DIY Vs Hiring a Removalist For Your Move


Are you confuse between DIY vs. Hiring a removalist for your move? It is one of the essential choices that people have to make while relocating. Although everyone’s circumstances or requirements are different, relocating can be challenging at some points.

It’s easy to think that a DIY move is a less expensive choice rather than a Hiring mover. However, this is not only the case; there are various factors to consider before you come with an actual investment. Of course, each option has its pros and cons as per individual needs and here we will offer you the clarity on DIY Vs. hiring a removalist by comparing their data to determine which option is best for you.


In case you are moving on your own, you will have the freedom to use any material to pack your belongings. You can also choose the type of transportation or can drive the truck/car yourself if you have a valid license. In simple words, self-moving will give you complete control over the moving process.

But, if you are hiring a professional mover, they will pack your belongings in perfect size of boxes and load them safely and quickly. They will also save you from the burden of the heavy lifting of stuff and even help you in unloading your belongings.

So, if you consider the safety factor, hiring a removalist for moving is the best option, while DIY is perfect for only a small number of products.

Planning requirements

Planning requirements for both the DIY and professional movers are almost the same. Firstly, both have to plan about the quantity of packing stuff, truck or car to carry those items and other factors. There can be little difference like in DIY, you can plan late, but for hiring mover service, you have to pre-book them.

If you want to save the time and physical effort you devote to a move like research and collection of supplies and equipment, decluttering and donation, packaging, cleaning, loading, and unloading of the truck, transport of your stuff, prefer hiring a professional removalist.

In case you have enough time for all the things, consider the other factors once and decide wisely.


Hiring a professional mover will need more investment than the DIY process. If you are physically capable and have friends or family members to shift your belongings, moving can be cheaper. All you will need is to hire a truck to transfer all your stuff to the new location.

However, it might be looking simple to you, but there is much more to think about like accidents, damages, thefts, weather conditions that can also increase the financial costs. If you hire professional movers like the removalist Gold Coast, the time and physical effort of moving will be less. Plus, movers are experienced and trained, so they will easily manage the risk of injury or damage to your furniture or fragile items while lifting them.

Lastly, unless you are not capable of handling all situations like driving, damages, and many more, removalists are the best choices.

Packing Materials

Packing is the most crucial thing to do before you move. It’s a time-consuming and challenging process that requires great care and attention.

When you hire a mover, you will receive a professional packing service. They will provide maximum protection to your items by using proper moving boxes with packing tape. Also, wrap every item with cushion wrap or bubble wraps, especially your fragile items like crockery, glass items, and others. They will also use furniture padding to protect your wood surface and corners of your furniture.

Eventually, if you have a lot of time, and can bear the cost of packing material, you can consider doing yourself. But as per the security perspective, hiring a professional to pack your stuff for moving is worth it.


If you have several fragile, precious, or old objects, avoid transporting yourself. As you might save money by packing or transporting your belongings. But if you break or damage the items during moving, it will drastically affect your budget and your pocket.

Movers use best material to ensure the safety of your fragile items, as well as they have appropriate knowledge and experience to pack your delicate items safely. Additionally, if something is damaged during transit by them, the insurance policy provided by them will minimize your loss.

In summary

DIY move is profitable for small loads and short distances. But for more significant moves, DIY moving is not an appropriate option. And, if you decide to hire experienced and well-trained movers for the job like the removalist Gold Coast, your relocation can be done faster and more safely.

Also, take a look at the above comparison to differentiate the professional mover services from DIY and choose the one that works perfectly for you.


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