Document checklist for Spousal open Work Permit Application

Do you know you can bring your spouse or partner with Spousal Open Work Permit in Canada? Many of our clients come to Canada for work or study, and they often ask us if they can bring their spouse, partner, or family to Canada. The answer is a big YES! The Canadian government has made it feasible for international workers to bring in their spouses to Canada through a Visa called a Spousal Open Work Permit.

You can apply for a spousal Open Work Permit in Canada to allow your spouse to work full time while you study or work. So you can enjoy living & working in Canada with your partner. Wonderful, right?

In most cases, your spouse or family member is eligible for an open WP which will enable them to work full time in Canada.

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Well, this is a permit that allows your spouse or partner to accept a job offer from an employer in Canada and work there. Usually, the application validity is the same as your study permit. However, in some cases, your spouse or common-law partner will be required a medical exam to get a WP.

To get a Spousal Open WP, you must follow specific conditions. Therefore, IRCC should be issued that it is subjected to certain restrictions. For example, students who are not requested to undergo an immigration medical exam before coming to Canada may be subject to a specific occupation or work restrictions such as the health care settings, primary and secondary education facilities, and child care.

The process to apply for Spousal Open Work Permit

An application for your spouse or partner will be issued at the same length of time as your study permit. Therefore, your spouse or partner can apply for an application permit before or after entering Canada.

In addition, if your spouse or partner does not need a TRV, they can be eligible at the airport or the border where they enter. In most cases, the Canadian Visa offices usually process your spouse or partner’s application simultaneously as your study permit application. However, you will also be required to include an additional fee for completing the application process for your spouse.

Who can be eligible to apply for a Spousal Open Work Permit Application?

If international students have a valid study permit. In that case, they can allow their spouse or common-law partner, where their spouse or a partner will be required a job offer to apply for the Application in Canada.


  • A Spouse or partner of an international student studying at a reputed public post-Secondary school or institute.
  • A spouse or a partner of a skilled worker works within an occupation under the National Occupation Classification (NOC).
  • A partner or a spouse of a foreign military family member.

Get started to apply for your Spousal Visas.

Now, you must have understood what Spousal Open Work Permits are and how they can benefit your spouse. At AMK, we are equipped with professionals who have helped many clients to get their approved Work permits. We believe in customer satisfaction, and we are delighted to know that, our clients are satisfied and happily working or studying in Canada along with their partners or family.

Consequently, we have served our services to many professionals and jobseekers to get their successful Work permits and migrate to their dream destinations, which come out as satisfactory results.

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Document checklist for Spousal open Work Permit Application

Are you already excited to start your Application? First, let’s walk you through the document checklist.

Here are a few document checklists that must be required:

  • A letter of enrollment for the study program.
  • Must have a copy of a student permit.
  • Proof that you have sufficient available funds.
  • A copy of your marriage certification, whether in English or French.
  • A copy of your spouse’s passport contains all required pages, visas, stamps, and other notes.

It is always advisable to consult a Regulated Immigration Consultant while applying for your Spouses’ visa, as few documents may vary depending on your case. A 100% clarity on the application process, documents & paperwork is the fastest way to get successful approvals.

At AMK Global, we make it a priority to maintain, design & develop accurate paperwork that will lead to a happy, hassle-free Immigration Journey for all aspirants.

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Let’s answer a few more popular questions on Spousal Visa.

How long is my Work Permit valid?

Most of our clients ask how long my Application will be valid, or will it take more time? Usually, processing time takes four to five months. However, the time may differ based on when and where you had submitted your Application.

The right time to apply for the Application? 

Our clients, including international students or those working in Canada, asked when their partner or spouse should apply for a WP.

You can easily apply for a spousal application before or after arriving in Canada. In most cases, spouses or partners visit Canada, and then they submit their applications for further processing.

Are you living & working all alone in Canada? Wait no more. Get your Application with AMK Global Group.

As a Work Permit holder, can I apply for PR?

Yes, you can apply for a permanent residency in Canada based on your experience and skills, along with suitable proof as a skilled worker. However, your application is temporary and can allow immigration to Canada.

Additionally, those already working in Canada on a temporary WP should maintain their Application for permanent residency ready if they want to stay in Canada for a more extended period. Then, they have a favorable chance of getting permanent residence.

How many times my Work Permit can be extended or renewed?

Your Application is issued for three years, and it will also consider all the permit extensions for three years. However, when it comes to extending or renewing your WP, there is no limitation as such. Therefore, only the individual meets the eligibility criteria to renew or extend the WP.

How can I cancel my Spousal Work Permit Application in Canada?

If you want to cancel your spousal WP as a visitor, worker, or student, leaving Canada can automatically terminate the temporary resident status.

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