Drug Testing For Small Businesses

Any concern, whether big or small should adopt the policy of Drug Free Work Place. But, The National Drug-Free Workplace Alliance indicates that small businesses are the most affected compared to large businesses because of drugs and substance abusers. One of the reasons is drug abusers do not prefer large companies due to their strict policies on drug testing and rather opt for small companies. Whereas Drug Testing and the awareness of not using drugs in work places enhance the safety of the small business, increases productivity and decreases absenteeism.

Hence Drug Testing becomes mandatory for small businesses. But the problems of limited budget, the high cost involved in laboratory test for every employee and the time needed to drug test, small businesses find it difficult to carry out employee drug testing periodically.

Different Drug Tests for Small Businesses:

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  • Urine Drug Test is the most commonly used test because of its high accuracy, low cost and the high number of drugs it can detect. But there is a limitation that the urine sample could be diluted or adulterated.
  • Saliva Drug Test is another option because it is highly efficient in detecting drugs in a range of 5 minutes to 48 hours after consumption of drugs. This test is less invasive and quick but it cannot detect a wide range of drugs.
  • Blood Drug Test is also used by small businesses because of its ability to detect accurately the drugs and their metabolites. But this is a laboratory test and hence expensive. Also it involves the risk of infection, discomfort and anxiety.
  • Drug Testing with Hair is sought out because it has longer window for detecting drugs and their metabolites and it cannot be easily manipulated. Anyhow it is costly, liable to contamination and cannot detect the recent usage of drugs.
  • Drug Test using Sweat is a new technology which collects the sweat of a person and conducts screening for drugs. But this test is rarely used because of its low accuracy and reliability. Also if a person sweats less it is not possible to collect enough sample for testing.

Factors to choose the right Drug Test for small businesses:

The cost is a very important factor because one should check whether a small business can afford to pay the laboratory bills for all employees. Under such condition, urine and saliva tests are cheaper than blood, hair and sweat tests.

 The accuracy of the test is very important whether it is carried out in the work place or laboratory. Urine and saliva drug tests are highly accurate compared to other specimen.

Detection window is another important factor to be considered and it gives the length of time, drug can be detected in the sample, after consuming it. Urine test has a longer detection window and saliva test has a shorter detection window and depending on the need one can choose them.

Convenience is another factor a small business should look into for drug testing. In saliva test, the sample can be easily collected anywhere and the testing can be done easily compared with any other sample.

Rules to follow for DoT Drug testing:

  • Inform the employees about the policy of drug testing.
  • Give advance notice to the employees about the date of testing.
  • Take care that the State and Federal laws are followed.
  • Do not reveal positive test result to anyone except the one concerned.
  • Clearly inform the consequences of testing positive and violating the rules during pre-employment testing itself.
  • The owner of the small business should treat everyone equally and his personal opinion should not bias the result.


1. How to pass a drug test?

It is always safe to follow healthy habits and to avoid drugs, to pass a drug test. However if consumed, drink plenty of water to dilute the effect of drug. If the test date is already known, avoid taking any prohibited substances at least for 5 days prior to test. Another way to pass a drug test is to detox using a medical professional well before the test. If you are under the heavy influence of drugs, get counselling from your doctor to rehabilitate yourself.

2. How long do drugs stay in your system?

The duration up to which a drug will stay in the body depends on a person’s physical health, age, gender, weight and the amount of drug dosage. However most of the drugs do stay in the body up to 3 days.

3. How long do drug test results take?

It usually takes 2 days to get the drug test result. Sometimes it takes 3 business days to analyse the result.

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