Does Eating Eggs Help To Fight ED?

Eating Eggs Help To Fight ED

Eggs are considered as super food, as they are packed with nutritional values for male and female health. Some of the nutrients directly help a male to fight off erection issue that comes under erectile dysfunction term.

The best thing about eggs is that they can be eaten as a boiled, half boiled or mixed with other items such as vegetables, etc. the nutritional value of eggs can be increased by incorporating almonds, nuts, seeds, carrots and other vegetables items in omelets.

 Incredibly Nutritious

Without reason, eggs are not considered super food. A single egg has vitamin A, folate, vitamin B , vitamin B12 , vitamin B 5 , selenium , a highly supportive ingredient for male health , phosphorus , etc. in addition to these vitamins , egg also has 77 calories , 6 grams protein , 5 gram healthy fat . The fact is an egg has every nutrient your body needs for daily function and growth.

For a stronger heart

A strong heart is directly related to improved blood circulation. A man who has a strong heart will find sufficient blood flow towards the male organ for a normal erection.  Eggs change the pattern of bad cholesterol to large cholesterol which is good for a heart.

Bad cholesterol or LDL increases heart risk. The bad cholesterol is divided in subtypes based on size of particles. Studies have observed that males with large LDL particles have lowered heart attack risk. The egg consumptions help raise LDL cholesterol in body to the higher particle levels, which is actually a good thing, as it reduces the risk of heart diseases associated with high cholesterol levels.

An improved heart keeps erection levels smooth and normal, as it effectively and efficiently promotes blood flow in the body.

Increase in nitric oxide

Nitric oxide is a vital ingredient in the erection process.  The erection boosting drugs like Sildenafil citrate 200mg support the function of nitrate citrate to release nitric oxide in blood vessels. Nitric oxide in blood vessels relaxes or dilates blood vessels, which creates more space for blood flow.

The males with lower nitric oxide definitely face erection issues.  The egg yolk is a great booster of vitamin D, which boosts production of nitric oxide in blood vessels. Lower vitamin D reduces the nitric oxide levels in blood vessels. Thus eggs boost erection by increasing levels of nitric oxide in nerves.

Curb stress and anxiety with eggs

The presence of vitamin B5 and B6 fights stress and anxiety in males. Stress, anxiety and depression are common causes behind erectile dysfunction in younger males. Anxiety is related to fear of low performance, underperformance or lack of confidence to deal with the partner.  The vitamins in eggs strengthen the nervous system to deal with stress and anxiety issues.

Maintain hormonal levels

Low testosterone levels are one of the major causes of erectile dysfunction in males. Low testosterone level creates low libido, which lowers the desire for an intimate session. Without desire, even a medicine to boost erection won’t work, as physical stimulation is needed to get an erection. The vitamin B5, and B6, restore the hormonal balance which keeps erection process at smooth level. A man who has sufficient testosterone levels can take full benefit from dose like Levitra 40mg , which is a higher dose for overcoming severe erection resistant .

Boost energy for an excellent performance

The vitamins and protein in eggs fight fatigue syndrome and prevent low energy levels. Throughout the day, there is no need to binge on unhealthy high calorie snacks. Eggs in any form boiled or scrambled perform the energy booster task well.

Weight is a hindrance in smooth erection process

An obese male is twice more likely to get an erection issue than a normal male, so keep check on weight to improve erection health. Eggs with vitamins, protein, healthy fats, and minerals reduce the risk of lack of any vital nutrient for a male, even when a male stops eating for hours after a breakfast with eggs.

Since eggs give feeling of filled stomach, a man will be less likely to indulge in eating high calorie food before lunch. The high protein item, which egg is, increases the fullness unlike other low protein food items. All these qualities of eggs help a man maintain the weight and check the risks to erection process.


Eggs are one of the healthiest foods one can take. It is the perfect breakfast part, as it keeps one full and at the same time ensures all vital protein; vitamin and mineral are provided to the body. Countless studies have confirmed that eggs do not adversely affect cholesterol levels. In fact, eggs reduce heart risk. So include eggs in diet in any form to improve heart life, boost energy and drive for an above average health. Enhance eggs benefits with some form of physical activity and by cutting smoking and hard drinking.


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