Digital Technology on the Cutting Edge

Digital technologies to store, generate, and process data are resources, devices, systems, or electronic tools. And the best examples of digital technology are mobile phones: multimedia, online games, or social media.

Digital technology is not limited only to some fields. But it also plays its role in the men grooming industry. Men want to purchase products but not from stores, so digital tactics used retailers to sell products to men. And the reach of digital strategies is to the markets of personal care of men. And the challenges for these personal care markets beyond grooming basic products like body wash, shave cream, or hair shampoo for men.

The cutting edge digital technology

There are many digital technologies used nowadays. Some of them mention below.

To shake up smart shopping mirrors

The smart mirror is introduced for shake-up shopping. And these mirrors were seen in the flagship store of New York that suggests to customers outfits. Microsoft and digital agencies of Swedish developed these mirrors, and these combine facial and voice recognition. By using voice commands, customers can take selfies, and then smart mirrors give them suggestions of outfits, and then from online shops, they can order these outfits.

Mastercard also developed smart mirror technology. And the customers can pay for their purchases with privacy and comfort. Items also recognize by these mirrors, and a virtual shopping basket creates. It also changes language, lighting,  request sizes, views, or color variations. Also, further items are recommended, and requests directly brought garments from fitting rooms.

Augmented reality

Online shopping has become more popular now. Most people like online shopping. But they are not fully satisfied with those products that they ordered. They ordered one thing, but when they receive it, they found something other. So this issue is solved by the augmented reality that offers customers the option to purchase from online shopping. So even we can buy a single lipstick, then we can try the lipstick’s shade before ordering.

3D body scanning

For most women, it becomes a painful process to finding a perfect fit or rights clothes. So in retails stores of fashion, 3D body scanning has risen. This exact measurement of clothes will get consumers and provides a way that will help them in the future to buy clothes. And more aims of this technology for customers to improve product designs that suit more them.


For marketers, the popular increasing area is geo-targeting for new ways of providing host when customers specific locations visit delivering them real-time or relevant content. Geo-targeting grew into geo-fencing. Around geographical are real-world by virtual fence defines through this technology.

Facial recognition

ATM an automatic teller machine designed by Microsoft and NAB by using artificial intelligence technology and clouds for face recognition. This is an easy way for customers to get cash from the ATM without their credit cards’ physical appearance. They can get cash only through PIN and face recognition. Azure Cognitive Services using the system of ATM, and only biometric data of customers are safe, not their images, and on trusted Microsoft’s cloud platform this data safe securely. And this data of customers only use for this purpose.

Interactive beer

Interactive beers are introduced by scientists. Still, these bears in the conception phase. A significant coverage has already gained these interactive beers due to its new style that bringing potential or their interaction that made our night out. Different portions light up these beer bottles created by motion sensors and LEDs, or during our night out. It will activate automatically. Like if someone cheering with others and want to drink. Then their surrounding LEDs react to music can synchronize.

Virtual footwear

From a store to shopping, physical appearance is necessary. But the way has found Adidas to combine digital realm or in-store. Adidas brand introduced a virtual footwear wall. To display real products, this wall is an extension where on shelf physically displayed shoes. Using touchscreen technology, Intel computing power, or 3D rendering, customers from this virtual shelf can select products. From any angle, they can look at products, zoom, or can rotate. They can also get information on this technology access to further products and other related content. To customers, provides recommendations for different analytics videos made by this technology. Adidas built a shopping trend, or shopping or demographic patterns that help customers for better shopping to provide good services to the customers.

NFC technology

LEGO Dimensions release with retail box by Lego. Children can interact via a videogame by using NFC-enabled bricks pieces. Children can place buildable vehicles or figures on the LEGO Toy Pad and watch when they come into video life. Children can make a team with them and solve battle enemies, puzzles, or defeat evil can use their abilities.

Wearable technology

In Australia finally, a program of global wearable technology Princess Cruises approach. And passengers equipping the Golden Princess onboard with Ocean Medallion. And this wearable device is powered by a platform of interactive technology. The new level of personalization enables this technology and an enhanced experience of guest delivery. The stateroom door of guests or replacing key cards also will unlock by the Ocean Medallions. Three ships crown princes, Golden Princess, or Ruby Princess to feature the ocean medallion. This technology no requires charging, on-off switch, to navigate no menu.

Social command

In Australia, the largest sporting series is the state of origin. And as a result, lots of social conversations generate. The NRL or game custodian decides to engage and capture this information. During all series of games to interact and drive with social conversations launching social media pop-up command center. The NRL or VML agency with partnering deployed a Mission Control center staffed by creative teams, digital strategies, community manager, or authorities to analyze and view in real-time social data. A new sponsorship has been given by initial success to the NRL to revenue stream or reaches a much larger audience.

Digital technologies such as big data, artificial intelligence, or machine learning are increasingly important to the manufacturing industry. In all manufacturing industries, digital technology plays its role. New inventions we see day by day in digital technology. Digital technology on the cutting edge or in different fields, different approaches of digital technology mention above.


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