Everything You Need To Know About The Aggressive Players In FIFA 22, Including Why Mount And Coman Got Pink Cards

EA Sports has made it a custom to have a special event immediately after the conclusion of the regular season, and FIFA 22 Futties carries on that long-standing practice. During the months of July and August, players of FIFA 22 Ultimate Team will have the opportunity to buy more things as part of a promotion that is now running. In addition to that, some of the best cards from the set used in the previous season will be included in these waves.


On Friday, July 22, the second set of trading cards was made available to the public. For example, new cards for Matheus Cunha and Renan Lodi were a part of this batch. These cards, which can only be obtained by reaching certain benchmarks, cannot be purchased. The acquisition of this pack of cards is contingent on the successful completion of certain goals and is not available via any other means. In this part of our introduction to FIFA 22 Futties, we will go through the mechanics of the campaign and how it all works behind the scenes.

Could you kindly elaborate on what you mean by “FIFA 22 Futties”?

EA Sports is the organization responsible for handing out the FIFA 22 Futties, which are widely considered to be the game’s most prestigious accolades. During the months of June, July, and August, players will notice that some of the most popular cards from prior campaigns will be re-released for a short period. This will go on for a few more weeks at least. If a player has fulfilled specific in-game goals and progressed farther in the Squad Building Challenges, they will be eligible to acquire additional pink Futties products. The cheapest FIFA 22 coins can get online, help you do well in the game. 

On Friday, July 15, the campaign got underway with the issuance of TOTY cards for Premier League players Cristiano Ronaldo (ST) and Mo Salah (RW, Liverpool, 97). The first batch included cards for both players. After a week had passed, these goods were withdrawn from packs in order to make place for Batch 2, which included the return of TOTY Ruben Dias as well as FUT Captains Abedi Pele (CAM, Ligue 1, 94).

One of the most interesting parts of Futties is the brand-new rewards that players have the opportunity to get by successfully completing various tasks. During week two, if a mission based on an Objective were to be developed, both of Atletico Madrid’s famous Brazilian players may be freed at the same time. It is possible to get Renan Lodi (LB, 94) and Matheus Cunha (CAM, 94) if you complete the set of five missions, one of which is to score 15 goals in the Live FUT Friendly LaLiga Flair match type. In FIFA 19, both players have a rating of 94 in the game. During the previous week, the Chelsea players Mason Mount and Reece James were both put up for sale in a way similar to that which was mentioned in the preceding paragraph.

The notion of the FIFA 22 Futties Weekly Voting has left me with a lot of questions, and I would appreciate it if you could answer them.

As has been stated before, the Squad Building Challenges that are chosen by employees of EA are not chosen at random. Instead, the community will vote on which new Futties goods should be made available to the general public and how those things should be made available to the general public. Across the course of this season, there are various moments in time when it is possible to sign one of three Player Picks on a one-match loan. These opportunities are spread out throughout the course of the season. By completing an SBC, you increase your chances of winning a bonus card in the event that you were the contestant who garnered the most votes overall. After all of the votes have been counted, the winner of the competition will be announced.

In addition, throughout each week, the two players who end up obtaining the most votes overall are the ones that are determined to be the Premium Futties for that specific week. This title is awarded to the players who are regarded to have the best overall performance. They have a chemical makeup that is pretty comparable to that of the FIFA 22 Heroes, which means that they will immediately create a green friendship with any other player that is participating in their league.

Does the launch of FIFA 22 Futties have any effect on the rewards given out for FUT Champions?

You should be encouraged by the fact that you have accurately recognized the issue. Because the power curve for this season is coming closer and closer to its peak, the incentives for reaching top accomplishments have had to be boosted in order to keep up with it. This is because the power curve is approaching its apex. The following is an up-to-date list of the rewards that may still be earned in FUT Champions during the remaining time that the campaign is active.

Do you not have any other options other than to spend the rest of your life playing FIFA 22 Futties?

On Friday, August 19, precisely six hours after the campaign was begun on July 15 at 6 p.m. British Summer Time (BST), the last SBC and Objectives assignments will disappear like Cinderella’s carriage. This would be something that happens in the United Kingdom. If you do not want to risk losing your pink cards, it is imperative that you make sure to buy them well in advance of the deadline. At least until the release of FIFA 23, if not for a longer period of time.

Is this purchase eligible for any of the free FIFA 22 Futties cards that are presently being provided and do any of them apply to this purchase?

The meaning of what you are saying may be understood to be just like that. When you check-in, regardless of how many times you have already played the game, you will always get three items, each of which has a rating of at least 85, regardless of how many times you have already checked in. You are unable to exchange any of them for anything else; but, I have obtained the following to serve as an example for you to consider:

The card owned by Kevin Mbabu and titled “Versus Ice” has a total of 85 points, making it the card with the highest point total on the list. It is very repetitive when viewed as material for the SBC owing to the fact that one of the earliest Objectives assignments is for a higher-rated version of the same individual.

Oh my gosh, it’s a Youcef Atal 85-OVR Signature Signings item! I can’t believe it! GR found a club from Ligue 1 in the FIFA 22 meta guide that has this player on its roster. In addition to that, this individual is an effective backup fullback in general.

The Winter Wildcards outfit that Eden Hazard wore, which had an overall rating of 88, was the cherry on top of my haul. It was worn by Eden Hazard. As a former player for Chelsea, I can’t wait to construct an all-La Liga side with the Belgian center midfielder as the focal point of the squad. The sum amount of my spending would have been $42,000 if I had acquired all three of those items on the transfer market. As a result of this, it is of the utmost importance that you get back to us as soon as humanly possible in order to claim your rewards.

My goal is to find a list that details each and every card that is included in the FIFA 22 Futties box.

Given that we had a premonition that the question would be asked, we believe that it would be impolite not to answer it given that we had a premonition that the question would be asked. The following is a comprehensive list, as of today, Friday the 22nd of July, of all pink Futties products that are now available for purchase. If it is determined that a particular premium player has a significant impact on the league as a whole, the name of that player will be denoted with an asterisk (*).

Participants in FIFA 22 Futties have the opportunity to win gifts from SBC (Lincolnshire Minster, Bayern Munich) 96 points

Rodrigo de Paul is a centre midfielder for Atletico Madrid

In addition, he played for Real Madrid – 96

(Central Manager, Paris SG) Rafinha (94)

Chelsea central midfielder Ivan Cavaleiro (ST, Fulham) – 93

If you are successful in fulfilling the FIFA 22 Futties objectives, you will be eligible for a reward

This particular number is associated with the position that Mason Mount now fills at Chelsea

Right wing-back for Chelsea, Reece James plays on the outside of the right foot (94)

Renan Lodi is the player’s name, and Atletico Madrid’s defense is the position that he plays

His cumulative score is a 94

Atletico Madrid’s Matheus Cunha, who plays the role of the central midfielder (94 points)There is only one person to blame for this, and his name is Kavin Mbabu (RB, Wolfsburg) – 93

The bulk of Tiago Djalo’s (CB, LOSC) 93 points was earned in the second half of the game

His highest scoring quarter was the third

A final score of 74 was recorded by Marcos Jr (CAM, Yokohama)

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