Facebook Stats That Every Marketer Should Know – In 2020

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Facebook came into our lives in 2004, and since then, it is gradually growing. It is the most popular social media stand among users. Million of users spent their time scrolling news feed and sharing information with other users. Business owners if you are thinking to expand your business in the online world. It is important to know who is and how they are using these platforms. That is what makes the difference when creating a Facebook marketing strategy.

A trend on these platform changes frequently and the brand that is successful in previous years is now facing a lot of competition from the rivals. Marketers if you are planning to grow your business in an online world, it is important to keep yourself updated from competitor campaigns. The social media platform is a world that keeps changes and evolving around the new techniques. Same goes for Facebook, so it’s difficult to stay on top every time. Here are some statistics of Facebook you should know before designing your Facebook marketing strategy.

In today’s world, nothing is impossible as we have a solution to everything. If you are thinking of keeping an eye on every stat and changing demographics. It’s better to hire a marketing agency that helps in creating the Facebook marketing campaign and work with you as a working partner and make success guaranteed.

Let’s jump in and see the Facebook stats according to which you can alter your Facebook marketing campaigns:

Facebook Stats Marketer Should Know

Facebook Demographics

The first step of every successful Facebook marketing strategy is to carefully learn the demographics. Marketers may think that Facebook is the platform that is populated by Generation Z. you may be right, but there is a drastic change in these demographics. As recently, consumer of age 65+ year age start joining Facebook. The stats show men are more active on the Facebook platform than women.

Marketers prefer to promote their brand on Facebook more than any other platforms as it is second most used social network by the users in high bracket income. Users who are using the Internet are not just earning they are very well educated; some of them are college graduates, while few of them are an entrepreneur with high school degrees. Facebook is used by many people to interact with friends and family. Few in them use it for entertainment, and some people use Facebook to get news and follow brands. To keep up to date with all these changing demographics hire Facebook marketing companies’ expert and make your daunting task easy.

Statistics of Facebook Usage

Facebook is the most popular media platform for both user and business owners. According to the stats, Facebook has 2.6 billion users, among which 67% of the daily visit Facebook platform. It is a favourite platform of the business owner as they get the opportunity to promote their brand among millions of users in one go – just posting and sharing information with them. Marketing agencies which are available and working for different businesses have a complete know-how of these stats. If you hire these Facebook marketing agency professionals, they will assist you in targeting your potential customers through this platform.

Facebook Ads and Video Statistics

In previous years you may not have heard about advertising on social media platforms. But in recent years, marketers on Facebook started to find it incredible Facebook strategy to gain the attention of consumers. And it is not wrong to say Facebook ads are a mine of gold for marketers. According to the research, 95% of revenue is generated through online advertising on Facebook, and a big part of this was coming from the users using Facebook in the USA and Canada.

Since it is easy to digest videos than reading a long post. People feel themselves more engage in videos than any other sort of posts. Marketers, it’s a high time to adopt video as apart of video marketing strategy to promote your brand. Facebook marketers create a video with interesting content and include auto play sound features. There is another amazing feature that works as a gold coin for your business Facebook live’. Go live with people, share and engage them with relevant information about your brand. Its time to hit your brand face with followers by streaming live on Facebook. For this, you can also use the expertise of Facebook marketing company’s professional to level up your game in the Facebook world.

Wrap Up

Facebook marketing can give your high business profit if executed in the right way. Include facts and figures in your marketing plan for Facebook and win the online world with more confidence. Mostly all of the business use the help of marketing agency to create a campaign for them that works for them in a positive as it’s not easy to keep yourself up to date from ever-changing statistics of Facebook. You can include the above-provided stats to design Facebook marketing strategy.


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