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All of us grew up reading books in our native languages. They all started to speak in their mother tongue before learning English at school. Unfortunately, as we grow up, we either stop reading books or we move on to reading English books. One of the reasons for this, as we found out after talking to people, is the non-availability of vernacular books. The idea of the Pustaka Lending Library in Bangalore was mooted to solve the problem of non-availability of Tamil Books Online in Bangalore. We later-on added eBooks Online in Telugu for the consumption of our readers from the Andhra region.

On The Go Digital Library for Younger Generation – Rent & Read eBooks & Audio Books Online

Since online eBooks are the preferred way of reading for the young generation it’s not surprising that they are moving to read English eBooks. Thanks to the booming internet, their young generation is hooked on gadgets and there are 25 million mobile internet users in India, out of which 32 percent access the internet only via mobile. Their research also reveals that 75 percent of eBook users belong to the age group of 15-34. They wanted to solve the problem of the non-availability of vernacular language books for reading buffs.

Online Library – What is eBooks & Audio books Portal?

The portal houses eBooks and Audio Books Online in Kannada, Tamil, and Telugu. These eBooks are available for purchase as well as lending. They got a great response after the initial launch. A few authors approached us proactively to publish their books. They wanted to provide a platform for young and new authors to publish their works. They got lots of encouraging messages and appreciation mails from NRI customers, which clearly show that there is a void in this area.

Shared Attention Spans –

As Jeff Bezos said in his recent interview, “Books are competing with Candy Crush and likes.” Reading a book needs more time when compared to blogs/articles/WhatsApp forwards. If we want to bring a healthy culture of reading books among the young generation, then we have to make eBooks and Audio Books Online easily accessible and cheaper. That is the intention behind their subscription model which enables the user to read more books online at a lesser price instead of buying those books. One can read as many as seven books at the buying cost of one book or two. As many as 80 percent of their customers have bought subscriptions over individual books.

To Sum-up:

Pustaka Portal wants to become synonymous with eBooks online all over the world. Their portal has a one-stop-shop for readers of any language of India. They hope to digitize some of the rare artifacts and literary works so that these priceless collections can be preserved for future generations. Underlying all these ambitions is their burning desire to enable readers to have ready access to books online that they want to read no matter where they are.

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Nothing is more calming and comforting than reading novels of your own language. Whenever we feel like boring or want to spend some time in a useful way, we would always go to a library and get some books to read and enjoy. But if you’re busy with your chores, how can you get to the library? The only option you can go for is switching to eBooks Online.

Digital library or Online Library like Pustaka is famous for offering Multi Language Novels Online in the form of eBooks and Audio Books Online. So, without further ado, let’s move into the today’s topic.

How To Rent and Read Multi Language Novels Online With Pustaka?

Rent & Read eBooks Online and Audio Books Online From India’s Largest Bookstore India At Best Prices at Pustaka.

Access everything you want to read online in seconds. Just Subscribe today for the lowest price! Access an unlimited number of books, audio books, Multi-language novels, and more.

Curates a set of learning experiences across creative & intellectual pursuits and authors by partnering with the best in the Multilanguage novels/books from Pustaka online library. Bring these learning experiences to communities around Pustaka libraries of each members.

Pustaka – Bring Library to Your Home For Rent and Read Multi Language Novels Online

Welcome to Pustaka Online digital library dedicated for Book Lovers with a vision of supporting and promoting Book Reading habit.

We let you discover the most fascinating Online Library for Multi-Language Novels, eBooks & Audio Books Online from the comfort of your home or office. You can make the best use of your time by Renting and Reading vast varieties of Tamil novels online, Kannada novels online, Telugu novels online, Malayalam novels online and English novels online.

About Pustaka:

Pustaka is an online book rental service that provides a unique reading experience to book lovers with a wide range of books for every type of Multi Language Novels from our best authors. Pustaka, started as a private limited company in 2014 with the intent of publishing Indian regional multi-language books in a digital format with the ease of use in the simple user interface. We started with just 200 books and grown to 5200+ Tamil eBooks, Kannada eBooks, Malayalam eBooks, Telugu eBooks, and English eBooks from 390+ authors (as of Oct 2020).

Why Choose Pustaka to Rent and Read Multi Language Novels Online?

As a leading Online Library portal, we offer one of the largest and most authoritative collections of Multi Language novels, eBooks & Audio Books Online, covering life, health, social, and physical sciences.

⦁ The world-class online library has everything from audio books to online learning resources and is available to all library members.

⦁ Hassle-free reading from any place or at any time.

⦁ Rent and Read Multi-Language Novels at a reasonable cost.

⦁ Readers-friendly Subscription Plan Starts from Just 99/-

Services –

Rent & Read 5800+ eBooks Online – 58400+ Members – 100000+ Successful Downloads. Browse all trending eBooks Online.

Listen to Audio Books Online with 30-day rentals starting as low as ₹9/-

Customizable Plan – Rent Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam eBooks Online and Listen to audio books online at @ Pustaka for affordable Monthly, Quarterly, and Yearly Plan.

To Sum-up:

Rent and Read Tamil books online, Telugu books online, Kannada books online, Malayalam books online, and audio books online on Pustaka at the most affordable price. Buy eBooks & Audio Books Online Now! Click Here for Free Trial Subscription Plan! Read/Listen to 10 eBooks Online for 14 days! Hurry!

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