Discussing The Best Techniques For Custom Shatters Envelopes Packaging

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custom cbd packaging

Having shatters with you does not mean that making and packaging of shatters are easy-to-handle tasks. However, the most important aspect in providing custom shatters envelopes to the customers is the packaging.

The reason is the tough competition in the market where you need to develop your reputation with a consistent approach. Therefore, in today’s world, it is essential to make your products prominent on store shelves. It is the only way to grab the attention of the customers towards your custom shatters. Here, we are discussing some of the latest CBD packaging trends that are popular to present shatters stylishly:

No Neck Jar With A Lid

No neck jars are available in the market for years. While talking about the packaging materials, we generally see glass bottles. With that, the packaging product manufacturers use a lid to protect shatters inside the box.

However, the most popular lids are in black. In this case, you can choose your favorite colors as well. Overall, the biggest advantage of glass jars is that the products with custom CBD packaging can remain in their original shapes for days.

1 Gm Glass Container

It is just like the previous container. However, it is specifically designed to quantify the shatters in a calculated way. A black lid is naturally used in preparing this packaging option.

However, you can change the color of these boxes according to your need and business requirement.

The most significant feature of these containers is that you can get these containers at the most affordable rates. In this way, the shipping and transportation of custom shatter become easy and smooth.

Custom Shatters Envelopes

Till now, we have discussed only containers. However, no one can beat the charm behind custom shatters envelopes, which are equipped with parchment papers.

The shatter lovers confirm that these envelopes offer complete protection, and there are very few chances of waste while using these envelopes.

Using slim coin envelopes with parchment provides the protection that keeps the product protected inside the packaging.

Another significant feature is that you can keep these shattered envelopes in your pocket, which is not possible if having any jar. Only a magnetic closure or sticker can keep the product protected inside these custom shatters envelopes.

Plastic USB Shatter Container

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custom shatter envelopes

Many CBD product manufacturers use these slim plastic jars to protect memory sticks. These containers look beautiful and smart, and you can carry them easily.

The reason is the lightweight containers. Another important aspect is that these containers are slim, so you do not need to worry about the space that other jars capture while storing.

You can keep these containers in your pocket as well. However, you need a nice sticker to keep the products inside the container.

5ml Black Glass Jar

To add class and durability, many companies prefer these black jars for shatters. Black is the color of branding and durability. So, top companies prefer these jars to establish their reputation as a brand in the market.

More importantly, these jars do not allow light or heat to enter and spoil shatters. Many customers love opaque and discreet jars. Therefore, these jars can attract these people more aggressively.

5ml Plastic Container

Plastic containers are still relevant for many products. We have been observing campaigns against plastic for many years. Therefore, scientists have introduced good plastics to use in our daily lives.

Using 5 ml plastic containers for shatters is due to the availability of good plastic in the market. The reason to choose plastic is that this material is lightweight, and you can carry it with you while going outside.

More importantly, these containers are cost-efficient, which means you can give to your customers by spending a relatively small amount.

Silicone Container

Silicon containers are in the market for some time. However, the debate is still on while talking about the benefits and drawbacks of silicone.

Mainly, the manufacturers prefer these containers due to the capability of toughness. In this way, it is almost difficult to break the material.

Its non-stick surface ensures that you are going to use the last drop of shatter. However, the companies cannot use normal stickers on these bottles for brand promotion on these containers.

Silicone containers are available in transparent and opaque containers, and you can choose the best one according to your requirement.

More importantly, silicone containers are available in different colors. In this way, you can use these containers for brand promotion by matching the color with the brand logo and theme color.


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