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From now on, the abortion pills (RU486) can be dispense by doctors in family planning centers. Due to our system not working properly, previously only gynecologists’, family doctors and hospitals were allow to dispense it, but it was forbidden in places where women go.

Family planning centers (about 800 in the territory) are very well establish in residential areas and are widely use by the most vulnerable women and young girls. Such measures make abortion pills more accessible. In particular, women should be able to get the necessary support staff (marriage counsellors, social workers ) to help them with their problems. should be able to get the help they need.
At present, RU486 costs nearly 200 euros (including the cost of medicines and consultations). Therefore, Plan Parenthood needs to introduce a user fee immediately. This will reduce costs for patients by 80%.

Polypill: the new miracle pill?

The new Polypill is said to reduce the risk of heart problems by more than 50%. As the name suggests, it is a ‘multi-pill’ combining three drugs: high blood pressure, cholesterol (statins) and aspirin. According to a clinical trial publish last week, this ‘multi-pill’ is a breakthrough that reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease in healthy people by 50-60% and has no side effects.

The study was carry out in India on 5053 subjects aged between 45 and 80 years. Cardiologists compare the effects of a multivitamin and eight other drugs on blood pressure, cholesterol levels and heart rate over a three-month period. The results, present at the 58th American College of Cardiology meeting in Chicago, show a significant reduction in bad cholesterol levels, blood flow and blood pressure. Multivitamins thus reduce the risk of blood clots and plaque formation in the arteries.

This is a nervous choice, often the subject of lawsuits, but one that more women will have to take in the event of a pandemic.


“In Texas, the coronavirus meant that abortion was ban a week after a woman found out she was pregnant,” Sally explains from her home in Dallas. For several weeks, it was suspend there because it was consider an emergency intervention. In the midst of a break-up, this 30-year-old woman sees no other option but to order abortion pills online.  The first two sites are out of stock. After waiting a few days and paying $250 to a third party, she finally gets the pills.

Then 10 weeks after the end of her last period, which is the prescription deadline in the US (9 weeks in France). “I was terrify,” she says. Also from the internet, she learn how to get a medical abortion. She takes the first pill (mifepristone, which prevents pregnancy), then the next day the other four (misoprostol, which causes abortion). And painkillers. After a night of “very painful” cramps and an “impressive” amount of blood, everything goes according to plan and she returns to work the next day “relieve”. Despite this, she is adamant: “I would prefer to be followed medically, that’s for sure”.

Which site do I prefer? Do the pills arrive quickly? Like Sally, dozens of women exchange advice and experiences every day on the “abortion” page of Reddit, a popular forum in the US. – + 150% –

In the US, the right to abortion is protect by a Supreme Court decision. But even now, in normal times, it is under attack from some conservative US states. And many have taken advantage of the pandemic to further restrict access in the name of Covid-19 priority.

The obstacles pose by the virus are numerous: fear of infection in health centers, the impossibility of leaving detention without arousing suspicion among parents, or economic problems cause by unemployment.

A photo taken on 7 May 2020 from the Plan C platform of a box containing mifepristone and misoprostol tablets used in medical abortion (AFP -)

A photo taken on 7 May 2020 of a box containing mifepristone and misoprostol tablets used in medical abortion taken from the Plan C platform (AFP -)

To help women choose abortion pills online, one platform, Plan C, lists eight outlets and ranks them by price and speed of delivery. The products they sell were tested in a 2018 study and found to be reliable.

In a communication with AFP, one of them confirm that “especially in the United States” “sales increase by 150% between April and March”. Visits to the “C-plan” platform double in one month at the end of April.

According to the organization’s co-founder, Elisa Wells, while there are around 900,000 abortions in the US each year (40% of which are medical abortions), “at least 10,000” of these abortions take place in a medical setting, via the internet or pills bought in Mexico.

– What are the risks?

Experts say abortion with mifepristone and misoprostol is safe. Complications requiring counselling are rare. “In 2020, the real concern in the United States about performing abortions on your own is not medical, but legal,” explains Jill E. Adams, president of If/When/How, an association that brings together women who want to perform abortions on their own with lawyers.

Between mid-March and the end of March, the number of calls to the association’s hotline double.

Five states have charge self-abortion. But women are no better protect elsewhere: some prosecutors “cover up” other laws to convict them (sexual assault, child abuse, illegal medical practice, failure to report a death, etc.). Some have servo jail time.

Illustrative image of the mifepristone pill, which has been licensed in the US since 2000 and is one of two drugs used for medical abortion (AFP/File – MANOOCHER DEGHATI).
Illustrative image of the mifepristone pill, which has been approve in the United States since 2000 and is one of two drugs used for medical abortion..

The contraceptive pill has become a hot topic again.

For several days, a book called “I’m off the Abortion pills” has been on sale. Journalist Sabrina Debus cat exposes the negative effects of this contraceptive method.

In December, the pill will be 50 years old. Once a symbol of sexual freedom for our grandmothers, today it is becoming less and less attractive for French women. Following the scandal of the third and fourth generation of the pill five years ago, Sabrina Debuscuat publish a book called Jarret la pill from Les liens qui libero (available from 6 September). The aim of the book is to inform young women who choose the pill as a contraceptive method about its health risks.

A contraceptive with many side effects

“Has the pill become the Holy Grail, and those who question it are inevitably demonize?” aske Sabrina Debus court. Her year-long investigation threw a stone in the pond. In the author’s opinion, this method of contraception is a risk factor for women’s health internationally.

According to Sabrina Debus cat, the International Agency for Research on Cancer, the Abortion pills is a class 1 carcinogen for the breast, liver, bile ducts and cervix and is also an endocrine disruptor. The pill can also cause loss of libido, migraines, depression, pulmonary embolism and stroke. However, this method of contraception has been prescribe to millions of young and perfectly healthy women.

Male contraceptives have been teste by researchers in the US. According to French medical experts, the results, publish yesterday, are promising.

Have you ever heard of dimethyl undecanoate (DMAU)? This complex name could be tomorrow’s solution for male contraception. Researchers at the University of Washington in the US experimenter with about 100 men age between 18 and 50. French medical experts report the American study in the journal Santé Log and say the results are promising.

The study was present at the annual meeting of the Society of Internal Medicine in Chicago on March 18. According to the authors, the pills may be effective for men if taken daily for a month. The results are an important step towards the development of a daily contraceptive pill for men.

Interferes with sperm production.

Stephanie Page, lead author of the study, says that, like women, the experimental oral contraceptive DMAU is use in combination with male hormones such as testosterone and progesterone. The compound inhibits the two hormones involve in sperm production. And without any major side effects.” The researchers report that “few participants report symptoms relate to testosterone deficiency or excess.

A contraceptive pill to protect us against the flu?

At first glance, flu and contraceptives may not seem to have much in common. But a study   by researchers at the Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health has found a link between the two.

In fact, according to the paper, the pill does prevent the flu. Specifically, progesterone, a female hormone found in oral contraceptives, may help promote lung healing and reduce the development of complications from the flu.

Two groups of female mice were compare: the first group was fitted with progesterone-dispersing implants on their backs, while the second group was given none. They were then infect with the A virus, one of the causative agents of seasonal flu. This cause all the mice to become ill.

But the first group of mice (those with the implants) had less inflammation in their lungs, improve lung function and a faster recovery.

Contraception: 13 misconceptions about the progestin pill.

The progestin pill contains less hormones than the regular pill, is effective in stopping menstruation and is prescribe to smokers

we evaluate this oral contraceptive.

There are different types of “continuous” pills:

In fact, there are many different types of so-call “continuous” pills. But don’t get confuse.

The so-call combination pills, which are prescribe to contain “fake pills”
and pure progestin tablets, are all the same and contain the same strength of progesterone.
A pill call a combine cycle mimics the natural pattern and contains both osteogeny and progesterone. They are supplement by an artificial term.

Progestogen-only pills, on the other hand, have no artificial cycle add to them. They are “no period” medicines.

These tablets, with their low hormone content, are less effective:

These pills are most suitable for women smokers.

These abortion pills do not contain the hormones that are use to create an artificial menstrual cycle. And it is these hormones that are a problem for smokers (risk of phlebitis, stroke and cardiomyopathy )

Therefore, for smokers who want to use oral contraceptives, these progestogen-only pills are strongly recommend. This is because they are the only ones that do not carry ‘smoking cessation advice’.


Only progestin-containing Abortion pills can completely interrupt menstruation: true
In fact, there is never a so-call “natural” rule with the pill. In both cases, the natural ovarian cycle is interrupt. On the other hand, if the pill is taken late, there may be slight fluctuations, i.e. light bleeding.

So, if you don’t have a period, you have “blood in your body”: a fallacy.


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