Do’s and Don’ts of Launching a Small Business Website

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What to Do and What Not to Launch a Small Business Website

Introducing a small business website may seem like a daunting task, although you need some research, if done well it may be the marketing tool needed by your business. The road to the website is full of website designers, web developers, and graphic designers. This alone is very confusing. A website designer is a person who creates a design. A website developer is someone who creates more of a program for your website than the actual design. Today many website designers are also developers. A graphic designer is a person who makes pictures at the top of web pages, buttons, and menus on a website. The whole process should not be too complicated and full of surprises. So 6 Do’s and Donts should be a great start to helping you start your own small business website.

Don’t focus on photos and how good your site will be. Remember that the purpose of your sites is to answer your customers’ questions and to inform your customers about what you can offer, such as services and products. Don’t use too many images because if your site is a “new era” most people will not be able to navigate and find their way so they will be frustrated and not stay on your site and that could defeat the sites. purpose.

Do not compare web designers for their price. Not all web designers are created equal. You should not only compare prices but the type of service you will need such as online marketing and updates, will they continue to build the site until you are satisfied, and they can write content. Some designers will build a site for you and send you a CD with files and you will need to find out for yourself how to find it on the web. Others will help you choose a domain and hosting company, upload your files to your site, and write your content. Writing on the web is different from writing on the web. A good content writer will know what to say to keep your visitors on your site. Keep these things in mind when choosing a web designer.

Do not hire a web designer until you are ready. Once you have completed a web designer, be sure to purchase a domain name, and hosting, have a general idea of ​​what you would like your site to look like, and write your content, if you will do this yourself. This is important! Web developers work virtually than online directly (via the internet). You may never meet them. This style of work is very different from face-to-face work and has set times when you will meet. It is really beneficial, the designer can find your website online quickly. It is therefore important that the web designer has all your information. If they have to wait a week or more for your website content then you will be pushed to the back heating machine.

Request a quote from a few webmasters before you decide on one. If you look at other websites find a few of your favorites and ask for quotes from them. Explain that you are interested in the website, briefly describe your business, how many pages you might need for your site, and what other resources you might need from them. Ask them to send you a description of what will be included. Understand that this is a quote and if you request any additional services there will be an additional cost although the designers will usually inform you in advance.

Make your site up to date. Keeping your site updated keeps your customers coming back to find out what’s going on with your company or about new promotions or sales. It also gives your customers the impression that you care about keeping them informed and that you value their business. The benefits of having a website are easy to review and are not very expensive. Usually, a web design company will have special review packages. Find a designer who can provide updates and once your site is complete discuss the review schedule and what they can suggest keeping your site looking new.

Find a designer who specializes in small businesses. Small design firms understand the needs of other small businesses and are more likely to be personal with your questions. A large design firm may have up to 5 people working on your website and not everyone may have received an email saying what you want. Although a small design company may have one person working on your site who you are directly contacting.

This guide to launching a small business website is just the tip of the iceberg. The best solution is to break your fears or problems into a series of smaller steps. Make sure your website is like an investment and that you will actually get a return on your investment. Also, do not be afraid to ask questions! Most designers will answer many of your questions, with no problem.


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