Elevator Safety Tips Everybody Should Know

Elevator Safety Tips Everybody Should Know

Despite what the horror movies might have us believe, elevators are actually one of the safest modes of transportation. There are around three hundred million daily riders on around seven hundred thousand elevators across the US. However, according to the data provided by the Consumer Product Safety Commission and the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, around 10,000 people are injured and 25 people are killed each year through elevator accidents. Whether you work with elevators or just ride one every day, it’s good to know some elevator safety tips to prevent accidents and injuries.

Regular Inspections

If you own or manage a building where there is at least one elevator, then you should have the elevator inspected routinely to ensure that everything is working properly. This should always be done by a professional elevator maintenance company like Atis, which provides Nevada elevator inspection services. This is because working in and around an elevator can pose the most risk, with some of the most dangerous accidents involving falling into the shaft or getting caught between moving platforms or parts.

Staying Safe When Waiting

When waiting for an elevator, there are several things that you can do to keep it safe for yourself and others around you. Look and listen for the signal announcing the arrival of your elevator car, and make sure that you stand well clear of the doors and allow other passengers to exit the car before you get on. If your arriving elevator car is full, wait for the next one since overloading can be dangerous. Avoid attempting to get in when the doors are closing or to stop a closing door – it’s always safer to just wait for the next one.

Staying Safe When Getting On And Off

When you are getting on or off an elevator, you can also keep some tips in mind to stay safe. When you get on, make sure that you allow all passengers who are getting off to clear before you board. Make sure that you stand clear of the doors and keep any clothes, bags, and other objects well clear of the doors. If the doors need to be held open, do this by pressing the door open button rather than by obstructing the door. Once you have reached your floor, exit as soon as you can and avoid pushing past anybody in front of you.

Safety When Riding The Elevator

Most of the time, riding an elevator is a safe experience. You should always pay attention to any floor announcements and indications to prepare to exit the car safely. Whenever possible, stand next to the elevator wall or hold the handrail. Wait for the doors to open when the car stops and push the door open button if they do not. If you are ever stuck in an elevator, stay calm and use the emergency contact or alarm button to get assistance – you are safe inside the car until help arrives to get you out.

Elevators are generally safe, but accidents can happen. Whether you work or live in a place with an elevator, or own a building with one, there are several things you can do to keep yourself and others safe.


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