Fix Errors in Converting QuickBooks Desktop to Online

Trying to convert from QuickBooks desktop to online but ended up in some sort of issue? Well, if that is the case, then reading this post will help. There can be issues due to a corrupted file or if the internet connection is fix errors in converting QuickBooks desktop to online As a result of the issues, the company file conversion might be hindered. The conversion involves a company file and any kind of issue can damage the data. Thus, the user is required to take the backup of the company file and also perform the steps to eliminate the issue immediately. Read the post ahead to find out the complete steps to eliminate the issue. However, if there is any query or if the user needs our assistance at any point, then contacting us at +18445210490 would help.

Errors and their solutions

  • Your file is too big to export
    • The cause- The QuickBooks Desktop file can’t have more targets than the following limits:
      • QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise 2020 latest release and newer (US) –750,000 targets
      • QuickBooks Desktop Pro/Premier 2018 latest release and newer (US) – 750,000 targets
      • QuickBooks Desktop Pro/Premier 2020 latest release and newer (CA) – 750,000 targets
      • QuickBooks Desktop UK – 350,000 targets
      • QuickBooks Desktop Mac – 350,000 targets
      • QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise (CA) – 350,000 targets
    • The solution- The user is supposed to use F2 or Ctrl+1 In QuickBooks (Command+1 in Mac) to open Product Info. And then check the number of targets. In case of more than the limits, try condensing your QuickBooks Desktop file.
  • There was a problem checking this company for import eligibility.

    • The cause

      • In case, you’re not a primary admin, company admin, or accountant in the QuickBooks Online Company.
      • Or if there’s an issue with QuickBooks Online Payroll account services.
      • In case the user didn’t sign in to online account before he/she imported data.
      • You didn’t complete the setup interview in QuickBooks Online.
      • You tried to move your data more than 60 days after your subscription start date.
    • The solution

      • The very first step is to sign in to your QuickBooks Online Company and complete the setup interview questions.
      • And then, sign in as a primary or company admin to move your QuickBooks Desktop.
      • And also, save your company address again.
      • Or create a new online account.

However, if for some reason the user isn’t able to, then in that scenario contacting our experts at +18445210490 would work.  with fix errors in converting QuickBooks desktop to online



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