The national women’s soccer team of France symbolizes the nation of France at the international level in women’s soccer competitions ผลบอลสด7M

Another name for France women’s soccer

  • Soccer team known as Equipe de France feminine de football in French shortly called Feminin A.
  • French Football Federation
  • France’s women’s soccer team is directed by the French Football Association.

Union of European Football Association

France women’s soccer team played many international football tournaments as a member of UEFA. This association contains 55 national members. UEFA is the main controlling body for association football in France. Women’s soccer team won many matches internationally for this association.


Beginning of Women’s Soccer in France

In 1919, for the very first time, FSFSF organized a women’s football championship at a national level in France. It was the beginning of women’s soccer in France. In 1920 French women’s team played against England and won the match by 2-0, one draw match, and one defeat. In 1921, the French women’s team was prohibited by The Football Association in England but they continued the journey to England despite all restrictions and won the league. In 1932, the women’s football team discontinued and called to an end.

Return of Women’s football

In the 1960s, local players struggled very hard to promote women’s football in France. In 1970, women’s football officially returned to France they played their first international match against the Netherlands on 17 April 1971 in Hazebrouck. In 1971, France’s women’s soccer team took part in the Women’s World Cup unofficially.

France Women’s Soccer Kit

The Kit of the women’s soccer team of France contains blue cotton shirts, white short-length Knickerbockers, red long socks, soft, and smooth boots.


FRA code is assigned to France’s women’s soccer team.

FIFA Women’s World Cup

France women’s soccer team played four world cup matches. In 2003, after a long struggle French women’s team played a world cup for the first time. The best result for women’s soccer is fourth place recorded in the 2011 world cup.

UEFA European Championships

French women’s soccer team represents a nation of France six times in European championships. In 1997, for the very first time, France Women’s soccer team played a match in the European champion league.

International Start

France’s women’s soccer team played its first match at the international level in October 1920. This match was played against England, France won this match by a 2-0 goals. This match was held in Manchester, England.

Cyprus Cup      

The fifth edition of the Cyprus cup was held in 2012. France’s women’s soccer team got a victory against Canada’s women’s soccer team. French team became champions of Cyprus cup in 2012.

Women’s Olympic Football Tournament

Women’s Olympic football tournament held in summers every year. This tournament is organized by FIFA. French women’s soccer team successfully get fourth place in the tournament.


France women’s soccer team made two memorable wins in the French’s history by making a 14-0 goal against Algeria. This match was played on 14 May 1998 in Cesson-Sevigne. They also made a record by making 14-0 goal against Bulgaria. This match was played on 28 November 2013 in Le Mans, France. Besides this record soccer team faced the biggest defeat in history. They lose the match with Germany by a 7-0 goals.  This match was held on 2 September 1992 in Bad Kreuznach, Germany.

Television Channels

All friendly and qualifier matches of France women’s soccer team broadcast on Direct 8, w9, TF1, C Star, and France television.


The women’s soccer team represents the France at international level. The women’s team of France faces many ups and downs. In 1971, local players aware of the people to accept the women’s football team and this struggle provide a way towards success. And team add wining moments to history.


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