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You have been dropped here by the Internet as you have been searching about captcha entry work jobs. In this pandemic time, everything is going online and in fact, everyone is searching for online work from home job opportunities. Online jobs are a bit easier when compared to offline jobs in terms of workload and other factors. There are many online work-from-home job opportunities that you can grab even if you do not have any experience. One such job is the online captcha entry work job, which will allow you to work in your comfort zone and earn a fair amount of money. If you are interested, then this article is for you. In this article, we will be bringing everything which you need to know about captcha entry work.

As we have mentioned, there are many online jobs from home jobs which will give you good money, and the best one of these is the Captcha entry work job. The best part which you want to hear about this job opportunity is that it requires minimalist sources to work. If you do not have a laptop, no worries, a smartphone will work. You just need a smartphone; an Internet connection or Remote Desktop Software, and you are done. There are plenty of sites in India which are offering captcha entry work jobs, but you have to make sure that you are falling into any scam and hitting on legit job opportunities.

We will also mention some sites that will legitimately offer you a captcha entry work job. The best part about this job, you do not need any sort of experience to perform this job opportunity, plus, you also do not have to leave your comfort zone to work for the company. Here we are mentioning everything which you should know about the captcha entry work job. Let’s start.

What a captcha is?

In simple words, a captcha is something that is used to prevent a website from spammers. How? Spammers send bots to visit the site and do something illegal. These bots are identified by captcha as they can only be encoded by humans and not bots. There are various types of captchas that different websites use and the most identified and used ones are math solving, 3D, letters, images, and more. Various companies set up these captchas on the page where whenever someone is trying to download anything or someone is signing up into the website.

Thus, this is the reason why companies do not completely rely on bots to solve these captchas and this is the reason why real human beings are required to identify these captchas.

How to earn money from an online work-from-home captcha entry job?

In this section, we will be bringing out some of the key points to earn money from online work from home captcha entry jobs.

In India, the craze of grabbing captcha entry jobs is growing and growing continuously. You can get up to Rs 70 to Rs 150 for one hour of work which will include solving 1000 captchas. Once you solve these 1000 captchas, you will make this much amount of money and it is barely a work of one or two hours maximum.

Now imagine, if you are working 4-6 hours a day and solving about 4000-6000 captchas in a day which will end up making 36 lack solved captchas every month which can give you up to Rs. 16,000 by just working online for 5-6 Hours. These companies generally pay through PayPal which you should have installed yet. Now, there is a point, why would these companies pay me to solve these captchas? Let’s see some of these points first.

  • The company for whom you are working will collect all your data and store them in a safe place.
  • The words which generally show in the snippets are only allowed to type by the contributors.
  • These captchas are served randomly to the contributors.
  • Once the captcha is solved by any of the contributors, the captcha gets
  • Now, for solving each correct entry, the contributor will get reward points which can directly benefit the organizing company as their organized captchas are sent back to the government organizations.

So, this was the whole phenomenon that takes place in the job of captcha entry work. The basic meaning of this work is to convert a scanned document from images or text. So, this is what it is all about. Now, there are some important key points which you should consider before working on captcha sites.

Important key points to consider before working on captcha sites

In this section, we will consider some of the important factors and key points which you should consider before working on captcha sites.

  • Many companies will ask you to download some software so that the work goes flawlessly and effortlessly. Plus, this software also becomes a gateway to the admin panel, and thus it is recommended that you should have enough space in your mobile or laptop so that you can work according to their needs.
  • No captcha site will ask you for money in the beginning. If it is asking, then sorry my dear, you might fall into any scam.
  • The major source through which these companies will pay you is PayPal or Payza that thus it is recommended to make an account on these sites for secure transition.
  • You will be making more money once you have gained some experience in this field. If the company isn’t paying you money according to your skills, then switch to some different company.
  • Many captcha websites on the Internet are fake and will become a threat to your skill and money. So, make sure that you are only applying to a legitimate captcha entry work site.

Here we are mentioning some captcha entry worksites that are genuine and will give you good pay.

8+ Captcha entry job websites.

Here are the top 10 websites that are renowned in captcha entry jobs and will give you fair pay.

1.  MegaTypers

The company is well known for its genuineness and payment methods. If you have no experience in this field, then this is the perfect platform for you. All the college students, mothers, and any other person can freely apply to this website and earn a good amount of money in their spare hours. If you type 1000 captcha images correctly, the company will pay you around Rs. 35 to Rs. 100 and ultimately you will be earning around 16000 if you are working 5-6 hours daily.

The company collects most of its resources from Bitcoin, perfect money, debit cards, bank cheques, and other platforms. If you choose Western Union, then the minimum pay should be Rs. 7000, and if you are choosing any other payment method, then you must have worked for about Rs. 200.

2. ProTypers

Well, the website is somewhat similar to MegaTypers in terms of payment method and other things. The company has been conglomerating data entry specialists and you can earn up to Rs. 15000 if you are working around 5-6 hours daily. The best part about this website is that everyone can apply to it and from anywhere around the world if you have an active internet connection.

The company collects most of its resources from Bitcoin, perfect money, debit cards, bank cheques, and other platforms. If you choose Western Union, then the minimum pay should be Rs. 7000, and if you are choosing any other payment method, then you must have worked for about Rs. 200.

3.  2captcha

If earning more and more money is your basic goal by solving the captcha, then this website is for you. In this company, you not only have to solve some captchas but also have to solve some bonus images which will give some extra money. The loading time of this website is very fast which is about 8 seconds for two captchas. If you are referring more people from your account, then also you can earn some extra money. The company collects most of its resources from Bitcoin, perfect money, debit cards, bank cheques, and other platforms.

4. Kolotibablo

Now, here comes the ranker, and one of the best captcha entry work providers – Kolotibablo. The website has become one of the most trustable and authenticated companies to provide online work from home jobs. The payment method on this website is simple, the more you work, the more you will earn money. You can make up to 20,000 on this website by working for some hours per day. The website basically works on a rating system in which you have a chance to improve your weak portions.

5. FastTypers

The FastTypers website is one of the finest captcha entry work job providers. If you are working during the night hours, then the company will pay you more. You can earn up to Rs. 150 for solving 1000 captcha. There are many bonus points also available on this website that can help you in making more money. There is a condition in this company, that you have to solve and type captchas with 85 percent accuracy and within 30 seconds. FastTypers payment method is simple and effective. They pay every week on Tuesday or Wednesday through PayPal or any other payment method.

6.  CaptchaTypers

Here comes the most authenticated website to provide captcha entry work jobs. You can get the admin without paying anything by just mailing on [email protected] They will ask you some questions and then mail you to the admin panel within minutes. You have to care before applying to this website and many scammers can ask for your admin panel and might deceive you. You can earn up to Rs. 150 by solving 1000 captchas. The payments are done through PayPal, Neteller Payment, or Web Money.

7. PixProfit

The website is very sensitive about the accuracy rate and demands to be about 95 percent accurate. They will take your enrolment test before hiring you. The registration process of this website is a bit tricky and difficult, but if you can make it up, then you can earn a fair amount of money and even more if you compare it with other websites.

8. Qlinkgroup

Here is another website that offers captcha entry work jobs. Before applying to this website, make sure that you have downloaded the software mentioned on their official website. Now, if you get hired, they will give you an admin panel free of cost. They will not ask for any money from you. The company pays you weekly on Tuesday or Thursday. This captcha service is case sensitive and target assisted which means you have to mandatorily solve 800 captchas in a week to get paid.

9.  Captcha2Cash

On this website, you have to download the software, ask for the admin panel, and you are done. The company will pay you Rs.100 for solving 1000 captchas. There is an online tutorial also available on this website which will allow you to learn how to work in this company. The company will pay you through Payza and Perfect Money.

10. VirtualBee

This company is a pioneer in providing work from home jobs. The company is well known for providing captcha entry work jobs and paying you good enough according to your skills. If you are new in this field, you will be receiving Rs. 40 for solving 1000 captchas.

So, here we have mentioned everything you need to know about captcha entry work. Make sure you are applying in a legit company and not sharing your personal information in starting. This might risk your money and personal information. All the best for your future job.

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