Fight against fatigue

Fatigue is a common phenomenon these days. From children to adults, everyone is stuck in the rut of life, and often complaint of feeling lethargic. Sometimes it is genuinely due to extra workload or taking on too many things, leading to body getting exhausted.

At times, the lethargy is due to change in the weather. The melancholy that comes with the transition and general workload that seasonal change brings with itself is behind the fatigue.

However, chronic fatigue is indeed alarming and not to be made lightly of. Always feeling tired, exhausted, despite getting adequate sleep and rest is a signal that there is something amiss with the body.

Not being able to ascertain the reason behind the fatigue is also a cause for concern. Therefore, if you feel drained and unable to maintain your energy levels, perhaps a visit to your General Physician in Lahore is due.

Fighting off fatigue

Your fatigue could also be caused to your lifestyle and dietary habits. Some of the things you can do to remedy fatigue include:

1 Good Diet

Your diet plays a pivotal role in your life. The sort of fuel and sustenance you provide your body then manifests in the form of your energy levels. Eating empty calories in the form of high fat and sugar foods is amongst the worst diets.

Therefore, turn to natural foods and strike a healthy balance. It is okay to indulge here and there, but overall, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables. Take adequate fiber, make sure that your diet contains good fats.

Meal portion and time is also important. Starving yourself for long hours before binge eating also contributes towards impaired health. Instead, take meals at regular interval, albeit control the portion size.

Moreover, many people are in the habit of missing breakfast; so much work to be done, such busy is life. This then results in lethargy and tiredness through the rest of the day. Naturally, making body work without giving starter fuel will lead to it being exhausted.

Thus, be sure to not skip meals, especially, breakfast.

2 Hydrate

Dehydration also is responsible for zapped energy levels. It leads to fatigue alongside disorientation, even when doing menial jobs. In certain cases, dehydration can also lead to cramping in the muscles as well.

Moreover, dehydration also causes emotional turmoil as well, further compounding the feeling of fatigue. Thus, make sure that you are drinking enough water. A good way to gauge you are drinking enough water is by checking how frequently you urinate, and the color of the urine.

In dehydrated state, you pee less, and the color of the urine is also very concentrated as well. If it’s the case, amp up your water intake.

3 Avoid too much caffeine

Most of us resort to cup of tea or coffee when we need a surge of energy, which is fine. Caffeine does indeed act as an energy booster. However, trouble looms when we rely too much on it, because after the highs, come the low, in the form of fatigue.

Therefore, be sure to moderate your caffeine intake instead.

4 Destress

Mental health does have a potent connection with the physical. Stress especially has a grave impact on the health of the person. Alongside increasing risks for several diseases like heart disease, diabetes etc., it also leads to fatigue.

It also prevents you from eating and sleeping well. The surge of stress hormones also exhausts the body. Thus, make sure to pay attention to your mental health just as well. Exercise is a great way to lower cortisol– the stress hormone –levels in the body.

Mindfulness, yoga, massage, therapy are other ways you can curb your stress levels.

5 Sleep

Lack of quality shuteye leads to many complications in the body, fatigue being one of them. Body recuperates from the stress of the day during sleep, and when it fails to get this requisite rest, it leads to fatigue and lethargy.

The strain and exhaustion we put our body through may be a consequence of lifestyle; some people are night owls and do not sleep properly or it may be due to pressures like work or school. New parents have an especially hard time getting adequate sleep.

Yet, some people who do not make a choice to not sleep but suffer from disorders like insomnia and sleep apnea. These either prevent people from getting quality sleep, or sufficient sleep altogether. People need to consult psychiatrists to get better.

6 Check iron levels

Iron helps in the supply of oxygen in the body, to put simplistically. Lack of iron in the blood thus prevents cells from getting fuel, and thus body fails to generate sufficient energy. Iron deficiency anemia also makes the body more susceptible to ailments. Anemia is more common in women, especially those who have heavy periods or those who are pregnant.

If you suspect this to be the case for you, then it is necessary that you should discuss it with your General Physician in Karachi. Blood test can show if your iron levels are sufficient, and you can either then take supplements and iron-rich foods like meat, green-leafy vegetables to your diet to remedy the deficiency.

Fatigue is nothing to be made lightly of, as it has dire impact on the quality of life.


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