Educational Apps – Increasing Demand During Pandemic Time

The shutdowns and lockdowns due to the novel coronavirus (or COVID-19) pandemic has affected many sectors, including the education sector in a never seen manner. Schools, colleges, institutes, universities and training centers all are not accessible to students and faculty members alike. This is caused the world’s largest-ever disruption in teaching and learning.

But as the human-spirit finds an opportunity in every adversity, it has also triggered the world’s largest and most wide-spread remote learning experiment, taking online, and mobile-based education to millions of students. No one was prepared to adopt the new method and it has been a steep learning curve for students, educators and parents. This coming to terms with the new reality has proved to be a windfall for one of the fastest-growing industries tech sector – educational app development.

Efforts of national scale by governments, communities, universities, and schools to employ mobile technology to continue the education, of their future generations during pandemic, are evolving and coming to fore very quickly. At Raindrops technologies, our educational mobile apps have allowed teachers to pack knowledge in a small device and put it into the hands and in the pockets of their learners.

According to a World Bank report, education and training is the second largest category of mobile apps and solutions in demand during the COVID-19 pandemic. The e-learning mobile app development demand from schools and universities are overwhelming and the upgrades to them almost every week as we, at Raindrops Technologies, actively understand the dynamic scenario and incorporate those needs. Even when schools would be allowed to open, the educational apps are going to be around and about as people have made them part of their lives. They will revolutionise the education for many years to come.

Some Reasons why Teachers and Students Prefer E-Learning Mobile Apps:

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