Expert Tips – Spend Time with Your Children in times of COVID-19


As if the first wave of coronavirus wasn’t enough, now the second wave is right around the corner in most parts of our world. While keeping us scared and fearful, it seems COVID-19 is all set to send most world’s operations to a halt like before.

The consequences this pandemic has brought with it has kept us all traumatized. As humans, our emotional health comes from the idea of being socially available for each other. However, with the pandemic, our lifestyles have turned upside-down. But for our children, it is impossible to continue with their routines. Whether it’s the studies or their playtime routines, nothing seems to be working for them.

But, the question ‘Can we turn these trying times to our favor?’ remains without an answer.
All across the globe, families are trying to adapt to the new normal. If you haven’t yet figured, you can surely live through these trying times in the healthiest of ways, and here’s how!

Prioritize your Tasks

When you prioritize your tasks, you keep yourself organized throughout the day. With us being quarantined and working-from-home now, there are chances for us to become undisciplined. As a result, our work-life balance fluctuates to quite an extent, and we find it difficult to carry through the day. So, ensure to prioritize your tasks of not only yourself but also your children as well.

Stay Productive

Your productivity is at the heart of your healthy routine. It keeps you mentally sane, and you function better throughout the day. Not only that, you get to fight with all your health-related problems as well. So, ensure you are staying productive and not spending your day resting on the couch only.

Keep your Children Close to You

When you keep your children close to you, you transform your relationship with them. That said, considering we are living through some crazy times, it is quite crucial to keep your kids involved with yourself. With everything being just a touch away, your children are always on the verge of exploring anything they want. They shouldn’t be allowed to do as the internet is full of content that is not ideal. In contrast, when you spend time with them, you stay in charge of what they see and do.

Bottom Line – Read to Your Kids

Reading is one of the healthiest-most-fruitful ways of strengthening your family ties. Consider reducing your screen time to the bare minimum and ensure to read to your kids. Chances are, you’ll find your relationship wholly transformed. Also, if you want, you can scroll through your library here at Bookgasm too. The books are incredible, and the words and sentences hemmed have the most gripping touch to it, perfect to keep you and your children hooked beyond its pages.

Authors Bio:

Besides being an avid reader, Dr. Regina Johnson is an Indie Author, a publishing house CEO – EOJ Publisher, a Naval Officer, and a public speaker. A part-time author and a mother to beautiful Orlanda, she recently ventured her book store in 2020. She may have a lot on her plate, but reading to her daughter every night is what she loves the most!


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