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Gen Payroll Software For HR Management

Digitalization and advanced technology in India have given an opportunity for companies to work smart. Companies are now finding electronic mechanisms more reliant and swift than manual processes. Whether its online trade or promoting the products, online modes have overtaken those traditional trading and marketing methods. One such segment is the payroll of the company. 3254

Companies are ready to invest in the payroll software, provided that the software should be capable enough to take over the entire payroll management starting from employee data preserving to attendance management, salary/deduction calculations, bonus calculations, leaves, TDS on salaries and so on. 

After analyzing the requirements of the companies, SAG Infotech (a renowned tax software provider) has stepped onto the field with its masterpiece Gen Payroll Software. The Gen Payroll Software For HR Management is loaded with advanced features that support easy accomplishment of all the payroll related tasks with minimum input requirements. The software is a must-have tool for the HR department/management of any company.

Gen Payroll Software holds a huge list of satisfied clients who benefited significantly from the utility. They were entirely convinced of the functionality, features, and outcomes of the software. 

Though there are several payroll utilities available in the market that appear to be promising at first but are incapable to give desired results ending up disheartening the clients. 

Well to prove its efficiency, Gen Payroll has come up with its free-of-cost trial version for the valuable clients. The trial version will give the users an idea of the features and functionality of the software so that they are already thorough with its usage by the time they subscribe to the software. 

The subscription involves a very nominal charge and above that, the utility (if purchased now) can be availed at 15% discounted rates (offer for a limited period).    

Users can avail of the Gen Payroll Software for free download by downloading it from any browser online. To facilitate the clients, Gen Payroll also comes in Offline/Desktop Version. The utmost benefit of the utility is that it requires no internet access for any of the processes.

Gen Payroll – Features

Lets now explore the list of features given by Gen Payroll Offline/Desktop Utility (also available in trial version)

  • Easy and quick downloading. 
  • Availability of Free trial version.
  • Effortless calculation of salary credit, incentives, and bonus. 
  • Quick, accurate and easy computation of deductions like PF, TDS, PT, Income Tax on salaries and so on.
  • In-built TDS compliance utility.
  • Preserving employees’ personal data, attendance and overtime management. 

Certain features imbibed in the software allow customization as per the requirement of the clients like ‘formula for salary calculation’.

Though Gen Payroll is a useful asset for any company, it is known especially to facilitate the Small and Medium enterprises that are looking for a pro-level payroll utility at affordable rates.     

List of Features Given by Gen Payroll Online Utility (also available in trial version):

  • Gen Payroll (online) software can be used to report the entire calculation done using the offline utility. 
  • One can easily switch to either of the versions as both will allow you to perform the same functions. 
  • However, there are certain compliance processes that can only be done using the online payroll version. 
  • The software allows each employee a unique ID and password using which the employee can apply for leaves, see the attendance, salary details and much more. 
  • Management can easily broadcast any news related to the stirs of the company through Gen Payroll software. The entire employee population can see it after logging into the software. 
  • Online version (only) supports download of Form 16 (TDS Certificate). 
  • Easy download of ‘free trial version’. 
  • Payslip generating facility is in the software that lets each employee have a hardcopy of the salary credited and its details.  

The software apart from giving all the latest payroll facilities also abides by norms of the government. So that there is no inconvenience caused to the company hiring the software. From TDS to PF, ESIC every deduction is done allying to the government norms.

Gen Payroll – Step-wise Guidance to Download ‘Free’ Trial Version

Step-1 Visit SAG Infotech’s official website https://saginfotech.com

Step-2 Click on the ‘Products’ tab > ‘Gen Payroll Software’

Step-3 Select “Free Trial Download”.

Step-4 General details are asked such as Name, Mob, No. Email ID. fill in the details and press ‘Send’.   

Step-5 An email will be directed to the user’s email ID having the link to download the ‘Gen Payroll Free Trial Version’. Click on the link and download the payroll utility. 


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