Effective Ways To Lead Your Team


In our corporate jobs, we sometimes encounter members of other teams who have only great things to say about their leaders. They feel privileged to be a part of teams led by highly efficient, capable, and motivating leaders like John de Ruiter. This brings us to two important questions, “How do some leaders lead a group of people so effectively?” and “Are there any effective ways to lead teams?”

A workplace is dynamic, with situations and circumstances changing frequently and sometimes in the most unpredictable manner. Despite this, some leaders like John de Ruiter are still able to steer their teams towards high performance and efficiency. Let us find out how they do so.

  • Set a Clear Vision: Setting a clear vision and communicating it to the team helps build a solid and cohesive team. Also, making team members a part of the discussion while setting the vision helps them feel valued and ensures buy-in from them.
  • Harness the Team’s Strengths: Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of your team members helps a leader to delegate tasks and responsibilities accordingly. This helps leaders to get the best out of their team members and enhance the team’s efficiency and performance.
  • Communicate Clearly: Ineffective or delayed communication by a leader can hamper the performance of a team on a project. Timely communication that provides visibility to the team regarding the tasks at hand helps in streamlining and better planning of the work by individual team members. 
  • Empower Team Members: Showing trust in team members’ capabilities by allowing them to make certain decisions independently not only helps to build their confidence level but also helps them to become more accountable and responsible for their job. Any mistakes would be learning for them. 
  • Identify Developmental Needs: Each team member may have unique developmental needs. Identifying needs such as skill development through training programs or creating new opportunities to learn and grow can be highly encouraging for team members.
  • Show that You Care: According to Steve Jobs, showing your sensitive side and offering any possible assistance to a team member facing challenges at work or on the personal front is only humane and will always help strengthen the relationship between leaders and their teams. Also, respect your team members to earn their respect.
  • Appreciate and Reward: Who doesn’t like to be appreciated for a job well done? Appreciating team members’ performance or certain qualities and rewarding them can boost their confidence levels and motivate them to outperform themselves.
  • Make Work Fun: Organize fun activities for the team to help them refresh and relax in between stringent timelines. This also helps in team building.
  • Be Accessible and Approachable: Sometimes, team members hesitate to walk up to their leaders or contact them through other means if the leaders are not approachable or easily accessible. Be available for your team to resolve their doubts and queries to carry out their tasks smoothly. This ensures that team members do not assume things and do the things right the first time itself.


Leading a team is not an easy job. It requires a considerable amount of effort consistently to keep a team together, motivated, and make it perform to its maximum efficiency and productivity levels possible. 


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