 billion) of internet users, avail themselves of the services via mobile devices.

China, India, and the US have the most significant internet user base share. India has 560 million active internet users, the second-highest globally after China, with an 854 million internet user base. The number of world wide web users in India increased by 47 million during 2020-21. Internet penetration in India almost reached 45% in January 2021.

As per Digital 2021 Datareportal, the total number of mobile connections in India has reached 1.1 billion, which is 79% of the total population of India. Out of 1.1 billion, almost 440 million users actively use social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Linkedin.

These statistics are essential in understanding the internet revolution and why digital marketing plays such a keen role in today’s markets. The stats establish that marketers can reach their target audience in India much more quickly and efficiently when using digital platforms.

digital marketing

What is The Essence of Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is a unique technique of marketing products that uses a digital medium to achieve goals. There are numerous names for digital marketing, including online marketing or internet marketing. Still, the essence remains the same: Bring companies maximum reach and growth by leveraging the global internet revolution.

Digital marketing includes various digital channels for brand promotion such as Search Engines (Google, Bing, etc.), Social Media Channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, etc.), Email, SMS, Whatsapp, and other internet applications used for marketing. Digital Marketing also involves internet calling applications such as Zoom, Google Meet, or other multimedia messaging or communication tools.

Using these various tools and mediums, marketing brands promote a company by building value-driven strategies for marketing. By leveraging online mediums, marketers extend their reach and find target audiences from across the globe!

Digital Marketing Platforms –

Search Engine – A search engine is an internet application developed to keep a systematic record of all the web-based resources. Search engine application retrieves specific information from the worldwide web with the help of a textual web search query. Search Engine result pages or SERPs display the web results to users. The information that search engines retrieve can be of any format. It can be videos, images, web pages, research papers, or other kinds of files.

Social Media – Social media is a form of media that you can use to exchange/share information, communicate your message to society, connect with your peers or friends, or family members to share experiences and events. Data transmitted over social media can be of any format such as video, photo, images, or other web resources. There are many social media marketing platforms available on the world wide web, such as Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest, and many more.

Direct Email: Email is an electronic way of communication. Email is a web-based application used to communicate your message to one or more receivers formally. The email communication is transmitted over a network in the encrypted pattern by maintaining the privacy and confidentiality of the letter, i.e., in the most secure way. The improved security and efficiency of communication significantly prove the importance of email communication for businesses or companies. Hence, it has been an integral part of business communication for any companies be it for B2C or B2B communication.

SMS – SMS ( Short Message Service ) is a digital communication method used for sending short messages over the network, i.e., over a mobile, telephone, or internet. SMS helps in quick and personalized communication shortly and sweetly and results in transmitting the right message in the right way to the right users.

Affiliate Marketing: The Internet has many information resources in terms of websites or web applications, or mobile applications apart from social media channels and search engines. These web-based inventories are under the ownership of other companies, which marketers can use to promote their products or services by placing their banners on the slots available by paying a specific commission in return to the resource owner. The network of all these websites, web applications, and mobile applications is also called an affiliate network, and promoting the product or services on these networks is called affiliate marketing.

Inbound marketing versus digital marketing

Inbound marketing is a goal-oriented way of marketing where marketers first decide their final goal and plan the tools and activities accordingly. Marketers make a thorough, detailed strategy before working on a campaign to achieve better efficiency in the best possible way. Inbound marketing also utilizes all the tools that Digital Marketing has to offer.

Digital marketing is an electronic way of marketing with a set of tools at the exposure. Still, a digital marketer can use one of them or all of them, depending on their digital marketing strategy. However, when inbound marketing and digital marketing come together in combination, it can yield the best results because digital marketers then first decide the final goal and then allocate all the channels in the right way to execute the marketing strategy better.

B2B versus B2C digital marketing

Digital Marketing works for both B2B and B2C communication. B2B, i.e., Business to Business communication, is always formal communication, and it has lots of formalities involved. There are many stakeholders involved in the decision-making process for B2B digital marketing; however, we can always reach the final decision-makers with digital marketing. It becomes easy for the B2B sales team to achieve the targets by directly tapping the leads of the decision-makers.

B2C is direct to consumer marketing. Digital Marketing includes a wide range of online marketing channels where consumers regularly interact, i.e., they do research online on Google for products or services they need over social media. Businesses can tap the consumers on the right digital platforms with effective B2C digital marketing with the right channel mix of social media, search engine marketing, search engine optimization, content marketing, and affiliate marketing.

The benefits of digital marketing

Digital Marketing has grown to be a vital part of industries and companies and is a fundamental concept embraced by all. The dawn of the Covid Era has shown people across the world the limitations of traditional marketing. Digital marketing channels and platforms have completely replaced mediums like banners, newspaper ads, and more with the new wave of internet evolution.

According to a report, the growth projections for the Indian advertising industry are at 10.8% and set to reach Rs 62,577 crore by the end of this year. Projections show that the spending will land at the Rs 70,343 crore mark by 2022, as per Dentsu Digital Report 2021.

The report and the projected value establish the massive potential in Digital Marketing techniques and how companies can leverage these services for maximum growth. There are numerous benefits of digital marketing when compared to the traditional way of marketing. Some of them are –

(1) Measurement of performance via Data Analytics

The main advantage of digital marketing is that the performance of digital marketing campaigns is entirely tangible, unlike traditional marketing. In Digital marketing, you have lots of digital tools available in the market, such as Google Analytics, Facebook analytics, or third-party analytics tool wherein you can measure the user activities on your website effectively and with 100% data efficiency.

With Google Analytics, you can measure the exact number of visitors who have visited your website in real-time. With Facebook pixels or google ads pixels, you can track the count of clicks, impressions, page views, and bounces from your website. Digital marketing will let you measure all the sorts of data patterns required to judge the performance of the website or campaigns –

  • Visitors to your website
  • User Location
  • Gender, Age and Demographics
  • User Engagement on Website
  • Website Traffic Sources
  • Bounce Rate of the Website

Traffic Patterns – Day, Timing, Conversions & Engagement Patterns

The real-time availability of the data and the analytics can help you efficiently plan your marketing strategy. You can reduce your marketing budgets, get better conversion rates at a reduced cost and even engage the audience with effective website design and a prime focus on user experience design.

(2) Content Marketing and Quality Lead Generation

Content marketing effectively uses quality content to attract and engage the right customers for your product or services. If you have the right content on your website to engage your prospective visitors, then you have won the race. Google or any search engines give utmost priority to the user experience regarding the website or SEO rankings.

Suppose you are using quality content on your websites, such as videos, images, text, or any other form of interactive content. In that case, you are keeping your prospective buyers engaged with the right content strategy.

The quality content ensures better engagement, resulting in enhanced organic ranking, which provides more organic traffic and more sales or more customers.

Content marketing involves blogging, guest posts, press releases, social media content strategy, and more. Finally, even somewhere, we use brochures or demo videos to get the user’s attention or engage users to improve the lead flow.

Lead generation nowadays depends on the content that we are providing to the end-user. If we add a call to action on the brochure and request visitors to generate the lead to download the brochure where we are giving high-quality content for them, it will surely improve the lead flow. This is the way of content marketing where quality is the focus to get the desired lead generation result.

(3) Improved Conversion Rates

Conversion definition may change from company to company. Some consider lead as a final conversion, or a few consider the sale as their final conversion.

In Digital marketing, we use a website as a store and multiple calls to actions such as contact form, chat, or toll-free number to generate the lead. We can attract more customers to generate leads by giving them multiple options to generate leads. Unlike bothering them by continuous phone calls, we can either send an email or send them a brochure link, and they can fill in the information to download the brochure at their convenience.

We can use efficient analytical tracking and pixels to capture the visitor’s flow to remarket the ideal prospective customers by capturing their cookies and following them on multiple platforms they visit with effective advertising.

In terms of sales as a conversion, we can even have an e-commerce website to enable online payments to convert prospective customers into final conversion via an e-commerce facility.

(4) Cost-Effective Compared to Conventional Marketing

Digital Marketing is a cost-efficient way of marketing when compared to traditional marketing. It can enable you to target a particular audience rather than blind targeting in conventional marketing. There are many targeting options available in online marketing tools, so it can easily reach prospects.

With the help of email, SMS, and remarketing techniques, we can reduce the cost of lead or cost of final acquisition further. That becomes the unique selling proposition for digital marketing tools and techniques. This has become the primary reason for changing marketing preferences from traditional marketing to online marketing platforms.

(5) Higher Revenues

Digital Marketing is a cost-efficient marketing channel, as mentioned earlier, and can easily tap the proper marketing at affordable costs. Also, we can optimize the performance of the marketing campaigns with data analytics and an effective tracking mechanism which can also help us increase our ideal reach and finally will result in better conversions and better sales.

The improved sales can help us get more revenue and at a much affordable cost of acquisition. It proves that digital marketing is not just cost-effective but also a high revenue generation marketing channel. Email, SMS, Remarketing clubbed with online e-commerce can help us generate more revenues from digital marketing.

(6) Higher ROI from Your Campaigns

Digital marketing companies use various tools and techniques to optimize conversion rates for their clients. The higher conversions result in the achievement of maximum Return on Investment (ROI) for companies. With effective data analytics, efficient reach, and innovative remarketing strategies, digital marketing can yield better revenues for your organization.

With effective tracking and monitoring using efficient tools and techniques, strategists can change the communication and marketing strategy on a real-time basis to yield higher ROI for the companies. Digital marketing can build a steady flow of traffic and conversions to develop a continuous revenue stream for your organization. More the business, more the ROI you enjoy for your company.

(7) Compete with Large Corporations

Digital marketing gives power to small businesses to compete with large corporations with the help of effective execution. Sometimes even small companies can get better ROI in digital marketing than large companies because of the proper selection of target audience and the exemplary implementation of activities.

(8) Get ready for the “Internet of Things.”

Internet of things is nothing but a network of physical objects connected using the world wide web. The objects can be associated with the help of sensors, software, or technologies; however, the internet of things finally uses digital marketing to connect the objects with the overall user internet journey. This can essentially improve the user experience and help businesses or companies to provide better quality services efficiently and cost-effectively.

(9) Build a Brand Reputation with Effective Digital Strategy & Quality Service

Digital Marketing has certain advantages regarding online reputation building or brand building activity. Social media marketing, social media profiling, Google reviews, online reviews, and testimonials from the existing customers can support you in building a solid brand reputation and trust among your prospective customers.

The growth of online reputation depends on using quality service, quick response, and resolution of queries and complaints of existing customers. Online awards and trusted recognitions from the existing customers can result in a high level of trust among the prospective customers. Digital marketing has many available tools that can help build a strong brand; some of the tools are – Google reviews, Facebook Reviews, Testimonials on websites, and other third-party review sites.

(10) Achieve Business Growth Online

You can quickly get maximum reach with the help of online marketing platforms. Online marketing majorly works on the world wide web, which is why it is easy to reach your targeted audience across the globe. You can get as many people as possible on your website. All of them may not get converted to the final prospect, but if you set your targeting perfectly, you can get a few highly targeted audiences to become your prospective customers.

You can easily use effective online marketing strategies for attracting the right audience, such as social media creative strategy, guest blogging, or online press release. The effective execution of search engine marketing, search engine optimization, social media marketing, and affiliate marketing can help you achieve the desired business goal for your organization or company.

(11) Easy and Effective Execution of Competitor Strategy

Competitor strategy is an integral part of marketing planning for every company or organization. In Online Marketing, competitor strategy is executed at multiple levels and across various channels. Social media is one channel where digital marketing experts keep track of competitor communication, creatives, content, and other competitor strategies to capture the ideas from them and implement them in a much better way for the organization’s benefit.

Online marketing experts also find out search patterns for the competitors on the search engines and target their search keywords to grab the competitor visibility share to their organization. This helps in diverting the audience from your competitor to your organization. Competitor strategy has become easy to execute in the digital marketing era because users are easily accessible and can be reached quickly with online platforms available.

(12) Measure the campaign performance on a real-time basis

With lots of next-generation data analytics tools, a digital marketing platform enables you to keep track of the data on a real-time basis. There are multiple analytics platforms available to us in online marketing, such as Google Analytics, Facebook analytics, or other third-party tools for analyzing the data. We can measure the performance of our online marketing activities with the effective use of those platforms. We can measure the following parameters to track the performance of our digital media activities –

  • Total number of users, sessions, or new visitors to the website
  • The total number of goal completions, conversions/leads, or form fill-ups.
  • The peak time for the website traffic, conversion rate, or engagement.
  • Website Traffic fluctuations & Bounce rates.
  • User demographic, interests, or internet surfing patterns also can be projected.

Other parameters also can be measured in depth which you can learn when you join Digital Marketing Course at TTDigitals.

You can measure all these parameters effectively with Digital Marketing. That will surely help you improve your campaign and plan your marketing and communication strategy accordingly to improve the result in improved visibility, CTR, conversion rate, and more.

(13) Reach your audience across the globe

Digital marketing uses the world wide web for communicating the message from one place to another place which is why the accessibility of digital marketing is much higher when compared to the conventional way of marketing. In traditional marketing, geographic location restricts and binds most of the platforms used, e.g., the banner or hoarding that we place on the specific area or road limits the reach accessible to that particular area itself.

In Digital marketing, you can even reach your prospective customers globally or internationally, i.e., distance and reach unlimited when it comes to digital marketing. The organic way of digital marketing is also easy nowadays with the social media channels where you can share your message in the social media groups, which also has a target base ideal for your product or services. With the help of paid digital marketing, you can advertise your product or services across the globe. It gives much faster reach and visibility and at a much affordable cost compared to traditional marketing.

You can also filter the audience based on multiple parameters, interest, age, gender, demographics, and more which is why it is much more efficient when compared to any other conventional marketing platforms available.

Reasons Companies Outsource Their Digital Marketing Needs to the Best Digital Marketing Agency in Pune

When you’re running your own business, time is of the essence and is a rare and precious commodity. Marketing your brand is an integral function that enables your company’s success, but it takes up plenty of your time.

The growth of top-notch digital marketing firms like TTDigitals has rendered traditional marketing outdated. With every minute amounting to vast sums of money, companies realize that outsourcing their digital marketing efforts can save them many times! With a dedicated team of digital marketing experts ready to serve you at your beckoning, why would companies take these services in-house?

If you’re still wondering why you should outsource your company’s marketing efforts, here are all the benefits that will convince you!

It’s Highly Cost Effective:

While rounding up an in-house digital marketing team may offer more security for your company, it could lead to more risks and unexpected costs in the long term. Letting your team manage your digital marketing campaigns from scratch using extensive digital tools can get quite overwhelming.

Hiring an outstanding online marketing firm like TTDigitals can extend your reach to numerous people through various channels and positively influence your ROIs. Digital marketers know the best way to handle your marketing strategy, web design, and SEO efforts.

Outsourcing also saves you from spending time and resources training employees. Digital marketing firms provide credible, reliable services for a much more affordable rate than sustaining an in-house team. Over the long run, outsourcing your marketing needs to a professional can be much more cost-effective than retaining an in-house team.

You Get High-Quality Services

When you hire a professional service provider, you can expect high-quality services provided by experts in the field. Outsourcing your digital marketing needs will give you a dedicated team of highly skilled individuals who will research, create, implement and manage successful marketing strategies.

You are paying for precisely what you get, high ranking in search engines, and extensive reach. The combined experience of the experts at firms like TTDigitals can guarantee you growth at monumental rates, with the best services in town!

You Attain Fresh Perspective

When hiring an external digital marketing vendor, you can look forward to an outside, fresh perspective and new takes on your existing products or services. As experts in the marketing industries, digital marketing firms have fantastic experience and knowledge on the latest market trends, competitive brand value, and much more!

In-house employees receive training supported with the company’s values and perspectives, but an external firm comes with unbiased views on the same aspects. For instance, when wondering what brings visitors to your site, an expert might have more remedies for increasing organic traffic.

Hiring an external marketing expert can bring you insights and perspectives that you can’t find in textbooks and blogs.

Assurance of High ROI’s

When you partner up with an expert, you will receive expert services that will directly translate to higher ROI’s. The company’s primary focus would remain on its products, maximizing the efficiency of the product. At the same time, the marketing firm would use its latest technology and team of experts to bring you success.

With a dedicated marketing team, your marketing efforts will also remain consistent and have a long-lasting impact. The team also includes analysts who will maintain thorough records of the success and failures recorded during the marketing campaign. With these insights, the team will manage successful campaigns that put your brand on the map!

Hiring a credible online marketing firm in India can ensure that your company grows by leaps and bounds, with a high and stable ROI rate.

Get The Latest Market Updates

When you maintain an in-house team, your employees may not have extensive market experts’ extensive reach and network. Hiring a third-party firm provides your company with complete access to many networks, the latest market trends, and much more.

To ensure that your marketing efforts are up to date and follow all the latest trends, hire a professional. Since digital marketing employees spend most of their time working on marketing and research, they keep up with all the growing and changing areas of marketing.

In-house marketing teams cannot keep up with all the latest technologies and tools in marketing. Owing to lack of resources, shortage of time, or workforce, in-house teams would have to work very hard to stay updated. Digital marketing firms, however, keep themselves updated on the latest technologies and tools used in digital marketing and constantly work to up-skill themselves in the same! With access to the latest tools and software, the time to work on concepts, and a dedicated workforce, the services offered would be unparalleled!

Focus on your Core Business

When you entrust a professional with your distinctive marketing needs, you can rest easy knowing that experts will achieve your company’s marketing goals. That frees up a lot of time, resources, and responsibilities for your company, allowing you to concentrate on the core business.

With dedicated and initiative employees working on expanding the company’s reach, you can improve your products to maximize your growth!

Why hassle with the day-to-day aspects of your company when you can entrust a great digital marketing agency like TTDigitals?

Hands-On Marketing

When you handle your marketing, your company may not have enough resources and time to research at the ground level. You may never know what your viewers think of you, what search engines think of your website and other vital statistics.

You might need help with your email campaigns and social media campaigns, which only work when you have a comprehensive understanding of your target audience. Hiring a digital marketing company is easily the best investment for you!

With dedicated employees conducting hands-on market research, conducting surveys, and analyzing essential statistics, understanding your audience is now easier than ever! With their experience handling multiple campings, these individuals dig deep until they hit treasure you can capitalize on!

With the growing demand for digital marketing services, companies have understood the vitality of digital marketing agencies in India. Companies like TTDigitals, renowned online marketing and web design firm, offer exclusive services at affordable prices. The benefits of outsourcing your online marketing needs are boundless, just like your ROI’s and growth!

About TTDigitals –

TTDigitals is among the top Google partner digital marketing companies in Pune, India with a wide range of online marketing services such as social media marketing, search engine marketing, search engine optimization, email marketing, SMS marketing, website design, and development, etc.

The company has also introduced a practice-oriented digital marketing course in Pune, India. The course is offered in online mode across India and classroom mode at the company’s Hadapsar office location which is near Magarpatta, Fursingi, Loni, Manjri Bk, Mundhwa, and Kharadi.

It has become the top digital marketing training institute in Pune in a very short span and also has a plan to become the No.#1 institute in India for digital marketing services and online training.


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