Sandwiches are a classic when it comes to lunch and lazy-day dinners. But sometimes it can feel like you’re eating the same basic, boring sandwich over and over. Even those who have experience upping the ante can find themselves becoming bored. That’s where we come in with our 5 quick tips to up the flavor of your next sandwich! 


Yes, you probably have enjoyed sauces like mayo or mayonnaise, mustard, and maybe even ketchup on your sandwiches. But have you really delved into the wide world of sauces? 

Personally, I love to add ranch on any sandwich loaded down with veggies. I’ve also experimented with adding other unorthodox sauces to sandwiches, including buffalo sauce, tartar sauce, BBQ sauce, Worcestershire sauce (trust me, nothing goes better on a grilled cheese with tomatoes than this), and even vinaigrettes. 

It’s a great, cheap way to really boost the flavor you’re getting from even more basic sandwiches. 

Sweet or Savory

When you think sandwiches, you’re probably thinking of a meaty, vegetable-riddled masterpiece. When it comes to the sweeter side, most people stop at PB&Js. However, there are plenty of “sweet” sandwiches that can really make your sandwich pop. Monte Cristo sandwiches involve a sweet and tangy jam, ham, and mellow cheese (like provolone). They’re then, typically, dusted with powdered sugar. 

If you aren’t a fan of sweet AND savory, you can always just opt for something sweet – like hazelnut spread with freshly chopped fruits. 

Bread, Wraps, & Pockets

Your average sandwich is going to be made up of white or wheat bread. But there are way more options out there to help enhance the flavor of your sandwich. From texture to taste, the type of breading you choose really changes your sandwich. 

Nut and grain breads can add a whole new world of flavor, while veggie-infused wraps can help pack in a few more vitamins. Pita pockets and other pocket-style breads can make eating on the go easier – while also adding a more unique flavor. 

Toasting & Pressing 

If you’ve ever had a Cuban sandwich, you know that sandwich presses are amazing. They both flatten and toast your sandwich, meaning that the flavors are trapped in the bread, which then has the added bonus of being crispy and extra flavorful!

But you don’t need a press to enjoy a little extra. With just a little butter and a frying pan, you can add a ton of flavor to your next sandwich. 

Even just pre-toasting your bread can give you something different to look forward to. If you’ve got a big family, you can get a vintage 4 slice toaster to cut down on prep time.

Peppers, Eggs, & Everything In Between 

Don’t be afraid to play around with other tastes and textures. Personally, I love putting everything from pickled peppers to fried or boiled eggs on my sandwiches. My general rule is that if Subway can add it – so can I. Black olives, mushrooms, a variety of onions, potato chips, cabbage, arugula – it all goes on my sandwiches depending on how I’m feeling. 

Not only is this a great way to cram some more fruits or veggies in your diet, it tastes amazing and can make having sandwiches even every day something quick, easy, and delicious. 

You don’t need to be a Michelin chef to make a fantastic sandwich. You just have to be creative, willing to take a chance or try something new, and maybe put in a little extra time. While it may sound strange at first, playing around with these different flavors, textures, and ideas will soon have you whipping up amazing sandwiches that are sure to please!


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