Enterprise App Development Challenges and How to Overcome Them?

Enterprises app development is much different than individual app development. Their aim is to satisfy the enterprise rather than the individual user.

It makes it more challenging for the enterprise app development company. In this article, you will learn what challenges enterprise app development is facing the most? How to overcome the challenges? and then, in the end, we will give you our thoughts on this. Without wasting time let’s start. So, keep reading!

Table of contents 

  1. How enterprise app development is different from individual app development?
  2. Enterprise app development challenges 
  • Change in business requirements
  • Security
  • Data storage
  • Integrated systems
  • Maintenance and support
  1. How to overcome the challenges of enterprise app development
  • Solution of changing in business requirements
  • Security Solution
  • Solution of data storage
  1. How to hire enterprise app development services
  2. Conclusion 

Most vendors claim that it takes more than 4 months to create an enterprise application. Enterprise app development takes more time to plan, analyzing, and deploy the project.

In the case of an individual project, it takes less time because there are no such big plans and development. I have much experience in enterprise app development, so I have listed down major challenges that a company faces while developing enterprise applications. Let’s discuss all the challenges in detail so you can understand better.

Enterprise App Development Challenges 

  • Change in Business Requirements 

In business, every stakeholder wants changes in the application according to his whims. That will takes a lot of time and money.

It is a great issue when the business analyst has to take care of the needs of every stakeholder from different departments. It can make conflicts among the different departments as everyone demands according to their perspective.

  • Security

Enterprise app development is all about the data. There are millions of important data on the organization’s app. If your data is secure, your business is also secure from external threats.

In 2017, private data of 143 billion customers is leaked from the Equifax data branch.

In the classical era, physical devices are used to store every kind of data. It was accessed via simple internal networks and protected through firewalls. But now in the era of technology, a huge amount of data is stored in the clouds and it is the most secure way of storing data.

There is no chance that the data of the company can be hacked until you have a black sheep in the company. The data of the company is the most important thing.

  • Data Storage 

Individual app development does not have a high amount of data. It can be easily stored in personal clouds. But when it comes to enterprise app development, there is a problem with storing data.

Organizations generate a huge amount of data in the form of pictures, videos, social media, and other resources on daily basis. There is a big challenge to store and analyze the data.

There is also some sort of unstructured data that can’t be understood by users. To tackle that data, there is a need for a big data developer.

When an enterprise generates a huge amount of data, you have to make infrastructure to store it. It takes high tech-servers that must be able to store data ranging from terabytes to petabytes. There are three types of data storage technologies according to your availability of data.

  • Storage Area Network (SAN)
  • Network-attached Storage (NAS)
  • Direct-attached Storage (DAS)
  • Integrated systems

There is no need to integrate systems in individual app development. There is only one system where you use this app for your business. But when it comes to enterprise app development, you face challenges of integrating systems across different departments and companies.

It also makes sure that updates in the integrated systems must be in real-time. Sometimes, organizations use “Monolithic” systems for integration. These are the systems that have the ability to differentiate among the functionalities— data input and output, data processing, error handling, etc.

If the application is highly system-oriented, integration is a challenge for the testers and coders because of the high complexity of the application. Testing and coding will need to cover all the integration plans every time when a change occurs in the app.

  • Maintenance and Support

When you are working with a top-level company, their revenue generates in seconds. There must be a system that is strong and quickly maintainable. If there is an error with the enterprise app, you have to maintain it in minutes or hours.

These are challenges that enterprise app developers face nowadays. There is a need to overcome these challenges so that we have a proper solution to them. So, don’t think too much and dive into the ocean.

It is not difficult to get the solution to these challenges. So, let’s jump into the solution part!

How to Overcome the Challenges of Enterprise App Development

  • Solution of Changing in Business Requirements

To avoid the changes in business requirements by stakeholders, again and again, we have a better solution to this. You should conduct meetings with each stakeholder and note down all the requirements of each.

After examining these requirements, you should write similarities and contradictions. After that, you should call a meeting of all stakeholders and gathered them on a solid decision.

You should make a draft, send them to all, and start working on the project. It will take some time but will reduce the variations in the enterprise app development.

  • Solution of Security

There are some important measures to improve the security of enterprise app development services.

  • Interactive Application Security Testing

It is the most important part of securing your enterprise apps. It helps to examine bugs in the code in real-time and provide quick feedback to the developEnterprise App Developmenters. This process takes a few seconds to give feedback.

  • SSL Encryption

When a visitor visits your site, SSL(HTTPS://) encrypts the personal information of your sites to protect your data. It helps to protect confidential information— credentials without worrying about data tempering problems.

  • Unwritable file System

If you make your code and web server configuration unwritable, it will help to protect your app.

  • X-Frame Options

Clickjacking is a malicious technique of tricking users to click something different than what they think they are clicking on. X-Frame options when put into block mode, helps stop clickjacking attacks.

  • Solution of Data Storage 

Enterprise app development cost is very high because it needs infrastructure to store data of the organization. To increase the storage capacity of the systems, there are many ways– AWS, Microsoft clouding system, etc.

AWS offers you different options to store data like Elastic File System (EFS), Elastic Block Store (EBS), Simple Storage Service (S3), and Glacier.

AWS also offers customized storage options. You can increase the storage just as your needs and its cost increases according to storage.

How to Hire Enterprise App Development Services

It has become a challenging task to find a perfect vendor for your project over the internet. The reason is, there are thousands of vendors are working around the globe. And some of them are not even able to satisfy your requirements. But for the sake of some bucks, they will waste your time and money as well.

You must choose a potential vendor for your project because enterprise app development is a complex and time taking process. Here are some key points you should consider when hiring a vendor.

  • First of all, your vendor should understand the requirements of your business. The vendor also needs to consider the aim of your business.
  • You must check his experience and portfolio. The vendor has completed projects of the same sort as your business.
  • Communication is the key point of a successful business. As we have discussed above, there can be a need to change the requirements of the project, so you must have clear communication with the CEO, PM, or CTO of the company.
  • Choose a company that gives you the best suggestions for your business rather than who “nods” their heads on your every order.
  • Don’t pay the full amount to the vendor for the project. Otherwise, they can hang your project with an inexperienced project team.



Enterprise app development is much different and complex than individual projects. It needs proper attention, time, and team to complete the project. There will be some challenges you will face while doing the project but you don’t need to worry about them. Y

ou should follow the above-mentioned solutions to get rid of the problems. In the end, choose the best outsourcing company for your project. The company can make you the best or the worst.

So be careful when choosing enterprise app development services. Because your stakes can be in danger or you can lose the time and your money as well. Enterprise application development can boost up things and can increase profits and productivity as well.

Analyze each and everything before making your decision and after making the decision get in touch with a professional and well-reputed company. That can solve all the issues and satisfy you with their action plan.


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