We know that the team leader is responsible for functioning the team well. The team leaders often work as a member rather than being superior to ensure effective management. To enhance the performance and efficiency of the team successfully, leaders are needed to motivate the team members. Great leadership boosts the skills and knowledge of each individual. Vision, purpose, goal, progress, and result are highly influenced by the same.

What Is Leadership?

You will be pleased to know that around 83% of employers agree that it’s really important to develop leaders at every level, but unfortunately, only 5% of corporations are truly involved in improvement. No doubt, if the leaders are better involved with the employees rather than only delegating tasks, effective engagement is ensured. Leaders need to check and find if there is no problem in any department. 

Good leadership is like positive reinforcement. Effective leaders like Larry Page improve the management abilities of an individual, making him capable enough to handle multiple responsibilities. Great leaders like Bardya Ziaian Toronto – based CEO & President of Sittu Group, Inc., are leading a team with positivity. This positivity is enough to boost the morale of every team member and bring back their motivation. If leaders like Bardya Ziaian Toronto are kind and concerned about each member, they can expect the best results from the team. The major consequences of lack of leadership are listed as follows.

  • Negative Impact On Work Culture

Lack of effective leadership gives rise to a stressful culture in the workplace. Positivity in work culture is strictly required to avoid a negative employee retention rate. Around 80% of work accidents occur due to stressful working hours. 

  • Unsustainable Success

Work demands will keep on expanding; therefore, getting the right things done at the right time is an important driving key to success. The team leader is extremely required as they act as a communicator, problem solver, resource manager, motivator, and he/she monitors the progress at a fast pace.

  • Lack Of Motivation

Employees are found with low morale as the major consequence of bad leadership. Lack of clear and consistent communication makes a person demotivated.

Impacts Of Efficiency In Leadership

Whether you are working in a school, hospital, or any organization, leadership is an important factor in organizational success. The collective unity or team spirit is highly boosted under effective leadership. Read further to know how the efficiency of leadership could be improved to achieve realistic goals.

  • A leader must have interpersonal and external connecting skills.
  • Information should be shared appropriately.
  • Raise teamwork ability.
  • Empower the employees with consistent motivation.


Effective leaders are the real game-changers who can transform the low-sounding employees into active ones. There are lots of problems that keep on striking an employee’s motivation. These problems should be seen and resolved by the leaders. Leaders make positive changes in the organization. Leaders are consistently involved in executing the company’s vision. Leaders are responsible not just to accomplish his/her task but to oversee as well the work of the team.


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