EPR certificate – Why is it required for import?

EPR Certificate

EPR Certificate means the certificate to accept Extended Producer Responsibility to deal with the electrical wastes. But, unlike the term suggests, the certificate itself is mandatory for not just the electronic product manufacturers, but also:

  1. Importers, and
  2. E waste Management companies

Why is that? Why EPR certificate for import is also a thing in India? Through this article, we are going to explore this topic in hopes of finding out some real and applicable answers. 

Electronic wastes and the need to deal with them

Electronic wastes or wastes with electrical circuitry in them, weren’t always this important. When the industrial revolution began, and the term “electricity” was still new, people were wasteful. They didn’t concern themselves with how much waste they were generating. They also weren’t concerned with how much damage they were doing to the environment. For the next 170 years they carried on like nothing was happening. It was not until we entered the 21st century that we started to care for the environment. People realized the following:

  1. The electronic resources were not renewable. The materials that were used to produce electrical parts are rare and can end. 
  2. The electronic resources are hazardous. The materials that were used to produce electrical parts can damage the environment. 

Extrapolating further from the above two points, people realized that not taking care of the electronic wastes can be damaging to one’s health as well. That’s how EPR registration was born. 

EPR registration means Extended producer responsibility registration. It’s the certification that the producer, hoarder or the importer of electronic wastes is doing so because he knows how to recycle or get rid of electronic waste without damaging the environment. 

What is the job of the importers?

Importers import. However, when it comes to electronic wastes, importers have a very specific task. Their job is to look for electronic wastes from all around the globe and import it in the country. Their end goal is to claw through the trash and come with the treasure of raw materials that can be used and recycled. Simply put, those who need EPR certificate for import in India need it so that they can earn profit from the treasure among the electronic trash. They mostly:

  1. Import the electrical wastes
  2. Separate the raw materials
  3. And get rid of the rest. 

It’s the third part that is a cause of concern. In most cases, “getting rid” of any waste tends to be:

  1. Burying the waste material, or
  2. Burning the waste materials. 

Both of them are wrong. Which is why, EPR certificate for import is important. It compels the importer to take care of the electronic wastes that they might not use. 

How can an importer apply for EPR certificate?

To get the certificate, the importer has to file the EPR registration form through online means to the Central Pollution Control board (CPCB). The documents that he specifically needs to submit are as follows:

  1. Address proof of the place where the E waste is imported and stored
  2. Import Export Code that the importer has obtained from DGFT. 
  3. Contact details of the Importer.
  4. PAN Card details of the importer.
  5. Aadhar card of the person signing the application of EPR. 
  6. Details of the electronic waste that’s being imported
  7. RoHS compliance certificate
  8. Details of the recycler the importer has signed an contract with. 
  9. Estimation of e waste imported annually. 
  10. Estimation of money spend on fulfilling Extended Producer Responsibility. 
  11. Details of any awareness program created to propagate about E waste management to the masses. 
  12. Plan of EPR
  13. Website content about E waste management. 

EPR experts: Who are they and how can they help. 

While we can simply say that to get EPR certificate, apply online, the truth is that people don’t experience much success when they trying to file the application on their own. The minute mistakes, the ever changing policies and the brutal assessment doesn’t allow them to be successful

Which is why, by paying a modest professional EPR registration fees, you can hire a consultant to do your  job. He, she or they will:

  1. Take up the task of filing your application, 
  2. Preparing your documents, 
  3. and conducting regular meetings with the pollution department. 

In simple terms, in addition to performing simple tasks of filing the application and preparing the documents, they will act as your liaison to the Central Pollution Control board. Their assistance is of utmost importance if you seek timely license.

So, why are you still waiting? Get E waste importing rights by getting EPR certificate. 


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