Do you already know the 2022 trends in bedroom decoration?

Do you already know the 2022 trends in bedroom decoration?
Find out what are those trends that are imposed this 2022 in terms of bedroom decoration.

Speaking of interior decoration of the home, the trends in bedrooms for this year 2022 play a very important role in giving that perfect touch. With the arrival of each new year, expectations in decoration change and many people look forward to knowing everything that will help them make their spaces more welcoming and beautiful.

Continue reading to find out the most relevant aspects regarding bedroom decoration for this 2022. We will talk about materials, colors and even bedding. Ready? Here we go!

2022 trends in bedroom decoration

Wood takes a leading role in this 2022.
Wood takes a leading role in this 2022.

It must be said that the 2022 trends in bedroom decoration do not propose anything from the other world. Simply, with small recommendations, it invites us to be friendlier to the planet and more sustainable. The prevailing style is natural, with which it seeks to return a little to green and reuse raw materials, among other aspects.

However, it should be mentioned that the minimalism to which we have been accustomed in recent years will be left aside, today’s rooms are more ornate, but with a lot of personality . Next, we delve deeper into all this.

Yes to natural bedrooms

Since they arrived, natural decorations have positioned themselves as a trend that seems to never go away. In fact, this fashion has been used in bedrooms since last year and, it seems, will continue to be valid. This green atmosphere is achieved in different ways , it includes the use of neutral colors such as beige and light grays, among which white is the main protagonist.

Likewise, it gives power to furniture made of wood or natural materials, not only in terms of origin, but also in its appearance itself. It must be said that wood also sweeps other elements such as bedside tables , cabinets and even lamps. Last but not least, the fragrance is also important and fresh, citrus and woody aromas stand out.

Planet-friendly or eco- friendly bedding

Natural bedding is one of the 2022 trends in bedrooms.
Natural bedding is one of the 2022 trends in bedrooms.

As with the colors of the walls, furniture and decoration accessories, in terms of bedding we also find that the protagonists are neutral, pastel and very light colors . In particular, beige steals the attention of interior decoration specialists because it is light and warm at the same time, providing light and color.

In addition to the tones, the materials of the bedding are relevant this year, they must not only be eco – friendly , but also kind to your skin. 100% linen or cotton fabrics are an excellent choice . Similarly, there is a tendency to mix textures such as matte or gloss satin with rough cotton.

This mixture of colors, textures and sensations will guarantee a greater and better rest. Dare to try!

2022 trends for bedrooms: rugs

The rugs are a plus and help us to give a touch of originality and incredible personality to our bedroom. They provide us with different textures , sensations to the touch and colors that will allow us to complement the decoration and be up to date with the 2022 trends in bedroom decoration.

Remember that before choosing a rug, you have to think about where it will be located, the ideal color and its functionality within the entire environment of the room. Remember that it can fulfill a thermoregulatory function , as a support for your feet or as an ally that will be in charge of collecting dirt. The material you choose will largely depend on this.

Maximalism takes over the decoration of the bedrooms

Maximalism returns with a vengeance.
Maximalism returns with a vengeance.

Another of the 2022 trends in bedroom decoration is maximalism. It is about returning a little to those more classic rest environments, but keeping that natural touch that we already talked about.

For this reason, we will find in this new year rooms with beds with large headboards , inspired by the Old Money style . It must be said that hanging lamps complement this trend well.

How about the 2022 trends in bedroom decoration?

We hope you liked the 2022 trends in bedroom decoration that we recommend and if you need more check forsimplytech  or  houzz . Of course, keep in mind that the most important aspect will always be you , all the changes or adjustments you make must leave you satisfied.

That is why before making or modifying your current decoration, you should think about what you want to achieve and transmit through it. More, considering that the room is that intimate and personal place where you should be more comfortable.


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