Effective Ways to Cure Back Pain

back pain specialist In Jaipur
back pain specialist In Jaipur

Back Pain is now becoming the most common heath issue for most people, though it is not a life-threatening condition. The common causes of having back pain are improper posture, twisting of back muscles, and heavy lifting.

In 90% of back pain cases, the pain disappears easily with various back pain treatments. The back pain treatment is effective only if the exact causes are identified of the pain point.
Because even though you are taking treatments, still if you are suffering from prolonged back pain it might be possible that the actual cause of back pain is not diagnosed.
In India, you can find various doctors for this problem but to be specific our back pain specialist in Jaipur cured many people affected by this problem.

Various Types of Back Pain

  1. Chronic Back Pain: It is a lower back pain that comes and goes, with temporary relief in between, if such pain remains persistent for more than 3 months it is considered as Chronic Back Pain.
    It is difficult to pin point the exact cause of chronic back pain, also recommended to take a second opinion because if chronic back pain is mistreated or rushed decision are made, it could make the back pain worse, however preferring back pain specialist in jaipur allows one to get proper treatment on time.
  2. Acute back pain: The most common lower back pain which is experienced by most people, it lasts for 4-5 weeks of time, and can be recurring in nature, severity of pain can be between moderate to severe depending upon the individual.

In this condition Bed rest should be avoided and exercise must be done as our back pain specialist in Jaipur have treated most of the people by inculcating daily exercise in their routine lives.

How To Treat Back Pain?

Many a times simple changes create big impact, a small change in your lifestyle. And being consistent in the treatment can bring immediate improvements for your lower back pain.

Home Treatment:

  1. While Sleeping Put one pillow between your knees while lying on left/right side.
  2. Lay straight on the back with pillow below your legs.
  3. Maintain a healthy diet, being overweight can worse the condition.
  4. Keep moving, do at least 30 min walk.
  5. Keep a maximum 45 min of sitting in a stretch.
  6. Do some stretching to strengthen your core.
  7. Quit smoking as it brings various health related issues.

Medical Treatment:

When you are experiencing a chronic back pain and it is persistent for more than 3 months. And you are facing difficulty in standing, bending or twisting, it is recommended to visit your back pain specialist, to understand the root cause of the back pain. So that proper treatment can be started.

Always go for second opinion in such cases, and Of course, back pain specialist in Jaipur. Can suggest proper treatment that can make your condition better. None the less it is always a wise choice to visit a back pain specialist who can diagnose your condition accurately.

Acupuncture–By Well Trained Professional

This process must be done only after consulting your doctor, by well trained professional.

Acupuncture is an effective way to treat chronic back pain.

It should be done at least three times a week, and the number of sessions should be increased gradually.


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