Do You Want Organized Lab Worktables? Know the Tricks

Lab Worktables

A laboratory often becomes a chaotic mess. From different experiments, busy workstations and running machines- it is difficult to imagine any lab without this busy picture. Among all the sections, the workstation is often the most disorganized place. It has everything piled up. This can result in data loss, equipment loss and other unnecessary problems.

It may seem weird but the organized lab worktables mean a lot. Any properly organized worktable allows you to work with a better comfort level and allows you to have more space in your workstation. It also keeps y our experiments right less messy and efficient.

Some tips-

Understand how to use the workstation

It is better to understand your workflow. Like how to like to work, which machines are involved and how long do you experiment and write the data etc. It can help you to understand how to organize your laboratory worktable.

Keep things near your dominant hand

This is the thumb rule of organizing any worktable. You need to keep everything near your dominant hand. So, try to organize things near your dominant hand and keep the other side of the table clear for conduction experiments. You should keep any apparatus or equipment at your arm’s reach for convenience. The experts say that storing things near your dominant arm and at the backside of the worktable is great because it allows you to reach everything without changing position too much. You also need to place the waste bins and other emergency supplies on the side of your dominant hand for convenience.

Store things and categorize them

You need to store similar things together. For example, if you have test tubes then store all types of test tubes together neatly in one place. Also, store machines and other types of gadgets in their designated place on your worktable.

Store things according to the times y0i use them

You can be a little clever and store the frequently used things near your arm’s reach. Try to store them at the center back portion of your table or use a shelf that in front of you. This allows you to reach anything whenever you need them. For example, you can store the most used test tubes in the first row and the lesser-used ones in the back row. The same goes for burettes, pipettes or any chemical or biological small scale apparatus. It helps you to a great extent.

Use the back portion of the worktable with the right approach

Often workers pile things in a front portion of their worktables and ignore the back portion. So, you need to prevent this unnecessary mess. You can store things in the back and keep the front space empty for a better user experience.

Store all the solutions properly

This is another trick. If you can store all of the solutions in a well-mannered way it will come handy in your next experiment session. So, try to store them as per your frequency of usage. You can use a shelve to store these solutions. The solutions which are not used regularly can be stored in the upper portion of the shelf. Those which you use regularly can be stored in the lower portion of shelves.

You can also label each thing to find them easily

Labeling things is not a bad idea. Yes, you do not need to label every small thing but labeling helps. You can store small paper strips or other fragile things neatly in a box and label the box to make sure you know what is inside the box. You may also make a directory of the stored things according to their labels.

Positions the writing pad and pens etc at the right place

Please keep your notebooks, pens and other writing items at a different place. Especially the data notebook. These things should not be stored near the experiment station to prevent any type of accident. Accidental spillage or any other hazard can cause data loss. S, make sure to store it at a safe distance from your experimenting area. Also keep other things like pens, markers, scissors, rulers, tapes, etc organized. You can store them in a drawer if your workstation has one. Alternatively, it stores them in a box on and put the box on the shelf.

Keep first aid box handy

It is also a part of the workstation. Always keep a first aid box near your workstation. Keep it is such a place that you can find it easily.

You can follow these tips and ideas and organize your laboratory worktables for a space-saving and better-looking lab. If you feel that you need to change the worktables you may visit the official website of Global lab supply. They have a large collection of different types of worktables on their website.


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